This is what wrought…

The police video out of New York showing the officers being abused tells you all you need to know about the state of our society today and the cross roads we are at.

When police officers can be abused with buckets of water on them, empty buckets thrown at and hitting them in the head, it illustrates the breakdown in law and order that we have reached. Police officers, the thread between safety and society’s breakdown, abused and unable to act, is beyond comprehension.

If they can’t protect themselves, how can they protect society? Oh yea, in NYC if you have a gun in your home to protect your family, they will take you to jail.
How did we get here?

The answer is we have disrespected the police and presented them in such a disparaging light that society is broken. Think about these incidents:

President Obama jumped to conclusion at the very start of his Presidency you may recall when he blamed the police for acting badly. When it turned out the officer acted in the correct manner he had a beer summit.
But the damage was done.

In Ferguson, MO a false narrative about “hands up, don’t shoot” led to police bashings and riots. To this day many still blame the officer who was proven innocent and the words “hands up, don’t shoot” was the lie.

Think the MSM and endless video they show whenever they think an officer anywhere in the country may have been over zealous. ABC is a great example. They show a few a week. Many are snippets that don’t show the whole story and often are later refuted. Do they cover and show the families of officers killed, just about weekly this year?
And, by the way, GMA which never hesitates to show a video that might show an officer doing something over aggressive; well today they failed to show the NYC videos at all.

Folks, if an officer does something wrong he/she should be held accountable, but to present police as the MSM and left do is what is leading to what we saw in NYC yesterday.

Both the media and left are doing the same with ICE and border patrol agents now. If you stand for the law and order in society then to them you are part of the problem.

Today I think it is important we who believe otherwise stand for what we believe and begin to protect our future. It has gone too far the other way.

other news

Boris Johnson is the new leader in Britain, assuming office tomorrow. He has been called the Donald Trump of England. I believe the press there will go after him as the U.S. press has our President. The NYT Op Ed today has this:
Boris Johnson is How Britain Ends.
Not with a bang, but with a burst of blond ambition.

Here’s why you don’t announce we are going to raid.
Remember the 2,000 people the President announced that ICE was going to go after two weekends ago?
Well they arrested 35.
Next time just do it without all the fanfare.

And, by they way this is another example of the breakdown in law and
order. We can’t stop people coming into our country illegally and then we
can’t send them back out when caught. Oh yea, then the left and media
want to give them free school, free healthcare and retirement dollars.

If you had a master plan on how to destroy America wouldn’t it be
working perfectly?

Oh yea, Joe Biden released his plan for crime yesterday. Bottom line:
He seeks an end to mandatory minimum sentences and disparities in
certain types of drug sentencing.
So add this to the plan in place to release many in jail now and tie the
hands of police in all they do. Makes you feel safe, no?

The Senate is voting today on the nomination of Mark Esper as defense
secretary. This nomination and hearing has been surprisingly quiet.
Usually a Trump nominee leads to huge hysteria.
The position that has been open for a permanent secretary for the longest period in history.

Congress and the White House reached a deal to increase spending and
raise the government’s borrowing limit, avoiding a looming fiscal
crisis. Surprise, the deal goes past the 2020 election.
It is for more than $2.7 trillion in spending over two years, would
suspend the debt ceiling and raises the debt limit by nearly $50 billion
next fiscal year above current levels.
It increases spending by about $320 billion over two years above limits
set in a 2011 law that established automatic spending cuts. 

Finally, tomorrow is Mueller Day. The Democrats want to get something from him that says the President is a crook, liar and cheat.
The Republicans want to get there was “no there there”.
Both sides will get a little and the MSM gets drama.
Mueller for his part will give an opening statement. Know what it is? The report. He wants no part of this, but they will try.

After all there are no issues in America. Let’s keep this probe going.

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