Holding Up Trump …

As I watched the news reporting over the weekend, the Sunday shows and coverage of the Mexico tariff situation it dawned on me. Without FoxNews the President’s ratings would be in the lowest range possible. There was not one positive presentation of his actions or week.

Did any show or station praise his speech and results in Europe this week?
Not that I saw. In fact they ripped him for giving an interview at the cemetery and attacking Nancy Pelosi.
They knocked him for fighting back against the London Mayor and once again brought up the charge he called Megan Markle “nasty”.
There was not one positive about a successful trip to Europe and best speech of his presidency.

Then we had the whole Mexico deal being ripped as a ploy.
Nothing about how he may have negotiated some help from Mexico. Nothing about their whole week of false alarming reports that he was going to drive up prices and destroy relationships.
If he used the threat to even slightly improve the situation, he won.
Any word on that? Of course not.
Any knock on congress for not acting? Of course not. It was all Trump.

On Mexico let’s watch what happens over the next 60 days to get a feel on what he did. One thing for sure. Mexico was concerned enough about the potential tariffs to rush to Washington and negotiate in days. If we improve at all, will the MSM give the administration any credit?
To answer that question here’s another. Did they (the MSM) apologize for two years of telling us that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians? After all, they told us that daily for the entire period and that Robert Mueller would have the proof. When Mueller said he didn’t, and in fact cleared him of collusion, did they apologize?
No they converted to obstruction of the crime that wasn’t.

So I came to the conclusion that the only place he gets a fair deal is Fox, and his supporters can go there to at least hear the other side. If Fox did not exist the constant MSM drum beat would have driven his numbers so far down his reelection would not be possible.


In what can only be the absurd, today the Nadler team is calling John Dean, the disgraced former Watergate figure and anti Trump CNN commentater to testify. Now ask yourself one question. What does John Dean know about the whole probe? He knows about being disbarred and facing jail time. He knows that Trump should not be President, as he knew that Kavanaugh should not be on the court. He knows CNN pays his salary. But what value is he here?
The value is a name from a White House scandal can get television time and attack the President.

Folks it’s up to you and me in 2020 to decide what America is going forward.

Look at this story in the WSJ. WOW.

The standoff over special counsel Robert Mueller’s report echoes a 1982 fight involving the late Anne Gorsuch Burford, the then administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Then, like now, a Democratic House of Representatives wanted access to documents that a Republican president said were privileged law-enforcement materials. As a result of the Reagan administration’s refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena, Ms. Burford was cited for contempt, sparking a legal battle that culminated in her resignation.

The thorny legal questions about relations between Congress and the executive branch that were in play then and today could end up being decided by a Supreme Court that now features her son, Neil Gorsuch.

Now Look at the NYT headlines and stories this weekend and today:

These need no explanation from me and the you decide if the paper that says its fair is practicing that:


Trump Mixes Economic and National Security, Plunging the U.S. Into Multiple Fights


The Trump administration has argued that economic security is national security. But as a consequence, it now finds itself in an economic war on nearly every front.

Op Ed:

The Worst President Hails the Greatest Generation
Trump mouthed the right words in Normandy. He didn’t mean them.

Why Should Immigrants ‘Respect Our Borders’? The West Never Respected Theirs
Immigration quotas should be based on how much the host country has ruined other countries.



4 Disturbing Details You May Have Missed in the Mueller Report
Some troubling-to-outright-damning episodes have been lost in the noise around its release.

Mexico Agreed to Take Border Actions Months Before Trump Announced Tariff Deal
President Trump announced an agreement just before punishing tariffs went into effect, but it was unclear whether he saw it as truly new concessions or a face-saving way to defuse his tariff threat.

A Drama of Trump’s Own Making Ends With a Familiar Hero
The threat to impose tariffs on Mexico was a case study in President
Trump’s approach to some of the most daunting issues confronting him
and the nation.


Trump Hijacks the 4th of July


The president decided that the one thing missing from the capital’s celebration was himself

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