The Hearing….


We’re writing this right after the close of the hearing, so its our view without the noise you may have heard since.

The loser of the day was Bob Mueller. He didn’t seem to know the report, it didn’t appear he wrote any of it, and you wonder if he read it. When asked questions he often said “Is that in the report”? When told it was, he would answer “Then I stand behind it”. It may have been the Mueller committee but he didn’t lead it. The shame of the day is Bob Mueller, from service in Vietnam to all he has done for the country stayed on the stage too long. I fear we will hear news in the future about him and his health. Let’s hope he rides off now and enjoys his time with his spouse and family.

The Democrats had a bad day. From “the evidence is in clear sight” to nothing, is what I saw. Maybe that’s why they had the impeachment vote two days ago and didn’t wait. I guess those 95 will stand by their vote, but you can’t impeach to change the results of an election.

My best analysis is this. On collusion, once again we heard there was none. So the total focus was on obstruction. That bothers me outright as the MSM spent two years leading their newscasts with collusion. Its almost like we have all forgotten that. Think back to that daily drumbeat you heard.

In the AM session they were trying to tie obstruction to impeachment because he told his lawyer to fire Robert Mueller. They went over and over that. Well the actual event never happened.

That left me thinking they were trying to prove obstruction of an event that never occurred, to impeach over a crime (collusion) that never occurred.

That is what I saw and heard. Nadler and Schiff went for it, convinced they had something and struck out. Now their supporters will be there, because they are partisan and are so anti Trump.
But if you’re fair, then you have to agree its time to move on. We have issues in this country and congress should get busy solving them.

For the Democrats if you persist here after today and with the bad news you have coming with the I.G. report you are going to dig a big hole. 2020 is right around the corner and you add anger over persisting on this, to the border issues the public knows you are not solving, then you are setting yourself up for a bad election period.

Finally, the non Fox cable stations were clinging to this headline:
“Mueller Doesn’t Exonerate Trump”.
Well let’s settle that. He did say their was “no conspiracy to collude”. On obstruction, he said he “did not exonerate” the President, which led to the headline. However, he also said he “did not have the evidence” to indict either, if he could.
That sounds like “You’re innocent in America until Proven Guilty”. If the Democrats think that is guilty they will further erode their position.

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