Take Two …

Debate two was like watching the varsity with day one being the JV. The voices were louder, clearer and far more confrontational. There were clear winners and losers.

As long thought and written here, Kamala Harris is the one we expect to emerge as the nominee. She decisively took Joe Biden apart and won the night. With the California primary moved up, she is in great position.

Mayor Pete had a good night and gets to move on. That’s it for winners last night.

Joe Biden was exactly what we thought he was. Hesitating, stumbling at times and unable to answer charges against him. He may not know it yet, but he is not getting the nomination. Imagine Rep. Swalwell saying to Donald Trump that it is time to pass the torch, that he is too old. Joe’s response, “I still have that torch”. Trump would have said something like “There are people to pass the torch to, but they aren’t on the end of this stage, I can tell you that”.
Biden also got beat up on school busing in a moment that will live on. Well here’s a question. Does America favor forced school busing even today? Let’s see, you work hard, often at two jobs, to save and be able to buy a home and raise a family. Then the government comes along and says you have a decent school here, but somewhere else we don’t like that school. We are going to bus your kids there. What? Do the Democrats on that stage think we want forced busing? We want raising the standards so all schools follow rules, have discipline and teach.

Bernie had a bad night. He has won because he moved the party all the way to his socialist thought process. They may not win the election with his thoughts, but he took them there.

With the others, Kirsten Gillbrand just turns me off. The woman who changes positions, depending on the office she is running for, is obnoxious. No chance.
Senator Bennet, Gov. Hickenlooper, Andrew Yang, Rep. Swalwell and Author Marianne Williamson (oh vey) thanks for stopping by.

One last thought on debate one. Eleven to go. The fear the party should have is that to win the primary you go so far left you can’t win in November. Open borders, government run health care, free health care for illegals paid for by working Americans, school busing, free college, and higher taxes may not be a winning message.
The question being formed for 2020 is this:
Is America a place where you work hard, pull yourself and family up by your bootstraps and achieve your dream; or is it a place where the government does for you?
I grew up in the former and want my kids and grandkids to do the same. Each person must decide what America they want.


Justice Roberts:
When Justice Kennedy retired we predicted here that Justice Roberts, in his desire to maintain the integrity of the court, would be the new five in any five to four vote.
Well he came through again yesterday when he said the government in doing its census cannot ask if you are a citizen. Not because it was wrong he said, but because of why they may be doing it.
He looked for a loop around the issue as he did when he was the fifth vote okaying Obamacare. He alone found it was a tax, and the government could tax he said.
Again we ask, ever see the Clinton or Obama justices being the five in a five to four vote?
The NYT finally caught up to this today. Here’s their headline and story:
After 14 Years, Chief Justice Roberts Takes Charge
A pair of stunning decisions on Thursday showed that the chief justice has replaced Justice Anthony M. Kennedy as the court’s swing vote.

They should have been reading this blog for the last two years.

US Women Soccer:
Megan Rapinoe, did you have to ruin it for so many of us by bringing politics and your personal hate into the games? We know you don’t like the President and you don’t want to go to the White House. That’s your business. How about winning the cup first and then you and whomever else doesn’t want to go not go? Let the others who want to go have the opportunity. In the quarterfinals you have to be using the language you did and causing this disruption?
What a great example for the kids you are trying to influence.

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