The Weekend Beat …

And on it goes

Through the weekend and on the Sunday News shows the beat on Trump went on. The MSM has latched on to the “racist” angle and are running full time with it. Here’s the challenge for both sides:
– With the help of the MSM can the Democrats paint the President as a racist and defeat him that way?
– Can Trump and team paint “The Squad” as the Democratic party?

That is the question for the 2020 election. A “racist” cannot win. If the Democratic party is made out to be those four leftist congress members they cannot win.
Stay tuned.

That is unless you watched Face The Nation and saw Liz Cheney take apart the MSM. Makes you wonder why more Republicans don’t fight back like that. She called the media out clearly on their one sided “racist” coverage.

This will last until Wednesday:
As Robert Mueller heads to testify on Capitol HillThat will drive media coverage as they will look for any possible nugget he gives them and that will dominate the next week.

In the meantime did you see this?
The Republican National Committee more than doubled the DNC’s fundraising haul in June. 
The Democratic National Committee raised $8.5 million in June, the month of the party’s presidential debates in Miami — less than half of the $20.7 million the Republican National Committee pulled in during that time period, new disclosures show.
If you believe that old axiom “follow the money” this is interesting.
Then add this, the DNC also spent almost as much money as it raised — $7.5 million — during that time and finished the month with $9.3 million cash on hand.
The RNC is meanwhile building a larger war chest during the lead-up to 2020 and had $43.5 million cash on hand at the end of the month

Iran continues to heat up:
With the taking of their tanker now the U.K. faces a policy challenge. How do they react? This goes back to our argument weeks ago, why is this our fight? Let’s see what Britain, France, Germany and Japan decide to do. The first thing they ruled out is military action.
Britain’s foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, warned Saturday of “serious consequences” if Iran fails to release the ship — but he ruled out “military options.” He said: “We’re looking at a diplomatic way to resolve the situation, but we are very clear that it must be resolved”.
Okay then, now that you’ve ruled that out let’s see how you handle this.

Meanwhile the next British leader will be named tomorrow. Here’s a
ready crisis awaiting. Kind of like when when President Reagan took
office and the hostages Iran held for a year under President Carter. As he
raised his hand they were released, but Reagan had promised action. Here
Britain has ruled that out.

Have you noticed what is going on in Puerto Rico?
It’s all related to fraud and goes back to the hurricane. The same hurricane that the left and MSM beat the President up on for “his failures and racist” actions and not caring about the people.
Well it certainly looks now like he sent the aid but there was some corruption going on — just like he said. Hmm.
They say over and over that the President never apologizes. Well does the left or media apologize when they are wrong?

Finally here’s a story I read on Sunday that didn’t get much coverage. When you read it you will know why the MSM did not tout it:
The Kazakhstan-born Brooklyn man who the feds say betrayed America — by becoming a top ISIS sniper in Syria — had come to the US through the diversity lottery, the head of US Citizenship and Immigration Services revealed in an angry tweet.
Ruslan Maratovich Asainov “was born in Kazakhstan on June 28, 1976,” tweeted USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli.
“He entered the U.S. on a DIVERSITY LOTTERY VISA (!!!) on February 27, 1999, and he became a naturalized U.S. Citizen on September 1, 2006.”
Cuccinelli called the lottery “very dangerous” and said that both he and President Trump want to see it ended. “Time for a more merit-focused immigration system w/o dangerous holes like the diversity lottery,” he tweeted.
Asainov was charged Friday in Brooklyn federal court with aiding ISIS.

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