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Well yesterday we reported one new candidate was about to enter the Democratic primary (Tom Steyer), and today we can report one has exited. Eric Swalwell became the first to exit.
Some will miss him, we are not part of the some.

We’ve written and expressed our frustration and anger about Jeffrey Epstein any number of times. We think this AM he is where he belonged decades ago — behind bars. We want every politician and self centered friend of his that participated with his actions to join him.
It is also interesting to see the MSM knowing that Bill Clinton is a friend of Epstein to drag President Trump into this in the same sentence. Not close. Epstein was Trump’s neighbor in Palm Beach, but in fact Trump barred Epstein from Mar A Lago. You know why? According to court documents because Epstein attacked an underage girl at the club.
Did the MSM report this?

Another judge is making federal policy. The President you may recall wanted drug companies to list drug prices in their TV ads. A judge said he cannot do that.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Barr said the administration will take action in the coming days that he believes will allow the government to add the controversial census question on citizenship. He didn’t say, how but did say President Donald Trump is expected to issue a memorandum to the Commerce Department instructing it to include the question on census forms. The fight goes on.

2020 Issue: Deficits.
One issue we think that will arise in the campaign is deficits. Under President Obama we doubled the national debt the nation had accumulated from Presidents one through forty-three. It was an issue in 2016.

Well in Trump’s first two years the deficits have continued at an alarming pace. So let’s look at that.

The latest budgeting review and report shows that budget deficits are expected to remain in the $1 trillion territory for years to come. It appears that 13 digit deficits are the new normal in Washington.

Thus the question is this. Do we have an income or spending issue?

Well the left says that the President’s tax cuts are the problem. The right says the cuts drove the economy.
So is government revenue declining because of the cuts? Well here are the numbers:
— 2017: $3.316 trillion
— 2018: $3.330 trillion
— 2019: $3.511 trillion
Thus revenue is up, so why are we maintaining the trillion dollar budgets? Maybe we just spend too much? And, this is before any added price tags for the tens of trillions of dollars in the Democratic presidential candidate playbook. Think, Medicare for All, reparations, student loan forgiveness, free college, guaranteed income and the Green New Deal.

Before we even consider that spending ask yourself this question. If we cancel the tax cuts and even raise taxes do you think congress will apply the money to the deficit or spend it?
We have no doubt they will spend it.
One more issue to consider here. We (the government) spend money on interest for the debt. As the debt rises, so does the interest charge, driving spending even more.
The deficit is real and must be addressed.
Watch for the issue discussion.

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