The Border and Iran …

Well AOC and friends went down to the border yesterday (finally) and really stirred it up.

Let’s start with this. If her charge is correct that the guards are forcing people to drink from toilets, then whoever is doing that should be fired and charged with inhumane treatment. If guards threatened her as she claims they should be disciplined.

Now on the other side, if her story is not true then AOC should be reprimanded by congress and considered for expulsion. Let’s get the truth now.
And by the way, AOC voted against any additional aid last week, so since she has been in congress she has not supported any solution.

As far as the border crisis, to me the history is what the MSM should be talking about and not how bad our people are.
The history is:
The left and MSM failed to realize there was a crisis.
They called it a manufactured crisis by the administration.
They refused to protect the border to stop illegal immigration.
They failed to provide funds to address the number of people coming across.
Congress and the media failed ICE and the holding facilities.

Now there’s something before that too. They failed to protect our border.
Let me ask you a question. If you tried to enter illegally any socialist haven like Cuba, Venezuela , Russia or China, what would you expect if caught?
Would you expect an open border of welcome, let us give you food, drink, free healthcare, free college and retirement? No, you are bright enough to know they would lock you up. You are also bright enough to know that countries have laws and you would expect that. So why do the Democrats and MSM expect different for our country than anywhere else?

The first problem is we refuse to protect the country’s border. Congress failed here.
Then we add laws that if you put one toe in, you can claim asylum. Congress failed here.
Then we are treating people at facilities designed for and budgeted for 10% of what they are getting. Congress failed here.
Finally, as you would expect, trying to enter those other countries above, we have raised the specter that it is fine for people to come here and cross our border. Why? Because congress failed us.
That’s how I see it.

Iran: The Story in today’s WSJ:

Iran said it had “exceeded a nuclear fuel limit” set out in
the 2015 deal it made with the U.S. and others.  
The breach does not give Iran the material to produce a nuclear weapon,
but it does signal that the country may be willing to restore the far larger stockpile it possessed in the years before the Obama-era deal.
The Trump administration had no immediate reaction, but Secretary of
State Mike Pompeo said last month that the U.S. would never allow Iran toget within one year of possessing enough fuel to produce a nuclear

So my question is how come Iran is breaking the deal now after the
European countries stayed in it when the U.S. backed out?
If Iran is so reasonable, why are they betraying all of them like France?

The answer is because Iran is the problem, not the U.S.

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