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Okay, round one of twelve (Democratic debates) is in the books. Here’s one person’s take on what I saw and heard. 

The Democratic party has truly moved left. Positions every candidate took would have been unthought and unheard of just a few years ago. You never know, as seventeen months to the election is a long time, but I didn’t see winning positions last night. 

Open borders, federal tax rates of 70% (add state, city, social security and medicare on top of that), do away with private health insurance, free college and an economy not doing well, were examples of the positions. 
I just don’t see America in agreement with this. In fact their own party wasn’t here eight years ago. They began the drift to the extreme in 2016 and last night, at least, they were all there.

By the way, since so many voted for Obamacare (without knowing what was in it) are they now saying they were wrong? Obamacare is still the law of the land, what happened? 
Also, aren’t manufacturer jobs up on average of 16,000 a month? Listening last night you would think they were still disappearing at a greater rate. In fact I suspect the Republicans will play the tape of Obama saying you need a “magic wand” to bring jobs back.

Now the candidates. 
Beto continued his dive down. The man the MSM made a hero against Senator Cruz looks like an empty suit. He is done. 
Delaney and Gabbard made the most progress. You know why? They were as close to the center as Democrats are allowed to get in a primary. 
DeBlasio went all out as far left as you could and probably won some converts in this primary. By the way, while he was talking about the police in NY, they were tweeting their distaste for him. 
Booker appealed to his base and moves on. 
Castro will survive to another day. 
Inslee had his moment in the race. Ryan is not ready. Both are done. 
Warren didn’t gain or lose. She didn’t stand out, but her standing going on allows her to move on. 
Amy Klobuchar disappointed. We expected more from her. 


I keep hearing on the MSM how mean this administration is for the “migrant camps”. Really? Let’s see, people coming across our border illegally in record numbers. Congressional members called it a “manufactured crisis” and refused to provide finances or assistance. Now it’s Trump’s fault?
Imagine a fair media and how public perception might be.

On the same theme, what are the Wayfair employees in Boston doing? They walked out over sales to border camps. They are protesting the retailer’s sale of $200,000 worth of bedroom furniture to a southern border facility for migrant children seeking asylum in the U.S.
What? They are protesting their company’s sales? They are protesting bedding sales for illegal migrants being held pending investigation?
They want open borders. Can you believe that? Now if people boycott Wayfair and they lose their jobs then what?

Finally, today did you see that two more Police Officers were fired over their failure to act during the Parkland School attack? Remember the arrogance of that Police Chief blaming the President in the immediate aftermath? Since then we learned his department failed to take action despite warning signs, and when it occurred they cowered under.
Any MSM coverage that maybe there was more to the story?

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