Iran Escalates …

Yesterday we wrote that the Iran fight wasn’t ours and that others needed to step up. Over night the Iranians made it our issue.

Now we can argue sending our ships to the area then flying drones to try and prove to France, Germany and Japan, that Iran was a threat put us into a position to be attacked.

Well Iran was foolish enough to attack one of our assets. Why they think that is smart is beyond me.
It puts the President in a position that he has to act. Trump has walked and acted with bravado since taking office. He has been tough in words and now must do something or risk losing that image. A failure to act would send a message to North Korea that they can do what they want. It will tell others that America is a paper tiger. In fact we think the President must take a definitive and strong action. He must send a message to prevent any future threats.
So buckle up and watch what happens, and what happens because of our action. After 40 years of supporting terrorism Iran is about to be called for its actions. What do they do when pushed back?

Biden gets hit

We continue to believe there is no way Joe Biden survives the primary season and wins the nomination. He got himself in a heap with the left wing of his party again last night.
Marc Caputo captured our thoughts with this in Politico today:
“But rather than bolster his image as an effective pragmatist, Biden’s parables of working with long-dead Dixiecrats have started to reinforce two of his biggest liabilities: his age and his record on race. A 76-year-old centrist who spent 36 years in the Senate before serving as vice president, Biden was already out of step with the Democratic Party’s left wing, which wants a fresh face, a woman, a candidate of color or at least an unapologetic progressive torch-bearer.”

And there’s more. This story today too:
IT’S NEVER A HEALTHY SIGN when a campaign is airing its dirty laundry in the press. And there are reams of old Biden remarks that don’t jibe well with contemporary liberal views on race in America. Consider his favorable comparison of the late Sen. John Stennis to Confederate general Stonewall Jackson, unearthed by CNN last month. Or his eulogy for Strom Thurmond, when he hailed the segregationist senator for holding what was once the longest filibuster in Senate history … without noting it was to block the Civil Rights Act. 

Joe’s reaction this AM when asked if he wanted to apologize was “What for”?

And, this AM I saw a story on a MSM channel beginning to question Joe and his son’s deals with the Ukraine and China. The story was not kind, and they went after Joe who didn’t answer any questions.

The president

We know his base is loyal, the question has always been is that base big enough to get him over the top.
Well after his announcement on Tuesday in Orlando that he was running he raised almost $25 million dollars in donations. You saw how loyal his supporters were and they reinforced it with their wallets.
Is it enough of the population?

One place they are looking to grow is with the Latino vote. From the WSJ:
President Trump beat expectations with Hispanic voters in 2016 and now his re-election campaign is launching a national effort to win over more, beginning in Florida. The “Latinos for Trump” rollout will take place in Miami on Tuesday—a day before the city hosts the first Democratic presidential primary debate.

Finally this Friday, remember we told you how he had reached highs for approval in the Rasmussen daily poll? Then the ABC interview fiasco destroyed all that, and he was back in the disapproval area.
Well after his speech on Tuesday he was back up a little. This Friday he is at 50-48 plus on approval/disapproval.

What he does with Iran will be a key to this in the weeks ahead.

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