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Congress Acts:

So congress bogged itself down in political theater yesterday and got through a partisan condemnation of the President. Congratulations. 
Now as we’ve stated all week the President was out of bounds with his statement. But, so were “The Squad”in their statements and remember when Speaker Pelosi decided not to condemn them? She passed a resolution not naming any of them but said the congress as a whole should be mindful.The resolution yesterday would have more meaning if she was consistent and not so political. 
Then consider this. She has now married herself and the party to the four. She took their side and owns them now. The fact AOC was on CBS and said she and the Speaker have not spoken since February tells you about their divide. So, Nancy may have won a skirmish, but in the zeal to do so may have set herself and the party up for a long term battle she may not like.


They are not done yet. The House will vote today on holding A.G. BILL BARR and Commerce Secretary WILBUR ROSS in contempt. Think about that. We have border issues, deficit problems, looming international challenges and what is the house doing? They’re passing resolutions to condemn and holding people in government in contempt. Is this what America wants?
And oh yea, don’t forget Mueller is coming next week. We get to rehash collusion. 
You know things like this only happen in good times when people are working and jobs available. People get diverted to things like this. 


In my opinion the MSM is what’s allowing this to go on. Their bias in favor of the Democratic liberal position is allowing this to occur.Once the media in this country just reported the news. Take a look back at an old video of Walter Cronkite reporting the news. Tell me where he stood on any issue. You couldn’t tell. Today the media in their words, expressions and outrage no longer do that. They have made a decision and it is always with the left. That bias leads most people who are not as well versed as you to get only one side. It sways their thoughts and thinking. Here’s an example. What I see on every MSM news broadcast regarding the border is a one sided presentation as if this administration created the problem and is out to harm people. They give the impression we are being mean and won’t let people in. Someone watching that would think America is mean and the administration is going against the wishes of the people. This is especially true of ICE “raids” or enforcement actions. Well consider this now. Fifty-one (51%) percent of voters supported the sweeping raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, compared with 35 percent of voters who oppose those efforts.Do you get that impression watching the news? Do they report that? I venture to say the numbers would be even higher if the MSM presented the true facts and information.


Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens died yesterday. He was 99 and in the news earlier this year when he first backed Brett Kavanaugh for the court then changed his mindStevens was appointed by President Ford to the court. He was another Republican appointed as a so called “conservative” who became as the USA newspaper headlined today the one who “Led the Liberal Wing” of the court. I’ve asked this before, can you name a liberal appointee who turned or voted with the conservatives? Yet, the MSM beats upon conservative judges as being ideologue.  One story about Justice Stevens, unrelated to the court you might find interesting:On  Oct. 1, 1932, in the midst of that year’s presidential campaign, [FDR] threw out the first pitch of Game 3 of the World Series — the same game in which Babe Ruth (allegedly) pointed to the outfield before hitting a home run, sending the Yankees on to victory and an eventual four-game sweep of the Cubs. … Also in attendance at Game 3 of the 1932 World Series at Wrigley Field: 12-year-old Chicagoan John Paul Stevens. 


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