After The Sunday Shows …

After the Sunday news shows and coverage I came away with some questions:

Do the Democrats and MSM who are blaming President Trump for everything realize he has only been in politics for two and a half years?
The potential candidates against him have been in Washington for up to forty years.
How are these long term problems he inherited his issue and not yours?

The Sunday News shows made it seem like it was all Trump’s fault on things like North Korea.
Do you realize it was 40 years of doing nothing that he inherited and he is coming closer to a solution than the others who claimed “peace in our time” did?
If Obama was doing things like meeting Kim at the border would they be saying the policy has been a failure? I doubt it, in fact they gave Obama a Nobel Peace Prize for a lot less. For this they would create the Nobel/Nobel Peace Prize.

Now while on past President’s, Jimmy Carter reminded me again this weekend why he was the worst President of my lifetime. Saying the Russians won the election for Trump and he is an illegitimate President was despicable. Actually Watergate won the Presidency for you and look what a disaster that turned out to be.

How come there was no coverage all weekend about Kamala Harris saying that she had misinterpreted the debate question about eliminating private health insurance in favor of a government-run health insurance plan?
That night on stage she raised her hand alongside Bernie. She had already flip flopped once before, so when asked the next day, she said she “misinterpreted”. She thought they were asking “about her giving up private insurance”, not forcing all of the country.
Well Kamala, that’s a lie and I respect your intelligence to much to even consider that. This weekend I saw the play “Barnum” and your comment reminded me of his famous saying. “You can fool some of the people …. all the time”. Maybe you can, but not all of us.
And again I ask if this were Trump would the MSM be playing it up over and over?

Remember when Joe Biden was lauded for calling Republicans racist (“they’re going to out you all back in chains”)? Well Joe, how does it feel now your own party is calling you a racist? I know you’re not, you know it, but it hurts doesn’t it?

Did you see this post debate poll?
“New polling from Morning Consult, conducted starting at the end of the debate Thursday night and running through all of Friday, now has Kamala Harris in a dead heat for third place with Elizabeth Warren. Both senators are at 12 percent, behind only Joe Biden (33 percent) and Bernie Sanders (19 percent). It’s only a roughly day-long chunk of Morning Consult’s weekly tracking of the Democratic primary, and the next full update won’t be available until Tuesday morning. 
“But, compared to the results from the week ending June 23, the post-debate data show Biden losing 5 points, while Harris had gained 6 points. Sanders and Warren were mostly steady, but there is a red flag for Bernie: He was the only major candidate to see a significant drop in his favorability.”

President Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, met on the
sidelines of the Group of 20 summit, and agreed to a cease fire on their
tariff increases. This is good news for the market and I wonder if the
media will ever realize he is using tariffs to negotiate.

The President needs some deals with the new N.A. agreement, China
and/or N. Korea as he heads toward 2020. The question is do the other
countries use that leverage to get a better deal and what does the
administration do?
G-20 leaders unite against social media. A statement signed by all members at the summit demands operators of online content-sharing platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, step up efforts to ensure violent terrorism-related imagery can’t be streamed or uploaded.

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