John Dean – Really?

What a fiasco

John Dean really? Except for going to jail for Watergate what has he done? Why was he called? Did he have facts and information on this case?
No. In fact the first thing he said was he was not a “fact witness”.
So, if you are not a fact witness what are you?
A TV show is what, and guess what, the helicopter crash occurred at exactly when he was to be covered.
Coverage – zero.

Now John Dean to be sure, yesterday called the current investigation akin to Watergate. Really?
Where was the break in? Cover up? Money payments?
Oh wait, it may be worse said John Dean.

Well John, the only convicted person testifying was you. The only disbarred person testifying was you. The only one testifying who said when Reagan was President that Iran Contra was worse than Watergate was you. The only one who said the War in Iraq coverup was worse than Watergate was you. The only one testifying who had sent close to one thousand tweets about President Trump, with all of them negative was you.
What about Democratic Presidents like Clinton, anything there? Not that you saw.
I think you may be a little prejudice and biased and your role on CNN as an anti Trump is clear.
Why that makes you witness one for Jerry Nadler just illustrates what a joke this is.

Speaking of Nadler after weeks news coverage about subpoena and impeachment threats did you see that he is backing off “for now” as the AG is providing documents?
The WSJ today:
House, DOJ reach deal on Mueller probe evidence. The House Judiciary Committee has reached an agreement to gain access to evidence special counsel Robert Mueller collected on whether the president acted improperly, backing off a plan to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for blocking the release.

It was all noise as usual.

Some News Headlines

Can you believe this in the WSJ today about Kim Jong Un’s brother?:
Kim’s slain half brother was a CIA informant. Kim Jong Nam, the slain half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was an informant for the CIA who met on several occasions with agency operatives. Mr. Kim was killed at an airport in Malaysia in February 2017, when two women smeared his face with nerve agent VX.

Did you see that Iran is releasing a U.S. citizen?
With tensions heightened and all the threats they are making does it surprise you too that they would release someone now? Makes you wonder what is going on behind the scenes doesn’t it?

What Joe? So Joe Biden skipped the Iowa forum where all the other Democratic candidates spoke. As the front runner he made a strategic decision and of course was attacked by the others. He provided a reason, his granddaughters graduation. Good enough, but then he added this:
“‘One of my competitors criticized me for not going to Iowa to talk for 5 minutes. … My granddaughter was graduating. It was my daughter’s birthday. I would skip inauguration for that.'”
You would skip the inauguration for that? Ah Joe, the country might come first if you are running for the office and win.

Buckle up for a new book release:
General James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense, on his brand new book, Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead (Publish Date: July 16, 2019). 
What is he going to say?

The NYT Today

Congratulations on Fixing the Border, Mr. President!
Should we pretend that Donald Trump made a real deal with Mexico?

Pelosi and Schumer Are Playing Too Nice
Maybe they are right to be cautious, but keeping the base at a distance
could make it easier for Trump to win again.

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