It’s Mueller Day…

Nothing we say today will matter as it’s Mueller Day. Let’s get this behind us and hopefully this ends the whole “collusion” theory we’ve lived with for two and a half years.

Our hope is that tomorrow congress can get on to real work and begin solving things like the border crisis.

If Mueller confirms there was no collusion are we really going to argue that there was obstruction to cover up the non crime?
Does any reader know the last time we indicted a leader for covering up something that didn’t happen?

Let’s just get this day behind us and hope it puts the whole sorry mess behind us. Somehow though we think congress will find more witnesses to call for the crime that may not have been. Schiff and Nadler have seen things others haven’t for years now.

Don’t forget too that 95 Democratic congressional members voted last week to begin impeachment. That was a week before Mueller came!

So any hope of moving on is likely just that, hope.

Congress did vote yesterday to fund the 9/11 victims fund. Think of all the noise this has made the past three weeks. All the dramatics from Jon Stewart, Chuck Schumer, the MSM and others. It was never, ever in question. Ever.

Now Rand Paul and Mike Lee did try and bring amendments. You know what they were?
Not to stop the funding, but to ask congress to explain how it was going to fund this. Where were they going to get the funds, from where?
This brought Chuck Schumer and his crocodile emotions forward as if this was criminal; or at least as if we have no deficit.

Do you think most people knew that was what they were trying to do? I don’t think so, the MSM presented it as if they were just cruel and heartless.

As if passing the deficit we are to our kids and grandkids isn’t.

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