Month: July 2019

On Night One, Debate Two…

For night one of debate two some things stood out for us.
— No one attacked the front runner Joe Biden.
That means they either see him as weak and not headed for the nomination or they had a pact not to attack each other.
— No one mentioned the Mueller Report.
Doesn’t that tell you something about how the hearing went last week? Not once did someone mention the name Mueller. Now contrast that with the pressure to impeach that Nadler and Schiff are touting daily. There’s a disconnect.
–The time spent on high and failing healthcare costs.
Now think about this, what are they knocking? It’s still the ACA (Obamacare). This was the healthcare act the Democrats passed without a Republican vote. Maybe Nancy was right, even they needed to pass it to know what they were voting for.
If its so bad and people are dying (it seems they all had a personal story) maybe we should hold them accountable.
— The divide in the party was clear. There were the far left candidates and they were challenged this time by the slight left of center. It may be the first time some have seen the more moderate Democrats.

Who won? There was no clear winner as I see it.
Bernie recovered somewhat and appealed to his base, but his constant yelling and anger may turn some off.
Warren had some good moments and some not so good, but she likely helped herself with the left.
Williamson was most googled person of the debate. She may see a little bump, but from nothing to something is a bump.
If the party were looking to the middle then Delaney made the most sense.
No one broke out and separated themselves.

Memorable lines often influence the thought of who won the next day.
Bernie’s “I wrote the bill” may be the most replayed today.
Warren’s “why run to tell us what we can’t do”, will get a lot of play.
Delaney’s words that “hospitals will close” if they pass medicare for all should get play.
Ryan’s words that immigrants “should at least ring the doorbell” was a good one.

That’s about it for me. On to tonight and Biden versus Harris and Booker. We’ll all be watching Biden to see if he can fight back and stand up to the challenge. It’s all about Joe tonight.

One last thing. When they played the pledge last night nine of the ten candidates placed their hands over their heart. Ryan didn’t. Watch tonight and see what happens. Governor Inslee of Washington may do the same or more.

and this

There may have been no mention of Mueller in the debate but that didn’t stop the house, where impeachment lives.
CALIFORNIA REP. JUDY CHU became the 116th House Democrat to call for impeachment. Now that’s just two short of putting Democrats over the 50% mark.

To show the other side of this was an event with little coverage:
A judge in New York dismissed Democrats’ claims that President Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia. The judge said there were no allegations that anyone from the campaign stole documents from the DNC.
The lawsuit brought by the Democrats alleged that Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia, Wikileaks,  his son-in-law and others. 

Yesterday we told you how much the RNC had out-raised the DNC (for congressional races). Well today we can report its a different story for the senatorial campaigns.
The Senate Democrats’ super PAC — raised $13.5 million during the first six months of the 2020 cycle. The group says it is by far the most it has raised in the first six months of a cycle since its inception in 2011.
This more than doubles the $5.5 million Senate Republicans took in through their Senate Leadership Fund.

Interestingly the Democrats are trying to protect the house and win the senate, while Republicans are doing the opposite.


No reason or need for us to go into the lead issue of the day, Baltimore. We laid out our thoughts yesterday, and the media will run with it until the debate tonight. What’s interesting is the pushback the left is getting on their “this is racist” argument. Some are actually questioning why Baltimore and other cities are actually in such bad shape.
Which is a good question considering the amount of tax dollars we have sent to them.

The President is still on it too. His tweet this AM:
“Elijah Cummings never even went to the Southern Border and then he screams at the very good people who, despite Congresses [sic] failure to fix the Loopholes and Asylum, make it work (crossings are way down and the Wall is being built). Even with zero Dem help, Border getting strong!” … 

When you hear that things are so bad in the cities today do you ever wonder how past generations would have handled it? I know they would not have been so permissive, anti police, provided as many handouts, allowed the schools to be destroyed, presided over the destroying of family units and society to crater as it has.
So, maybe it’s our fault and the leaders we have put in place who have failed

Debate two tonight – part one

The Democrats are back on stage tonight for round two. There will be Trump bashing for sure as CNN will surely set them up with anti administration questions. Beyond that who do they go after? Well they need to attack Biden, who polls say has recovered since the first debate. So tonight they will attack in his absence. But watch three people in particular this evening:
Sanders and Warren will be side by side and they are both going after the same base. She seems to have caught him and he needs to stop her and regain some momentum.
Then Mayor Pete, with his war chest so large but his numbers so low, needs to make some noise. He needs a breakthrough.
The others will be looking for a magic moment and in these debates you never know what happens.

The other thing you will see that will get coverage is an ad that is set to run a few times. Sponsored by Tom Steyer, the ad is “Need To Impeach”. The supporters are spending in the mid-six figures to air the ad on CNN and MSNBC before and after the second presidential debate.
And with 107 Democrats now on record for impeachment hearings they are getting closer to half the members.

it’s not all good

The DNCC is having its issues as we have outlined here a number of times. Here’s a story in Politico today.
“The top echelon of staffers at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee left their jobs Monday, a shakeup following a pair of POLITICO stories detailing deep unease with the party’s campaign apparatus over a lack of diversity.

Yes, you read that right, they are having a shakeup and letting people go over a lack of diversity.

Today the China trade talks are back underway. As we reported yesterday there is a lack of enthusiasm that anything will get done. We just think China is playing the long game, as they always have, and want to see if a Democrat can beat Trump. You might say, “but that would make Trump stronger”. That’s true, but China will read the tea leaves next summer and fall and if it looks like Trump will win they will make a deal then. They know the President would want it for election purposes and they can do it then.

And Again …

The President was enjoying a positive week. The Mueller hearing had blown up on the Democrats. More people began to ask questions about how it started. The calls for impeachment began to look vindictive, more than based upon law. The opposition was dividing. The Supreme Court ruled in his favor on building the wall. In fact the WSJ wrote this:
“String of wins lifts Trump”.
“The president is going into August on a relative high: A budget deal headed to final passage, a ruling that paves the way for a border wall and Robert Mueller’s testimony landing few new blows”.

Not to worry. The President to the rescue via his twitter feed. A feed that could have been used with such positive force he would be running away with 2020. Instead he provides a stimulation for the opposition and drives their motivation and MSM coverage.

Let me start with this.
Elijah Cummings questioning and charges against the border patrol representatives was disgusting. He accused them of basically not caring and allowing people to live in a manner that is inhumane. Cummings words, the manner in which they were delivered and the anger he projected were (to borrow a phrase) deplorable.
It is congress, where Cummings is a leader, that has failed the border patrol and agents. It is congress and Cummings who have not done their job. It is congress and Cummings who have failed the people, not the border agents who are doing their job.

Now to call Cummings out on this would have been great. To berate him for having the shear nerve to accuse the dedicated border people of failure, when it is he who has failed, would have been a great contrast. Yes, the media would still have stood for Cummings, but the truth would have been powerful.
To then add that Cummings has issues he needs to solve after 30+ years in congress for his own district would have been perfect. To invite the media to go and see the district would have been as far as he should have gone. It would have been a challenge and a contrast. In fact the President could have said he was solving the border issue he inherited from this congress and past administrations. What has Cummings solved in his district?

But no, the President had to go further. He had to get way into the mud. He has to call it “rat infested”, that “no human being would live there”. Does he not understand saying that is offensive to the people that live there? That he is walking into another mess allowing people to call him racist?

What is striking to me is this. Taking the high road and attacking Cummings for his treatment of dedicated border patrol agents while directing people to examine Cummings’ district would be perfect. Now, if this were in response to a question I could understand you are speaking before you are thinking. In this case though, the President is thinking, typing and rereading before sending out. Wouldn’t you think in that scenario, a rational person would be more careful in what they are saying? It just doesn’t work that way for this President and obviously those around him can’t get him under control.

In the end, the President took a great week for him, and an issue he could have shone a light on for both his actions to fix the border and what we must do in our inner cities, and turned it into a negative.

Finally on this, it is not going to get better. Governor Hogan, a Republican will speak today to defend his state. He is going to call out the President.

Some other thoughts

The media continues its bias while praising itself. Here’s a great example. The left leaning ABC, on its Sunday show had Mayor Bill DeBlasio.
They dedicated the entire time he was there to softball questions on Trump and Baltimore. They gave DeBlasio a platform to spew anger and hate. George Stephanopoulous led it and loved it of course.
Now did George ask Presidential candidate DeBlasio about the water buckets being thrown on the police officers of his city? Not once.
Did George ask the Mayor about the news of the day, a shooting in his city the night before that killed one and wounded eleven? Not once.
That friends is the MSM today and why we are in the mess we are.

U.S. and China are back at the trade table tomorrow. The question for us is this. Does China wait to see what 2020 brings in hopes that Trump is defeated and they get a better deal from a Democrat?
If it were you, wouldn’t you do that?

Some Baltimore thoughts from others

Here’s one for you from Bernie (who today is outraged at the President) on Baltimore in the last election:

And a columnist in the area wrote:
The Last 3 Baltimore mayors. – all Democrats:
Sheila Dixon: Convicted of stealing gift cards from the poor
Stephanie Rawlings Blake: Stepped down after promoting the Baltimore Riots
Catherine Pugh: Raided by FBI for taking bribes .

Finally This Question from Charlie Kirk:
Did you know Baltimore received $1.8 BILLION from Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?
What happened to all that money?


It’s Friday, the end of Mueller week and while the Democrats still talk impeachment (in fact there are now 97 Democratic congressional members for it), the congress is leaving today for six weeks of vacation.
Now think about that.
The border crisis, just leave it alone.
How about passing the USMCA agreement?
The budget deficit skyrocketing. Don’t worry about it.
Iran, North Korea and Iraq with issues? Not their problem.
Other countries interfering with our elections? Let it go.

You get the idea. What will this congress be known for? Impeachment for a crime they swore was collusion that never happened.

The border crisis is the most appalling to me. All the noise and horror they express and they leave for six weeks? If only the people would hold them responsible then you would see action.
I don’t blame just the Democrats for this either. For the first two years of this presidency Paul Ryan was the speaker. He failed to lead on this and it cost his party the house. I think in his memoirs the two biggest regrets the President will talk about are these.

1. The appointment of Jeff Sessions to Attorney General. All you need to see is how Bill Barr is handling the role to know what a disaster that was. (Barr by the way, who was being accused of trying to cover up the Mueller report, turns out to be the sole person trying to protect his friend Mueller. Of course the MSM will not live up to their misinformation and false charges here).

2. The second is following Paul Ryan’s lead on what to pursue and pushing the border solution back. This has proven a grave mistake.

additional news

Today Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are scheduled to meet face-to-face. After a few weeks of back and forth they are sitting down to discuss issues. AOC is fervent in her views and Nancy knows the middle of the road is how you win. This will be interesting and is a long term Democratic problem.

The minimum wage fight is interesting. It’s almost like who can do more.
A San Francisco suburb recently implemented the highest minimum wage in the country ($16.30 per hour). It will be an issue in 2020.
The analysis from some is raising the minimum nationally to $15.00 would cost 3.1 million their jobs.
On the other side is the “fair wage” argument.
The question is how to balance raising wages for the lowest-paid workers and ensuring small businesses can afford to keep employing them. 

Have you noticed the harder stand by Cory Booker recently? He talked of punching out the President. Well that tells us his campaign is not going very well. He began his run by talking “of love and unity”. He promised to bridge the country’s “divides and elevate its political discourse” after two years of Donald Trump. I guess that’s over.

election interference

I noticed yesterday a slight pivot by the media, post the Mueller hearing, to Russian interference. That may be their next assault since collusion is a dead one.
Well let me repeat again, interference is not new, not unique to Russia and not going away. Why? Well if you were going to overthrow the U.S. government you cannot do it militarily. You need to do it from within. Create chaos, doubt and question the government. The people must do it, not the military. This has been clear for decades and you see it today.
So Russia, China, Iran and even our friends will try and influence an election outcome. It’s just easier today with social media.
In my opinion, sure Russia interfered. Yes they wanted to help Trump. Why? Because like everyone else they were sure Hillary was going to win, so try and rile up the opposition as much as possible. Get people angry at her before she takes office. They were as surprised as anyone she won.
Now if they were fully for Trump explain this to me. Why the next week were they sponsoring and supporting the “Not My President” street rallies in our country? The answer is because they want discord. End of story.

Finally, remember we interfere too. Aren’t we trying to overthrow the government in Venezuela today? Didn’t President Obama try to get Benjamin Netanyahu beaten? Isn’t President Trump in his camp?

Don’t let the MSM sway you with their third anti Trump campaign from the election. (First collusion, then obstruction, now the Russians did it).

Enjoy your weekend.

The Hearing….


We’re writing this right after the close of the hearing, so its our view without the noise you may have heard since.

The loser of the day was Bob Mueller. He didn’t seem to know the report, it didn’t appear he wrote any of it, and you wonder if he read it. When asked questions he often said “Is that in the report”? When told it was, he would answer “Then I stand behind it”. It may have been the Mueller committee but he didn’t lead it. The shame of the day is Bob Mueller, from service in Vietnam to all he has done for the country stayed on the stage too long. I fear we will hear news in the future about him and his health. Let’s hope he rides off now and enjoys his time with his spouse and family.

The Democrats had a bad day. From “the evidence is in clear sight” to nothing, is what I saw. Maybe that’s why they had the impeachment vote two days ago and didn’t wait. I guess those 95 will stand by their vote, but you can’t impeach to change the results of an election.

My best analysis is this. On collusion, once again we heard there was none. So the total focus was on obstruction. That bothers me outright as the MSM spent two years leading their newscasts with collusion. Its almost like we have all forgotten that. Think back to that daily drumbeat you heard.

In the AM session they were trying to tie obstruction to impeachment because he told his lawyer to fire Robert Mueller. They went over and over that. Well the actual event never happened.

That left me thinking they were trying to prove obstruction of an event that never occurred, to impeach over a crime (collusion) that never occurred.

That is what I saw and heard. Nadler and Schiff went for it, convinced they had something and struck out. Now their supporters will be there, because they are partisan and are so anti Trump.
But if you’re fair, then you have to agree its time to move on. We have issues in this country and congress should get busy solving them.

For the Democrats if you persist here after today and with the bad news you have coming with the I.G. report you are going to dig a big hole. 2020 is right around the corner and you add anger over persisting on this, to the border issues the public knows you are not solving, then you are setting yourself up for a bad election period.

Finally, the non Fox cable stations were clinging to this headline:
“Mueller Doesn’t Exonerate Trump”.
Well let’s settle that. He did say their was “no conspiracy to collude”. On obstruction, he said he “did not exonerate” the President, which led to the headline. However, he also said he “did not have the evidence” to indict either, if he could.
That sounds like “You’re innocent in America until Proven Guilty”. If the Democrats think that is guilty they will further erode their position.

It’s Mueller Day…

Nothing we say today will matter as it’s Mueller Day. Let’s get this behind us and hopefully this ends the whole “collusion” theory we’ve lived with for two and a half years.

Our hope is that tomorrow congress can get on to real work and begin solving things like the border crisis.

If Mueller confirms there was no collusion are we really going to argue that there was obstruction to cover up the non crime?
Does any reader know the last time we indicted a leader for covering up something that didn’t happen?

Let’s just get this day behind us and hope it puts the whole sorry mess behind us. Somehow though we think congress will find more witnesses to call for the crime that may not have been. Schiff and Nadler have seen things others haven’t for years now.

Don’t forget too that 95 Democratic congressional members voted last week to begin impeachment. That was a week before Mueller came!

So any hope of moving on is likely just that, hope.

Congress did vote yesterday to fund the 9/11 victims fund. Think of all the noise this has made the past three weeks. All the dramatics from Jon Stewart, Chuck Schumer, the MSM and others. It was never, ever in question. Ever.

Now Rand Paul and Mike Lee did try and bring amendments. You know what they were?
Not to stop the funding, but to ask congress to explain how it was going to fund this. Where were they going to get the funds, from where?
This brought Chuck Schumer and his crocodile emotions forward as if this was criminal; or at least as if we have no deficit.

Do you think most people knew that was what they were trying to do? I don’t think so, the MSM presented it as if they were just cruel and heartless.

As if passing the deficit we are to our kids and grandkids isn’t.

This is what wrought…

The police video out of New York showing the officers being abused tells you all you need to know about the state of our society today and the cross roads we are at.

When police officers can be abused with buckets of water on them, empty buckets thrown at and hitting them in the head, it illustrates the breakdown in law and order that we have reached. Police officers, the thread between safety and society’s breakdown, abused and unable to act, is beyond comprehension.

If they can’t protect themselves, how can they protect society? Oh yea, in NYC if you have a gun in your home to protect your family, they will take you to jail.
How did we get here?

The answer is we have disrespected the police and presented them in such a disparaging light that society is broken. Think about these incidents:

President Obama jumped to conclusion at the very start of his Presidency you may recall when he blamed the police for acting badly. When it turned out the officer acted in the correct manner he had a beer summit.
But the damage was done.

In Ferguson, MO a false narrative about “hands up, don’t shoot” led to police bashings and riots. To this day many still blame the officer who was proven innocent and the words “hands up, don’t shoot” was the lie.

Think the MSM and endless video they show whenever they think an officer anywhere in the country may have been over zealous. ABC is a great example. They show a few a week. Many are snippets that don’t show the whole story and often are later refuted. Do they cover and show the families of officers killed, just about weekly this year?
And, by the way, GMA which never hesitates to show a video that might show an officer doing something over aggressive; well today they failed to show the NYC videos at all.

Folks, if an officer does something wrong he/she should be held accountable, but to present police as the MSM and left do is what is leading to what we saw in NYC yesterday.

Both the media and left are doing the same with ICE and border patrol agents now. If you stand for the law and order in society then to them you are part of the problem.

Today I think it is important we who believe otherwise stand for what we believe and begin to protect our future. It has gone too far the other way.

other news

Boris Johnson is the new leader in Britain, assuming office tomorrow. He has been called the Donald Trump of England. I believe the press there will go after him as the U.S. press has our President. The NYT Op Ed today has this:
Boris Johnson is How Britain Ends.
Not with a bang, but with a burst of blond ambition.

Here’s why you don’t announce we are going to raid.
Remember the 2,000 people the President announced that ICE was going to go after two weekends ago?
Well they arrested 35.
Next time just do it without all the fanfare.

And, by they way this is another example of the breakdown in law and
order. We can’t stop people coming into our country illegally and then we
can’t send them back out when caught. Oh yea, then the left and media
want to give them free school, free healthcare and retirement dollars.

If you had a master plan on how to destroy America wouldn’t it be
working perfectly?

Oh yea, Joe Biden released his plan for crime yesterday. Bottom line:
He seeks an end to mandatory minimum sentences and disparities in
certain types of drug sentencing.
So add this to the plan in place to release many in jail now and tie the
hands of police in all they do. Makes you feel safe, no?

The Senate is voting today on the nomination of Mark Esper as defense
secretary. This nomination and hearing has been surprisingly quiet.
Usually a Trump nominee leads to huge hysteria.
The position that has been open for a permanent secretary for the longest period in history.

Congress and the White House reached a deal to increase spending and
raise the government’s borrowing limit, avoiding a looming fiscal
crisis. Surprise, the deal goes past the 2020 election.
It is for more than $2.7 trillion in spending over two years, would
suspend the debt ceiling and raises the debt limit by nearly $50 billion
next fiscal year above current levels.
It increases spending by about $320 billion over two years above limits
set in a 2011 law that established automatic spending cuts. 

Finally, tomorrow is Mueller Day. The Democrats want to get something from him that says the President is a crook, liar and cheat.
The Republicans want to get there was “no there there”.
Both sides will get a little and the MSM gets drama.
Mueller for his part will give an opening statement. Know what it is? The report. He wants no part of this, but they will try.

After all there are no issues in America. Let’s keep this probe going.

The Weekend Beat …

And on it goes

Through the weekend and on the Sunday News shows the beat on Trump went on. The MSM has latched on to the “racist” angle and are running full time with it. Here’s the challenge for both sides:
– With the help of the MSM can the Democrats paint the President as a racist and defeat him that way?
– Can Trump and team paint “The Squad” as the Democratic party?

That is the question for the 2020 election. A “racist” cannot win. If the Democratic party is made out to be those four leftist congress members they cannot win.
Stay tuned.

That is unless you watched Face The Nation and saw Liz Cheney take apart the MSM. Makes you wonder why more Republicans don’t fight back like that. She called the media out clearly on their one sided “racist” coverage.

This will last until Wednesday:
As Robert Mueller heads to testify on Capitol HillThat will drive media coverage as they will look for any possible nugget he gives them and that will dominate the next week.

In the meantime did you see this?
The Republican National Committee more than doubled the DNC’s fundraising haul in June. 
The Democratic National Committee raised $8.5 million in June, the month of the party’s presidential debates in Miami — less than half of the $20.7 million the Republican National Committee pulled in during that time period, new disclosures show.
If you believe that old axiom “follow the money” this is interesting.
Then add this, the DNC also spent almost as much money as it raised — $7.5 million — during that time and finished the month with $9.3 million cash on hand.
The RNC is meanwhile building a larger war chest during the lead-up to 2020 and had $43.5 million cash on hand at the end of the month

Iran continues to heat up:
With the taking of their tanker now the U.K. faces a policy challenge. How do they react? This goes back to our argument weeks ago, why is this our fight? Let’s see what Britain, France, Germany and Japan decide to do. The first thing they ruled out is military action.
Britain’s foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, warned Saturday of “serious consequences” if Iran fails to release the ship — but he ruled out “military options.” He said: “We’re looking at a diplomatic way to resolve the situation, but we are very clear that it must be resolved”.
Okay then, now that you’ve ruled that out let’s see how you handle this.

Meanwhile the next British leader will be named tomorrow. Here’s a
ready crisis awaiting. Kind of like when when President Reagan took
office and the hostages Iran held for a year under President Carter. As he
raised his hand they were released, but Reagan had promised action. Here
Britain has ruled that out.

Have you noticed what is going on in Puerto Rico?
It’s all related to fraud and goes back to the hurricane. The same hurricane that the left and MSM beat the President up on for “his failures and racist” actions and not caring about the people.
Well it certainly looks now like he sent the aid but there was some corruption going on — just like he said. Hmm.
They say over and over that the President never apologizes. Well does the left or media apologize when they are wrong?

Finally here’s a story I read on Sunday that didn’t get much coverage. When you read it you will know why the MSM did not tout it:
The Kazakhstan-born Brooklyn man who the feds say betrayed America — by becoming a top ISIS sniper in Syria — had come to the US through the diversity lottery, the head of US Citizenship and Immigration Services revealed in an angry tweet.
Ruslan Maratovich Asainov “was born in Kazakhstan on June 28, 1976,” tweeted USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli.
“He entered the U.S. on a DIVERSITY LOTTERY VISA (!!!) on February 27, 1999, and he became a naturalized U.S. Citizen on September 1, 2006.”
Cuccinelli called the lottery “very dangerous” and said that both he and President Trump want to see it ended. “Time for a more merit-focused immigration system w/o dangerous holes like the diversity lottery,” he tweeted.
Asainov was charged Friday in Brooklyn federal court with aiding ISIS.

Friday Takes ….

Iran heats up:
First, the Iranians take a tanker off the high seas and a few hours later the U.S. shoots down an Iranian drone.
Then this AM the Iranians say “no” we didn’t lose a drone. The U.S. is lying they “must have shot down their own drone”.
Now who do you believe?
Who do you think The Squad and their leftist friends believe?

The heat over a chant:
The MSM is running with its newest anti right and anti Trump story, the rally chant of “send her back”.
Now the chant should not have occurred and the President missed an opportunity to stop it by saying: “No, we can’t send anyone back. This is America, but if anyone wants to leave because they don’t like it here, they can. We build walls not to keep people in, but to keep illegals out. Maybe that’s why they’re against the wall, they think it will keep them here”.

That said, the MSM is playing politics with this. Do you ever see them playing the words of the left that have been as outlandish, over and over? Do you see them showing videos of Antifa over and over? Of course not.

How about this:
Chuck Schumer called on the Republican party to help end the President’s rhetoric. He said, “There’s no John McCain anymore” to do this job.

Really Chuck, so who’s the Scoop Jackson of your party? Who’s the counter voice to the far left? Why don’t you look inward too?

Omar gets a royal greeting.
Did you see the coverage of the joyous and supportive greeting for Rep. Illhan Omar as she arrived home yesterday?
That should answer any questions you have about whether the four can be beat at the polls. As Nancy Pelosi herself said, “a glass of water running as a Democrat can win there.”

The next Democratic debate field.
Night One:
Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, O’Rourke, Klobuchar,
Williamson, Delaney, Hickenlooper, Ryan, Bullock
Biden, Harris, Castro, Yang, Booker
Inslee, Bennet, Gabbard, Gillibrand, de Blasio

Biden better be careful or Harris can provide the knockout punch here.
Sanders has to go after Warren as she is now ahead of him.

Finally how good is this story?
Bernie Sanders staff is suing him for $15.00 an hour wages. Read that again. Bernie Sanders staff is suing the man who started the whole $15.00 argument.
Bernie will say his campaign cannot afford it. But he knows every small business can.
Just reminds us of Margaret Thatcher’s famous words. “At some point you run out of other people’s money”.

Have a great weekend.

Quick Takes …

A Few Quick thoughts today

Congress was busy solving our problems yesterday as they:

1. Voted on impeachment, with 95 Democrats voting for it.
On what grounds do they want to impeach? What is the crime?
Winning the 2016 election is not an impeachable offense outside liberal and MSM circles.

2. They voted to hold AG Barr and Secretary Ross in contempt.
In a vote that has no legs or meaning it was done for political purposes.
Why solve real issues when you can do political actions?

3. They further reduced the ACA (Obamacare) reach as they cut it again. This time they eliminated the Cadillac tax. 
In a bipartisan vote they repealed the tax on high-cost employer plans.
That was supposed to be another way to pay for the free coverage to millions.
Force everyone to buy, tax the high benefit plans. Both are now gone.

Speaking of congress here’s an interesting quote from Mitch O’Connell:
On FoxBusiness this AM he said:
“The President has gotten more help from Mexico than the Democrats to find a solution”.

Well that may be unfair, after all Mexico doesn’t have to deal with impeachment fixing the 2016 election and finding people to hold in contempt.

Finally on congress their are some real issues out there.
This AM, Iran is claiming to have seized a foreign tanker off the high seas.
Congress needs to meet quickly and figure out how to blame the President.

Trump and epstein

The MSM continues to try and find any means possible to marry the President to Epstein.

Yesterday and again this AM, I saw the 1992 tape that the MSM is now running to try yet again to link the President to Jeffrey Epstein.
I tell them again, you’re looking at the wrong President’s tie to Epstein. Keep digging. You’re in the right years now, just look closer.

One more thing on 1992. I also saw a tape of Oprah in that period gushing over young Trump and asking him to run for President. 
Well in ’92 she was for him and I was against him. I didn’t like his ego and lifestyle. 
Here we are in 2018 and Oprah is totally against Trump, while I have not seen him do anything with a woman while in office that is scandalous. 
So surprise, Oprah and I have been on different ends in 1992 and 2018.  

Maybe the MSM should wake up to the fact this is 2018 too. 

On the MSM they are really on this racist kick.
Here’s the AP this AM:
“Not since George Wallace’s campaign in 1968 has a presidential candidate — and certainly not an incumbent president — put racial polarization at the center of his call to voters. Though Trump’s comments generated outrage and even a resolution of condemnation in the House, the president and his campaign believe the strategy carries far more benefits than risks.”

Now is it Trump calling people racist, or the media calling him racist? Hasn’t “The Squad” said more racist things than anyone? This is all Trump?

Well the NYT has it all figured out. This from their OP Ed page today:
Racist to the Bone
Trump’s hate is evident from his jawbones down to his thumbs and little toes.

So does Democrat leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, the Dem. Caucus chair:
Trump is ‘ripping apart the civil fabric of this nation’
Yup, it’s all Trump Representative. I suggest you take a look at the caucus you chair and you might see the problem.
Then look at the media and you might find some more issues.

Get ready. They closed the Cohen investigation with no additional charges. BUT:
Redacted materials related to an April 2018 FBI raid of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s home, hotel room and office are expected to be released today by 11 a.m.
The MSM will find something to focus big on. After all, Trump could not have won in 2016.

Have a great day.

On We Go …

Congress Acts:

So congress bogged itself down in political theater yesterday and got through a partisan condemnation of the President. Congratulations. 
Now as we’ve stated all week the President was out of bounds with his statement. But, so were “The Squad”in their statements and remember when Speaker Pelosi decided not to condemn them? She passed a resolution not naming any of them but said the congress as a whole should be mindful.The resolution yesterday would have more meaning if she was consistent and not so political. 
Then consider this. She has now married herself and the party to the four. She took their side and owns them now. The fact AOC was on CBS and said she and the Speaker have not spoken since February tells you about their divide. So, Nancy may have won a skirmish, but in the zeal to do so may have set herself and the party up for a long term battle she may not like.


They are not done yet. The House will vote today on holding A.G. BILL BARR and Commerce Secretary WILBUR ROSS in contempt. Think about that. We have border issues, deficit problems, looming international challenges and what is the house doing? They’re passing resolutions to condemn and holding people in government in contempt. Is this what America wants?
And oh yea, don’t forget Mueller is coming next week. We get to rehash collusion. 
You know things like this only happen in good times when people are working and jobs available. People get diverted to things like this. 


In my opinion the MSM is what’s allowing this to go on. Their bias in favor of the Democratic liberal position is allowing this to occur.Once the media in this country just reported the news. Take a look back at an old video of Walter Cronkite reporting the news. Tell me where he stood on any issue. You couldn’t tell. Today the media in their words, expressions and outrage no longer do that. They have made a decision and it is always with the left. That bias leads most people who are not as well versed as you to get only one side. It sways their thoughts and thinking. Here’s an example. What I see on every MSM news broadcast regarding the border is a one sided presentation as if this administration created the problem and is out to harm people. They give the impression we are being mean and won’t let people in. Someone watching that would think America is mean and the administration is going against the wishes of the people. This is especially true of ICE “raids” or enforcement actions. Well consider this now. Fifty-one (51%) percent of voters supported the sweeping raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, compared with 35 percent of voters who oppose those efforts.Do you get that impression watching the news? Do they report that? I venture to say the numbers would be even higher if the MSM presented the true facts and information.


Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens died yesterday. He was 99 and in the news earlier this year when he first backed Brett Kavanaugh for the court then changed his mindStevens was appointed by President Ford to the court. He was another Republican appointed as a so called “conservative” who became as the USA newspaper headlined today the one who “Led the Liberal Wing” of the court. I’ve asked this before, can you name a liberal appointee who turned or voted with the conservatives? Yet, the MSM beats upon conservative judges as being ideologue.  One story about Justice Stevens, unrelated to the court you might find interesting:On  Oct. 1, 1932, in the midst of that year’s presidential campaign, [FDR] threw out the first pitch of Game 3 of the World Series — the same game in which Babe Ruth (allegedly) pointed to the outfield before hitting a home run, sending the Yankees on to victory and an eventual four-game sweep of the Cubs. … Also in attendance at Game 3 of the 1932 World Series at Wrigley Field: 12-year-old Chicagoan John Paul Stevens. 


Now The Fallout ….

Everything we wrote yesterday as soon as we saw the President’s tweet played out. He has taken the focus off the Democratic in-fight and united them along with the MSM against him. Just a bad move.
We condemn the tweet, words and can not support it.

Now, that said, it does not make “The Squad” right or their positions any more tangible.
If Nancy Pelosi wants a vote today to condemn the President, we should have a vote to condemn some of the things these four have said. There’s a reason they stand alone even in their own party.

What’s the best Republicans can hope for here? That somehow they get past this without having to speak publicly about it. If I were them, I would say “I don’t agree with the words and how they were presented, but I also condemn some of the statements each of the four made”. I would not defend the President nor let the four off the hook.
They should hope time passes and the dust settles with Democrats defending the four so my side could tie the four of them to the party as a whole. The Democrats do not want to be married to the four, and the danger they run here is they end up doing that.

This will blow over but you can count on the President and the four saying, tweeting and doing so many more things between now and the November 2020 election. The President will do it out of ego and the four out of belief.

One final thought on this. The MSM joined today by George Conway (KellyAnne’s husband) have called the President a racist for his comments. Let me ask you a question. If this were four left leaning socialist males don’t you think he would done the same thing? I do. This is a lot of things but racist I don’t think it was.


This was interesting yesterday as the Iranian situation remains tense. First this interview on NBC with Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister.
He suggested for the first time that the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile program could be up for negotiations with the U.S., a possible opening for talks as tensions remain high between Tehran and Washington over the collapsing nuclear deal. 
“In an interview with NBC Nightly News, Zarif said the door is ‘wide open’ to diplomacy if Trump removes the array of sanctions he has imposed since 2017 that have slashed the country’s oil exports and damaged its economy. Once those sanctions are lifted, then … the room for negotiation is wide open”.
A little opening by Iran that shows the impact of the sanctions.

Now, we have said constantly that the European Union lacks the inner fortitude to stand up to Iran. Yesterday we got this from them in a NYT story:
“E.U. Ministers, Scrambling to Save Iran Nuclear Deal, Play Down Breaches”.
Scrambling to save the nuclear agreement with Iran, European foreign ministers declared Monday that Iranian breaches so far were not serious enough to take steps that could lead to reimposed international sanctions and a collapse of the accord.
“That conclusion, reached at a meeting in Brussels, effectively extended a lifeline for the 2015 nuclear agreement in defiance of pressure by the Trump administration. The agreement has been increasingly imperiled since the United States abandoned the accord more than a year ago and renewed its own sanctions on Iran.”

So Europe says “yes” Iran has breached the agreement, “but not so badly” that we have to walk. In Trump’s world a breach is a breach. The difference between the countries and leaders.

The Border:

An interesting move is happening today. The President is tightening asylum rules at southern border. Since congress won’t act he is taking action, and the action could be a game changer.
The White House moved to limit Central American migrants’ ability to seek asylum at the U.S. border. People are being required to apply for asylum at the first country they cross. So, they will no longer be allowed to travel through two or three countries to get to our border. It says, if you truly need to seek asylum then do it across the first border you cross. Individuals will only be allowed to cross multiple borders if they denied asylum in the new countries too. In that case there may be a reason for the U.S. to do so too.
Add this to upgraded Mexican actions and we may see in the months ahead a difference.

Congress is angry about this and the ACLU is going to court to challenge the action. I am sure they will find a judge to agree and it may end up with John Roberts again.
Do you see an issue with this?

A Poll

The President’s daily numbers have shown a drop this week — surprise, surprise, surprise.
As for the Democratic candidates here’s the latest poll from New Hampshire:
Biden: 20.8%, Harris, 17.5, Warren: 16.7, Buttigieg: 11.5, Sanders: 9.9, Yang: 4.9, Klobuchar: 2.7, Williamson: 1.5, Booker: 1.2, Gabbard: 1.0, Everyone else: < 1

Looks like Bernie is fading and there are four top tier candidates. We are sticking with Harris as the eventual winner.

Snatching Defeat From ….

Snatching Defeat From Victory…

First A Tweet:
With the Democrats hemorrhaging at the seams, infighting going public, “The squad” calling the Speaker names, and the debates getting heated, what does the President do? Unite the opposition.

His actions this weekend are the example that with all things being equal to today, the election next year would be a landslide. Instead it is clear his uncontrolled actions, tweeting and words will make it close.

What did he say?
“So interesting to see Progressive Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly……….and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. 
Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally brokeand crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how…….it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!”

Immediately they stop fighting each other and unite against the words. All he had to do was be quiet and let them rip each other. No, he had to step in. You had the infighting going on, you had candidates like Mayor Pete saying “Medicare for all could not be implemented immediately”. You had the Democrats facing their inner division. You had the Democrat reps on the ropes during the Sunday shows trying to defend their actions on the border and ICE raids. It was shaping up really bad, then along comes the President to unite them.

Then the ICE Plans:
So why would the President announce we are going out Sunday to collect illegals (who have been through the system and ordered to leave) and deport them? Why would you warn people you are coming to knock?

Once he did that the storm arose. The left and MSM were untied on the sob stories about family separation. Where is the White House and Republican machine to explain these are people who have broken the law twice? Why do they allow the left to paint them as heartless as opposed to standing for right?

Then once you announce this and it’s clear you can’t execute the plan you know what they should have done? Target a dozen or so of the real hard core criminals. Go get them and set up the press to see and understand who you are deporting. Can you image if people saw and heard the story of why these people were being deported what their reaction would be?
They would see people who came illegally, went through the process, were ordered by the court to leave and committed crimes while here.

Why aren’t they smart enough to manipulate as their opponents are?

Why can’t the Republican Party and White House articulate the Democrat position on the border?
No border, no money to hold anyone who comes across, no checking people, no limits, no deportations of anyone here illegally. Why can’t they lay that out with one voice so Americans can decide what they want?

Second, why is it racist every time the President tweets or says something but not racist when the left say things about him?
Why is it racist when he says if you don’t love America leave; but not racist when they call him every name in the book?

The answer is because the MSM supports the left and allows them to get away with it. The simple truth is that their hero President Obama deported over double the people that Trump has, and you heard not a word. Who’s racist?

Third, when congress finally gave some money for the kids at the border, after calling it a “manufactured crisis”, what happened? This from KEN CUCCINELLI on the scene VP MIKE PENCE saw in Texas, speaking to JON KARL on ABC’S “THIS WEEK”: 
“Well, because Congress has let it happen. It’s that simple. Look at just the supplemental appropriation last month. It was overwhelmingly focused on children — and all of us prioritize care for children. And in one month we went from about 2,500 kids in overcrowded — being in CBP detention facilities down to about 300-some-odd with only a handful of those past the 72 hour metric that is when we try to ship kids out of — of Border Patrol custody. So when Congress provides the professionals at the border what they need, success happens, success being measured as avoiding overcrowding.”

Karl who started this interview in the normal left leaning ABC tough manner had to back up. Is it so hard to get this message out?

Mr. President, Nancy Pelosi is not your friend and never will be. You went out of your way to defend her against “The Squad” calling her a racist by saying she wasn’t. Well twenty-four hours later here’s her tweet when you needed help:
“When @realDonaldTrump tells four American Congresswomen to go back to their countries, he reaffirms his plan to ‘Make America Great Again’ has always been about making America white again. Our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power. … I reject @realDonaldTrump’s xenophobic comments meant to divide our nation. Rather than attack Members of Congress, he should work with us for humane immigration policy that reflects American values. Stop the raids 
Get the message?

border update:

You noticed the progress this month at the border now that Mexico has taken action after the tariff controversy. Not much coverage. Now consider this.
Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales plans to discuss a deal in Washington Monday that would require migrants from El Salvador and Honduras to seek asylum in Guatemala rather than the U.S., as the Trump administration seeks to slow migrant flows.
That would be progress.

Deficit Update:

We talked about the deficit last week. Here’s an update:
The U.S. budget deficit increased by $140 billion during the first nine months of this budget year to $747.1 billion as government revenues and spending both hit records.The Treasury Department reported Thursday that the deficit for the current fiscal year through June is up 23.1% over the same period a year ago with receipts rising by 2.7% while spending increased 6.6%.

Heading to Mueller Week …

As we head to Mueller week lets’ wrap up this one with these thoughts.

The Census:
So, there will be no question on whether you are a citizen in the census next year. That still baffles me.

The same people who want no census question are now helping illegals avoid agents this weekend to deporting them. Now remember, these are people who went to court and the judge ordered them out of the country. They had their hearing and disobeyed. Now the left and their apologists in the MSM are providing warnings and legal advice. Wait, they are breaking the law and you are assisting?

To carry that one step further think about how they are portraying the administration for carrying out the law. It’s as if they are breaking the law and not the people they seek.

Add this. President Obama deported under the same circumstances more than double the number of individuals President Trump has. Was he portrayed like this? Other than media bias is there a reason?

Is the new NA trade deal in trouble?
Congress has still not taken this up and with the 2020 election coming up do you think the Democrats want to avoid giving the President a win? You have to begin to wonder.
You would think since this is a better deal for the U.S., and that Mexico and Canada are already on board that would be enough. But not yet.
In fact, the leading Democratic contenders are amping up their opposition to the agreement.  

But don’t worry:
The congress is bringing in Bob Mueller next week for a hearing and have already subpoenaed over a dozen individuals who already testified to come back. Here’s a prediction (that I really hope is right). If after four hours of questioning Mueller they come away with nothing and people know about the dozen repeat individuals they want to bring back, maybe, just maybe they will have had enough. Maybe the people of the country will say “enough” and demand congress get onto real business. Like a border crisis, like out of control spending, like a loose Iran. How about some real work now and enough of the 2016 election.

Meanwhile the Democrat infighting:
When AOC dropped the racist line against Speaker Pelosi it set off Democratic alarms. The left of the party is now experiencing a tactic they have used for decades. “You are a racist”. It was only a matter of time the far left began to use it against the left.
They don’t like it. Nancy, like Joe Biden before her in the debate, was angry it was used against them. Of course it took 48 hours to use it again against the President. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, doesn’t apply here.
I guess that’s an example of Democratic separation of church and state.

By the way that can apply to Megan Rapinoe of the US Women”s Soccer Team too. She said “we have to be betterwe have to love more and hate less. Listen more and talk less.” 
We could have used less four letter words in your speech before young girls while celebrating the win at the parade, and a lot less anger and political vehemence in what should have been a unifying moment. 

New Polls:
A new NBC/WSJ poll says:
Biden 26%, Warren 19, Harris 13, Sanders 13, Buttigieg 7, Yang 2, O’Rourke 2, Klobuchar 1, Castro 1, Booker 1, Inslee 1, Williamson 1, Delaney 1, Hickenlooper 1, Bennet 1.

We’ll say it again. Joe Biden is not winning the presidency. Yesterday he talked about taking us back to the Obama era foreign policy. No thank you.
And Joe, you did not defeat ISIS, it was this administration.

The President:
I told some people this week that without his ego that he would be in such better shape. Here’s an example from a NYT story on the day the England Ambassador resigned referring to other country ambassadors.
‘It Could Have Been Any of Us’: Disdain for Trump Runs Among Ambassadors:
Sir Kim Darroch, the British ambassador who resigned Wednesday, was not alone in his criticism of the Trump administration and its habit of leaving foreign envoys in the dark.

A second example was yesterday. The CEO of Lockheed announced she took another look at the President’s request and decided not to close the Sikorsky plant in Coatesville, Pa. This saved the plant and 465 jobs. A great success story right?
So what does the President tweet?
“So happy that I was able to keep Sikorsky Helicopter in the Great State of Pennsylvania …..,”

Did he say “We”? No he had to say “I”. And that is the President in a tweet.

Have a great weekend.

Short Takes …

Just some short news takes this AM:

  • The media is continuing with all its might to tie the President to Jeffrey Epstein. “They were friends once, they were neighbors, his secretary of labor is the former prosecutor”. It goes on and on. If you didn’t know better you would think that Trump was the President flying on Epstein’s plane to a private island and not Bill Clinton.
  • As the administration continues to try and find a way to get the census question on the form did you see what a judge ruled yesterday?
    He rejected the administration’s plan to switch its legal team on the case. What? Did you ever hear that before? You cannot have the lawyer(s) of your choice?
  • What will the market do today? Well the Federal Reserve chairman (Jerome Powell) is set to appear before the House Financial Services Committee at 10 a.m. What he says about plans to hold or cut rates will make all the difference.
  • Yesterday we commented on the issue of continued deficits. This is from The Hill today:
    “Indeed, far from delivering on his promise to cut America’s trade deficit, Trump has presided over a ballooning deficit that’s on pace to be some 25 percent higher than when he took office. This is happening at a time when the budget deficit is widening and the country’s public debt is well on its way to exceeding 90 percent of GDP.
    Sadly, the Trump administration seems unfazed by the country’s deteriorating long-run financial position. It shows no indication of correcting policy course to put the economy on a sounder long-run economic footing”.
  • Yesterday we also told you about the court hearing in Texas that could rule Obamacare illegal. This today from Newsmax on that session:
    “A federal appeals court panel appeared sympathetic on Tuesday to Republican efforts to overturn Obamacare, expressing skepticism to Democratic calls to overturn the ruling of a Texas judge who found the landmark U.S. healthcare reform law unconstitutional”.
  • This morning, the British Ambassador to the U.S. is resigning.
    “The U.K. Foreign Office says Britain’s ambassador to the United States has resigned just days after diplomatic cables criticizing President Donald Trump were leaked”.
    Kim Darroch said in a letter Wednesday that even though his posting was due to end this year, he believed “since the leak of official documents from this Embassy there has been a great deal of speculation surrounding my position and the duration of my remaining term as ambassador”.
    You think?
  • Have you followed the growing rift in the Democratic House between Speaker Pelosi and the “gang of four” leftists? The war of words is escalating. Yesterday Speaker Pelosi reacting to their comments on the vote to provide border dollar relief said:
     “It wasn’t dismissive, it was a statement of fact…nobody followed their lead”.
    AOC has now responded:
    “It’s not even the four of us. It’s like ‘These ones What the speaker said… it’s not true. It’s just wrong… as progressives, it’s okay not to vote for the legislation to make a point.”
    Stay tuned.
  • Right below the surface remains Iran.
    Yesterday they warned they will take further steps to breach the 2015 nuclear accord if it doesn’t receive relief from sanctions. They have already begun enriching uranium above limits set out in that deal and threatened to quadruple that level.
    Senior U.S. officials signaled that Washington had every intention of continuing its economic pressure. No backing down they said.
    The President for his part has questioned why the U.S. is bearing the burden of protecting the flow of oil tankers past Iranian waters.
    This one remains dangerous and we need to see how our “allies” react.

Issues …

News Tidbits:

Well yesterday we reported one new candidate was about to enter the Democratic primary (Tom Steyer), and today we can report one has exited. Eric Swalwell became the first to exit.
Some will miss him, we are not part of the some.

We’ve written and expressed our frustration and anger about Jeffrey Epstein any number of times. We think this AM he is where he belonged decades ago — behind bars. We want every politician and self centered friend of his that participated with his actions to join him.
It is also interesting to see the MSM knowing that Bill Clinton is a friend of Epstein to drag President Trump into this in the same sentence. Not close. Epstein was Trump’s neighbor in Palm Beach, but in fact Trump barred Epstein from Mar A Lago. You know why? According to court documents because Epstein attacked an underage girl at the club.
Did the MSM report this?

Another judge is making federal policy. The President you may recall wanted drug companies to list drug prices in their TV ads. A judge said he cannot do that.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Barr said the administration will take action in the coming days that he believes will allow the government to add the controversial census question on citizenship. He didn’t say, how but did say President Donald Trump is expected to issue a memorandum to the Commerce Department instructing it to include the question on census forms. The fight goes on.

2020 Issue: Deficits.
One issue we think that will arise in the campaign is deficits. Under President Obama we doubled the national debt the nation had accumulated from Presidents one through forty-three. It was an issue in 2016.

Well in Trump’s first two years the deficits have continued at an alarming pace. So let’s look at that.

The latest budgeting review and report shows that budget deficits are expected to remain in the $1 trillion territory for years to come. It appears that 13 digit deficits are the new normal in Washington.

Thus the question is this. Do we have an income or spending issue?

Well the left says that the President’s tax cuts are the problem. The right says the cuts drove the economy.
So is government revenue declining because of the cuts? Well here are the numbers:
— 2017: $3.316 trillion
— 2018: $3.330 trillion
— 2019: $3.511 trillion
Thus revenue is up, so why are we maintaining the trillion dollar budgets? Maybe we just spend too much? And, this is before any added price tags for the tens of trillions of dollars in the Democratic presidential candidate playbook. Think, Medicare for All, reparations, student loan forgiveness, free college, guaranteed income and the Green New Deal.

Before we even consider that spending ask yourself this question. If we cancel the tax cuts and even raise taxes do you think congress will apply the money to the deficit or spend it?
We have no doubt they will spend it.
One more issue to consider here. We (the government) spend money on interest for the debt. As the debt rises, so does the interest charge, driving spending even more.
The deficit is real and must be addressed.
Watch for the issue discussion.

Weekend catch up….

This weekend immigration and the NYT story of “deplorable” conditions dominated the MSM. We have made our position on this clear and ask again:
– How is forty years of failed border security this administration’s issue?
– How does congress’ failure to secure the border or pass laws that return illegal crosses, this administration’s issue?
– How come the deplorable conditions for children they talk about is so improved since congress finally gave some money?
– Why is the MSM not pointing there instead of the administration?

The administration is guilty of something in this mess. They raised the issue and actually are trying to address it. After decades of no action they tried something. The left and MSM may not like the administration’s plan to fix the issue, but what is their plan except open borders?

Politics. Biden, Amash and Steyer:
Joe Biden: He apologized now for his comments about working with past Democratic senators who now are seen as segregationists. This after saying he had nothing to apologize for. Joe is weak and ready for someone to tip him over.

Justin Amash, the former Republican congressman who turned independent after calling for Trump’s impeachment said he hasn’t ruled out a presidential run. Amash may run as the Libertarian candidate. He has zero chance there, but even that is better than running in the Republican Primary against the President.

Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmental activist who has spent millions supporting both leftist candidates and impeach Trump movements, has told people he plans to announce that he’s entering the race for the Democratic nomination. Until now he said he would not run, and this would be interesting with the money he spends. Let’s see what he does.

One more thing in politics. Jeffrey Epstein was formally charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy this morning after being arrested over the weekend. The 14-page indictment alleges that Epstein “sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls at his homes in Manhattan, New York and Palm Beach, Florida, among other locations” between 2002 and 2005 and perhaps beyond. The girls were as young as 14.
What makes this more interesting is the names of people associated with him. Think Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Prince Andrew attended numerous parties with Epstein, and at least one alleged underage victim claims that Prince Andrew had sexual encounters with her at Epstein’s behest. 
Think Bill Clinton who flew on Epstein’s private jet (nicknamed “the Lolita Express”) on dozens of occasions.
We have written here numerous times that Epstein’s prior plea deal was a miscarriage of justice. Let’s hope this one goes all the way and we learn the truth.

Obamacare: No news coverage on this but this afternoon the 5th circuit in Texas has a major hearing. They will hear oral arguments this afternoon in “State of Texas, et al v. USA, et al,” the lawsuit seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act.
Remember John Roberts ruled the AFA was legal (5-4) because the mandate to buy insurance was a tax. Well, after the administration dropped the mandate Texas went to court to challenge the law. A judge ruled that since the mandate to buy is gone, the act is illegal. Now comes the appeal and it may well be headed for Roberts’ court again.

Foreign Affairs:
A respected former deputy director of the CIA, John McLaughlin, wrote this weekend that North Korea has no intention of giving up its nuclear arsenal. 
We agree with him. It is that arsenal that keeps Kim in office and makes North Korea matter to anyone. Kim looks at others who gave up their weapons what happened to them. Gaddafi (Libya) and Hussein (Iraq) are two examples.
He can’t give up his weapons and expect a good result for himself. Which is why when Trump claimed victory after the first summit with Kim he was so far off base. The best that can be achieved is freezing activity today and begin opening the country with a planned down turn in the future.

Meanwhile Iran’s deputy foreign minister said they would take additional steps over the limits on uranium enrichment in the accord unless it gets sanctions relief.
The thing to watch here is to see what European and other leaders do. They stayed in the deal Obama and Kerry did, when we walked. So does Iran respect them at all? Do they bind with them and isolate the “Great Satan”?
If they do decide to continue enriching uranium what do the other leaders of the world do? Do they give Iran an out or call them on it?

Back Home:

Let’s see. a customer was disturbed when six police officers were starting their day (as they normally do) and getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks. One customer wanted the police officers to move or leave his area of sight. The Starbucks’ employee had a few choices. Did they ask this person to move his sight line? No. They asked the six officers to move or leave. A sign of the times and another example why the 2020 election will decide what kind of country we have in the future.

Finally, today get ready. Your MSM is about to begin hyping the biggest story of the year. What is it? Bob Mueller is coming to congress July 17th to testify. They are going to run with this and look for any tidbit to bury the President.

July 5th…

The President’s july 4th speech

I watched and listened carefully to the President’s July 4th speech to make sure I caught all the left and MSM pre criticisms about how this would be a campaign rally. How it would be all about him. You heard all the noise.

Well, I listened and I don’t think I heard one “I”. I didn’t hear one he “made America Great Again”. All I heard was a salute and patriotic honor to our past and those who serve and continue to do so today.

So this AM, do the candidates running against him and the MSM eat crow? Well, the candidates didn’t of course, they switched to costs and wasted dollars. (Think about that, Democratic liberal candidates being concerned about the U.S. spending money). What a joke that is.
What about the MSM, did they back off? Of course not. Despite being completely wrong about the tone, they too focused on costs and that there was a tank on display.

Folks, the media is getting exposed everyday and have no clue to how many people recognize their bias. Let me repeat again what I’ve told you many times. They don’t even know how biased they are. They are surrounded by like thinking people and don’t get there is another side. When the writers and video people get together to decide content, their natural bias with no opposition filter, leads them to say and do what they do. They don’t even know how biased they are.
Remember this, as we’ve also written here before. The networks look for any edge. If another network creates a successful show they immediately copy it. They want ratings. Yet, with FoxNews beating them all with growth and popularity, how come none of the other stations have moved slightly to the middle? They simply don’t see another side, because everyone on their staffs and in the meetings think they are right.

News for the weekend

Despite the Supreme Court 5-4 ruling (with John Roberts joining the liberal justices) the White House is continuing to search for a legally acceptable way to include a citizenship question in the census. The court gave them until this afternoon to do so.
Image, a country cannot ask if you are a citizen. Here I apply the same logic that I shared earlier in the week concerning what I would expect if I entered a country illegally. (I expected to be apprehended and arrested).
On this one if I was in the country and it was their census time I would expect to be asked if I was citizen. Wouldn’t you?

For the Democrat debate this month, fourteen candiates have qualifed. There are spots for six more among the eleven candidates if they get to the criteria. So, at least fourteen on stage this time.
By the way, Julian Castro is one of those yet to qualify, which is why he has been making so much noise at the border.

A sign of the times. Senator Schumer is calling for Mark Morgan to be fired from CBP. I guess you say well that’s not a surprise, Schumer would want all Trump appointees fired. Well, but Morgan doesn’t work there yet. He starts next week.

Here’a an interesting story from the AP on the Biden/Harris busing battle. B

— Biden comms director Kate Bedingfield (@KBeds): “It’s disappointing that Senator Harris chose to distort Vice President Biden’s position on busing — particularly now that she is tying herself in knots trying not to answer the very question she posed to him!
 — The Harris campaign’s @IanSams replied: “VP Biden said: ‘Who the hell do we think we are that the only way a black man or woman can learn is if they rub shoulders with my white child?’ He called busing an ‘asinine concept.’ C’mon. Y’all are better than this.’
… AND NOW THE FLIP: AP’s ALEXANDRA JAFFE and THOMAS BEAUMONT in West Des Moines: “Sen. Kamala Harris said Wednesday that busing students should be considered by school districts trying to desegregate their locations — not the federal mandate she appeared to support in pointedly criticizing rival Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden last week. … On Wednesday, though, Harris characterized busing as a choice local school districts have, not the responsibility of the federal government. … 
“Harris’ comments Wednesday were far from the indictment she delivered during the debate last week.” 

Not much coverage in the MSM right?

Enjoy your weekend.

Hypocrisy …

As we get ready to celebrate July 4th and the nation’s birthday let me first wish you a happy holiday. Those who are patriots and love their country will enjoy the day far more than those who want to only rip the nation apart.
Be proud of your patriotism.

I can’t say the same for the NYT who ran this in their Opinion Page:
Please Stop Telling Me America Is Great
“Politicians love to say it’s the greatest, but the numbers (and reality) don’t back them up”.

Can you believe that? You know last I looked there were no walls or borders keeping anyone here. In the piece they talk of Europe and other places, well you only live once, why not try somewhere else? In fact so many promised “If Trump won they were leaving”. Why are they all still here?

Speaking of borders:
I cannot express my outrage enough at the coverage and words of hypocrites in congress over the situation on the southern border. Here’s the lead NYT story today:
Government Watchdog Finds Squalid Conditions in Border Centers
A Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s report detailed overcrowding and children without showers or hot meals, and lawmakers demanded answers.

Demand answers? Where is the coverage that tells the facts? The border people have been to congress begging for funds because of the situation all year. They (and the MSM) called it a fake crisis, a manufactured one, and a Trump made up one. They refused to act, support any funding, provide beds or anything. Now they are appalled by the situation? They caused it. Yet they are on TV, supported by their friends in the media, and deriding the border patrol and administration. It’s sickening.
And, AOC is the perfect example. She still refused to provide a penny to help. Then goes down there and cries by a fence, with nothing on the other side, and goes into a facility and makes up a story. Does the media go after her? No they treat it as the truth.
Well I am telling you that she, her fellow left members, congressional inaction and the media are the issue. You know that, I do and so many others. But there are many who get their only news from the main stream media and believe otherwise.

On this July 4th I am angry at them.

Instead of congress solving that real issue, what are they up to?
This from the WSJ today:

The House Ways and Means Committee sued the Treasury Department
and the IRS for access to Mr. Trump’s tax returns, putting the clash over
the returns and audit records exactly where Committee Chairman RichardNeal (D., Mass.) and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have predicted it would land.
After months of epistolary exchanges and subpoenas, the dispute over
President Trump’s tax returns has finally landed in federal court. This
collision has been building to this moment since Mr. Trump took office
without releasing his returns voluntarily as his predecessors did.
Democrats’ victory in House elections last year assured that lawmakers
would invoke a 1924 law that lets them get anyone’s returns. The
administration, unsurprisingly, hasn’t complied. Now we’re in for
months, at least, of motions and rulings and appeals, potentially all the
way up to the Supreme Court.

And that friends is what this congress sees as a priority.

Don’t forget Mueller is coming:
That’s the other focus of this congress. After two years and the Mueller
report being released, we need him back. Why? Politics. No need to solve
the border issue when we can get MSM coverage.

The President, by the way, has planned a rally in Greenville, NC on the
day Mueller is set to testify. He is calling it:
“The Keep America Great Rally”. It is scheduled to air at 7 that night.

Have a great 4th with your family and friends celebrating our nation.

The Border and Iran …

Well AOC and friends went down to the border yesterday (finally) and really stirred it up.

Let’s start with this. If her charge is correct that the guards are forcing people to drink from toilets, then whoever is doing that should be fired and charged with inhumane treatment. If guards threatened her as she claims they should be disciplined.

Now on the other side, if her story is not true then AOC should be reprimanded by congress and considered for expulsion. Let’s get the truth now.
And by the way, AOC voted against any additional aid last week, so since she has been in congress she has not supported any solution.

As far as the border crisis, to me the history is what the MSM should be talking about and not how bad our people are.
The history is:
The left and MSM failed to realize there was a crisis.
They called it a manufactured crisis by the administration.
They refused to protect the border to stop illegal immigration.
They failed to provide funds to address the number of people coming across.
Congress and the media failed ICE and the holding facilities.

Now there’s something before that too. They failed to protect our border.
Let me ask you a question. If you tried to enter illegally any socialist haven like Cuba, Venezuela , Russia or China, what would you expect if caught?
Would you expect an open border of welcome, let us give you food, drink, free healthcare, free college and retirement? No, you are bright enough to know they would lock you up. You are also bright enough to know that countries have laws and you would expect that. So why do the Democrats and MSM expect different for our country than anywhere else?

The first problem is we refuse to protect the country’s border. Congress failed here.
Then we add laws that if you put one toe in, you can claim asylum. Congress failed here.
Then we are treating people at facilities designed for and budgeted for 10% of what they are getting. Congress failed here.
Finally, as you would expect, trying to enter those other countries above, we have raised the specter that it is fine for people to come here and cross our border. Why? Because congress failed us.
That’s how I see it.

Iran: The Story in today’s WSJ:

Iran said it had “exceeded a nuclear fuel limit” set out in
the 2015 deal it made with the U.S. and others.  
The breach does not give Iran the material to produce a nuclear weapon,
but it does signal that the country may be willing to restore the far larger stockpile it possessed in the years before the Obama-era deal.
The Trump administration had no immediate reaction, but Secretary of
State Mike Pompeo said last month that the U.S. would never allow Iran toget within one year of possessing enough fuel to produce a nuclear

So my question is how come Iran is breaking the deal now after the
European countries stayed in it when the U.S. backed out?
If Iran is so reasonable, why are they betraying all of them like France?

The answer is because Iran is the problem, not the U.S.