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This weekend immigration and the NYT story of “deplorable” conditions dominated the MSM. We have made our position on this clear and ask again:
– How is forty years of failed border security this administration’s issue?
– How does congress’ failure to secure the border or pass laws that return illegal crosses, this administration’s issue?
– How come the deplorable conditions for children they talk about is so improved since congress finally gave some money?
– Why is the MSM not pointing there instead of the administration?

The administration is guilty of something in this mess. They raised the issue and actually are trying to address it. After decades of no action they tried something. The left and MSM may not like the administration’s plan to fix the issue, but what is their plan except open borders?

Politics. Biden, Amash and Steyer:
Joe Biden: He apologized now for his comments about working with past Democratic senators who now are seen as segregationists. This after saying he had nothing to apologize for. Joe is weak and ready for someone to tip him over.

Justin Amash, the former Republican congressman who turned independent after calling for Trump’s impeachment said he hasn’t ruled out a presidential run. Amash may run as the Libertarian candidate. He has zero chance there, but even that is better than running in the Republican Primary against the President.

Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmental activist who has spent millions supporting both leftist candidates and impeach Trump movements, has told people he plans to announce that he’s entering the race for the Democratic nomination. Until now he said he would not run, and this would be interesting with the money he spends. Let’s see what he does.

One more thing in politics. Jeffrey Epstein was formally charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy this morning after being arrested over the weekend. The 14-page indictment alleges that Epstein “sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls at his homes in Manhattan, New York and Palm Beach, Florida, among other locations” between 2002 and 2005 and perhaps beyond. The girls were as young as 14.
What makes this more interesting is the names of people associated with him. Think Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Prince Andrew attended numerous parties with Epstein, and at least one alleged underage victim claims that Prince Andrew had sexual encounters with her at Epstein’s behest. 
Think Bill Clinton who flew on Epstein’s private jet (nicknamed “the Lolita Express”) on dozens of occasions.
We have written here numerous times that Epstein’s prior plea deal was a miscarriage of justice. Let’s hope this one goes all the way and we learn the truth.

Obamacare: No news coverage on this but this afternoon the 5th circuit in Texas has a major hearing. They will hear oral arguments this afternoon in “State of Texas, et al v. USA, et al,” the lawsuit seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act.
Remember John Roberts ruled the AFA was legal (5-4) because the mandate to buy insurance was a tax. Well, after the administration dropped the mandate Texas went to court to challenge the law. A judge ruled that since the mandate to buy is gone, the act is illegal. Now comes the appeal and it may well be headed for Roberts’ court again.

Foreign Affairs:
A respected former deputy director of the CIA, John McLaughlin, wrote this weekend that North Korea has no intention of giving up its nuclear arsenal. 
We agree with him. It is that arsenal that keeps Kim in office and makes North Korea matter to anyone. Kim looks at others who gave up their weapons what happened to them. Gaddafi (Libya) and Hussein (Iraq) are two examples.
He can’t give up his weapons and expect a good result for himself. Which is why when Trump claimed victory after the first summit with Kim he was so far off base. The best that can be achieved is freezing activity today and begin opening the country with a planned down turn in the future.

Meanwhile Iran’s deputy foreign minister said they would take additional steps over the limits on uranium enrichment in the accord unless it gets sanctions relief.
The thing to watch here is to see what European and other leaders do. They stayed in the deal Obama and Kerry did, when we walked. So does Iran respect them at all? Do they bind with them and isolate the “Great Satan”?
If they do decide to continue enriching uranium what do the other leaders of the world do? Do they give Iran an out or call them on it?

Back Home:

Let’s see. a customer was disturbed when six police officers were starting their day (as they normally do) and getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks. One customer wanted the police officers to move or leave his area of sight. The Starbucks’ employee had a few choices. Did they ask this person to move his sight line? No. They asked the six officers to move or leave. A sign of the times and another example why the 2020 election will decide what kind of country we have in the future.

Finally, today get ready. Your MSM is about to begin hyping the biggest story of the year. What is it? Bob Mueller is coming to congress July 17th to testify. They are going to run with this and look for any tidbit to bury the President.

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