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The President was enjoying a positive week. The Mueller hearing had blown up on the Democrats. More people began to ask questions about how it started. The calls for impeachment began to look vindictive, more than based upon law. The opposition was dividing. The Supreme Court ruled in his favor on building the wall. In fact the WSJ wrote this:
“String of wins lifts Trump”.
“The president is going into August on a relative high: A budget deal headed to final passage, a ruling that paves the way for a border wall and Robert Mueller’s testimony landing few new blows”.

Not to worry. The President to the rescue via his twitter feed. A feed that could have been used with such positive force he would be running away with 2020. Instead he provides a stimulation for the opposition and drives their motivation and MSM coverage.

Let me start with this.
Elijah Cummings questioning and charges against the border patrol representatives was disgusting. He accused them of basically not caring and allowing people to live in a manner that is inhumane. Cummings words, the manner in which they were delivered and the anger he projected were (to borrow a phrase) deplorable.
It is congress, where Cummings is a leader, that has failed the border patrol and agents. It is congress and Cummings who have not done their job. It is congress and Cummings who have failed the people, not the border agents who are doing their job.

Now to call Cummings out on this would have been great. To berate him for having the shear nerve to accuse the dedicated border people of failure, when it is he who has failed, would have been a great contrast. Yes, the media would still have stood for Cummings, but the truth would have been powerful.
To then add that Cummings has issues he needs to solve after 30+ years in congress for his own district would have been perfect. To invite the media to go and see the district would have been as far as he should have gone. It would have been a challenge and a contrast. In fact the President could have said he was solving the border issue he inherited from this congress and past administrations. What has Cummings solved in his district?

But no, the President had to go further. He had to get way into the mud. He has to call it “rat infested”, that “no human being would live there”. Does he not understand saying that is offensive to the people that live there? That he is walking into another mess allowing people to call him racist?

What is striking to me is this. Taking the high road and attacking Cummings for his treatment of dedicated border patrol agents while directing people to examine Cummings’ district would be perfect. Now, if this were in response to a question I could understand you are speaking before you are thinking. In this case though, the President is thinking, typing and rereading before sending out. Wouldn’t you think in that scenario, a rational person would be more careful in what they are saying? It just doesn’t work that way for this President and obviously those around him can’t get him under control.

In the end, the President took a great week for him, and an issue he could have shone a light on for both his actions to fix the border and what we must do in our inner cities, and turned it into a negative.

Finally on this, it is not going to get better. Governor Hogan, a Republican will speak today to defend his state. He is going to call out the President.

Some other thoughts

The media continues its bias while praising itself. Here’s a great example. The left leaning ABC, on its Sunday show had Mayor Bill DeBlasio.
They dedicated the entire time he was there to softball questions on Trump and Baltimore. They gave DeBlasio a platform to spew anger and hate. George Stephanopoulous led it and loved it of course.
Now did George ask Presidential candidate DeBlasio about the water buckets being thrown on the police officers of his city? Not once.
Did George ask the Mayor about the news of the day, a shooting in his city the night before that killed one and wounded eleven? Not once.
That friends is the MSM today and why we are in the mess we are.

U.S. and China are back at the trade table tomorrow. The question for us is this. Does China wait to see what 2020 brings in hopes that Trump is defeated and they get a better deal from a Democrat?
If it were you, wouldn’t you do that?

Some Baltimore thoughts from others

Here’s one for you from Bernie (who today is outraged at the President) on Baltimore in the last election:

And a columnist in the area wrote:
The Last 3 Baltimore mayors. – all Democrats:
Sheila Dixon: Convicted of stealing gift cards from the poor
Stephanie Rawlings Blake: Stepped down after promoting the Baltimore Riots
Catherine Pugh: Raided by FBI for taking bribes .

Finally This Question from Charlie Kirk:
Did you know Baltimore received $1.8 BILLION from Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?
What happened to all that money?

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