Hypocrisy …

As we get ready to celebrate July 4th and the nation’s birthday let me first wish you a happy holiday. Those who are patriots and love their country will enjoy the day far more than those who want to only rip the nation apart.
Be proud of your patriotism.

I can’t say the same for the NYT who ran this in their Opinion Page:
Please Stop Telling Me America Is Great
“Politicians love to say it’s the greatest, but the numbers (and reality) don’t back them up”.

Can you believe that? You know last I looked there were no walls or borders keeping anyone here. In the piece they talk of Europe and other places, well you only live once, why not try somewhere else? In fact so many promised “If Trump won they were leaving”. Why are they all still here?

Speaking of borders:
I cannot express my outrage enough at the coverage and words of hypocrites in congress over the situation on the southern border. Here’s the lead NYT story today:
Government Watchdog Finds Squalid Conditions in Border Centers
A Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s report detailed overcrowding and children without showers or hot meals, and lawmakers demanded answers.

Demand answers? Where is the coverage that tells the facts? The border people have been to congress begging for funds because of the situation all year. They (and the MSM) called it a fake crisis, a manufactured one, and a Trump made up one. They refused to act, support any funding, provide beds or anything. Now they are appalled by the situation? They caused it. Yet they are on TV, supported by their friends in the media, and deriding the border patrol and administration. It’s sickening.
And, AOC is the perfect example. She still refused to provide a penny to help. Then goes down there and cries by a fence, with nothing on the other side, and goes into a facility and makes up a story. Does the media go after her? No they treat it as the truth.
Well I am telling you that she, her fellow left members, congressional inaction and the media are the issue. You know that, I do and so many others. But there are many who get their only news from the main stream media and believe otherwise.

On this July 4th I am angry at them.

Instead of congress solving that real issue, what are they up to?
This from the WSJ today:

The House Ways and Means Committee sued the Treasury Department
and the IRS for access to Mr. Trump’s tax returns, putting the clash over
the returns and audit records exactly where Committee Chairman RichardNeal (D., Mass.) and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have predicted it would land.
After months of epistolary exchanges and subpoenas, the dispute over
President Trump’s tax returns has finally landed in federal court. This
collision has been building to this moment since Mr. Trump took office
without releasing his returns voluntarily as his predecessors did.
Democrats’ victory in House elections last year assured that lawmakers
would invoke a 1924 law that lets them get anyone’s returns. The
administration, unsurprisingly, hasn’t complied. Now we’re in for
months, at least, of motions and rulings and appeals, potentially all the
way up to the Supreme Court.

And that friends is what this congress sees as a priority.

Don’t forget Mueller is coming:
That’s the other focus of this congress. After two years and the Mueller
report being released, we need him back. Why? Politics. No need to solve
the border issue when we can get MSM coverage.

The President, by the way, has planned a rally in Greenville, NC on the
day Mueller is set to testify. He is calling it:
“The Keep America Great Rally”. It is scheduled to air at 7 that night.

Have a great 4th with your family and friends celebrating our nation.

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