It’s Friday, the end of Mueller week and while the Democrats still talk impeachment (in fact there are now 97 Democratic congressional members for it), the congress is leaving today for six weeks of vacation.
Now think about that.
The border crisis, just leave it alone.
How about passing the USMCA agreement?
The budget deficit skyrocketing. Don’t worry about it.
Iran, North Korea and Iraq with issues? Not their problem.
Other countries interfering with our elections? Let it go.

You get the idea. What will this congress be known for? Impeachment for a crime they swore was collusion that never happened.

The border crisis is the most appalling to me. All the noise and horror they express and they leave for six weeks? If only the people would hold them responsible then you would see action.
I don’t blame just the Democrats for this either. For the first two years of this presidency Paul Ryan was the speaker. He failed to lead on this and it cost his party the house. I think in his memoirs the two biggest regrets the President will talk about are these.

1. The appointment of Jeff Sessions to Attorney General. All you need to see is how Bill Barr is handling the role to know what a disaster that was. (Barr by the way, who was being accused of trying to cover up the Mueller report, turns out to be the sole person trying to protect his friend Mueller. Of course the MSM will not live up to their misinformation and false charges here).

2. The second is following Paul Ryan’s lead on what to pursue and pushing the border solution back. This has proven a grave mistake.

additional news

Today Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are scheduled to meet face-to-face. After a few weeks of back and forth they are sitting down to discuss issues. AOC is fervent in her views and Nancy knows the middle of the road is how you win. This will be interesting and is a long term Democratic problem.

The minimum wage fight is interesting. It’s almost like who can do more.
A San Francisco suburb recently implemented the highest minimum wage in the country ($16.30 per hour). It will be an issue in 2020.
The analysis from some is raising the minimum nationally to $15.00 would cost 3.1 million their jobs.
On the other side is the “fair wage” argument.
The question is how to balance raising wages for the lowest-paid workers and ensuring small businesses can afford to keep employing them. 

Have you noticed the harder stand by Cory Booker recently? He talked of punching out the President. Well that tells us his campaign is not going very well. He began his run by talking “of love and unity”. He promised to bridge the country’s “divides and elevate its political discourse” after two years of Donald Trump. I guess that’s over.

election interference

I noticed yesterday a slight pivot by the media, post the Mueller hearing, to Russian interference. That may be their next assault since collusion is a dead one.
Well let me repeat again, interference is not new, not unique to Russia and not going away. Why? Well if you were going to overthrow the U.S. government you cannot do it militarily. You need to do it from within. Create chaos, doubt and question the government. The people must do it, not the military. This has been clear for decades and you see it today.
So Russia, China, Iran and even our friends will try and influence an election outcome. It’s just easier today with social media.
In my opinion, sure Russia interfered. Yes they wanted to help Trump. Why? Because like everyone else they were sure Hillary was going to win, so try and rile up the opposition as much as possible. Get people angry at her before she takes office. They were as surprised as anyone she won.
Now if they were fully for Trump explain this to me. Why the next week were they sponsoring and supporting the “Not My President” street rallies in our country? The answer is because they want discord. End of story.

Finally, remember we interfere too. Aren’t we trying to overthrow the government in Venezuela today? Didn’t President Obama try to get Benjamin Netanyahu beaten? Isn’t President Trump in his camp?

Don’t let the MSM sway you with their third anti Trump campaign from the election. (First collusion, then obstruction, now the Russians did it).

Enjoy your weekend.

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