Friday Takes ….

Iran heats up:
First, the Iranians take a tanker off the high seas and a few hours later the U.S. shoots down an Iranian drone.
Then this AM the Iranians say “no” we didn’t lose a drone. The U.S. is lying they “must have shot down their own drone”.
Now who do you believe?
Who do you think The Squad and their leftist friends believe?

The heat over a chant:
The MSM is running with its newest anti right and anti Trump story, the rally chant of “send her back”.
Now the chant should not have occurred and the President missed an opportunity to stop it by saying: “No, we can’t send anyone back. This is America, but if anyone wants to leave because they don’t like it here, they can. We build walls not to keep people in, but to keep illegals out. Maybe that’s why they’re against the wall, they think it will keep them here”.

That said, the MSM is playing politics with this. Do you ever see them playing the words of the left that have been as outlandish, over and over? Do you see them showing videos of Antifa over and over? Of course not.

How about this:
Chuck Schumer called on the Republican party to help end the President’s rhetoric. He said, “There’s no John McCain anymore” to do this job.

Really Chuck, so who’s the Scoop Jackson of your party? Who’s the counter voice to the far left? Why don’t you look inward too?

Omar gets a royal greeting.
Did you see the coverage of the joyous and supportive greeting for Rep. Illhan Omar as she arrived home yesterday?
That should answer any questions you have about whether the four can be beat at the polls. As Nancy Pelosi herself said, “a glass of water running as a Democrat can win there.”

The next Democratic debate field.
Night One:
Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, O’Rourke, Klobuchar,
Williamson, Delaney, Hickenlooper, Ryan, Bullock
Biden, Harris, Castro, Yang, Booker
Inslee, Bennet, Gabbard, Gillibrand, de Blasio

Biden better be careful or Harris can provide the knockout punch here.
Sanders has to go after Warren as she is now ahead of him.

Finally how good is this story?
Bernie Sanders staff is suing him for $15.00 an hour wages. Read that again. Bernie Sanders staff is suing the man who started the whole $15.00 argument.
Bernie will say his campaign cannot afford it. But he knows every small business can.
Just reminds us of Margaret Thatcher’s famous words. “At some point you run out of other people’s money”.

Have a great weekend.

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