Why Us?

I was wondering, why is it us (the U.S.) that is doing this face off with Iran? We used to be involved in everything middle east because of the oil supply. Well we are now self efficient and independent, we don’t need middle eastern oil.
Why, if European countries like France and Germany are “not sure” it was Iran who hit those tankers, should we have to prove it?
Why, if one of the tankers hit was a Japanese rig and their leader was in Iran at the time and he isn’t speaking up, should we?
If we backed out of the Iranian deal that Obama and Kerry orchestrated , but everyone else stayed in because they trusted Iran and now Iran is going to break it by moving closer to nuclear capability, why is it our issue?

I don’t understand why we are sending 1,000 more troops. Why is it our battle? It seems like everyone else has more at stake than we do, so why aren’t they doing more? Why are they making us look like the bad guy?

Why aren’t we just saying to the others, you know where we stand, we think Iran leads the world in terrorist support and activity. This is your fight to lead. If they attack us or our interests we will take immediate and sure action. In the interim you lead and deal with them as you see fit.

We have learned through blood and costs that regime change in the middle east is not easy, maybe not possible. There are too many factions and overthrowing despots just leads to civil unrest and never ending chaos. Afghanistan and Iraq were lessons learned.

The President to Announce

The President is set to announce his reelection bid tonight in Orlando, Florida. That state of course, as always is a key. Here’s a story from the Orlando Sentinel this AM that says it all:
“Trump supporters line up 42 hours early for Orlando campaign rally at Amway Center, with tents, sleeping bags and coolers of water in tow. Donald Trump supporters began lining up early Monday for Tuesday’s campaign rally in Orlando, nearly two full days before the event.
Then they wrote:
“The line had grown to about 50 as of 3 p.m. By 9:30 p.m., the line “ballooned to about 250, with people snaked around to Central Boulevard”.
A good story right? Something that should get positive coverage. So what does the President say and do?
“Around the same time”, Trump tweeted, “there were thousands of people already lined up.”
Why? It has to be bigger and better for Trump.

Tariff Watch – From the WSJ

The New tariffs on goods from China are getting closer. The U.S. Trade Representative’s office is holding hearings this week on the 25% levies for $300 billion worth of products.
For the first time, many consumer goods, like cell phones, could get hit.

Economists (surveyed by the WSJ) think that will outweigh any potential long-term economic gains. Tariffs “don’t benefit anyone—the U.S. economy, revenue into government—and they certainly don’t benefit the Chinese,” said Ameriprise Financial chief economist Russell Price.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross doesn’t expect leaders from the U.S. and China to strike a trade deal later this month. President Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping may meet at the Group of 20 summit in Japan, but “I think the most that will come out of the G-20 might be an agreement to actively resume talks,” Mr. Ross said.

Also on tariffs did you see or hear that we are restoring the aid we cut off to the Central American countries because of their failure to control immigration?
Makes you wonder if this was part of the “Mexico Deal”. If it was then the question arises. Was the cutback a success? Did it lead those countries to take action; or was the cut a failure?
The argument from the administration was “if you don’t take action there is no aid”. The argument on the other side was, “we need to build up their countries so people stay”.
Let’s see what unfolds over the next day or two.

Finally on tariffs, it appears this AM that there may be an agreement for Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping meet at the G20.
If so watch the market react today.

Last Word

The Broadway Show Bill and Hillary is closing early. There was lack of demand for tickets. Can you imagine that?

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