Wrapping Up The Week …

An eventful and busy week comes to end with much still on the table. It’s the era of Trump. Let’s close out with a quick look at some.

Nancy Pelosi, as we reported yesterday, said she wants the “President in jail”. That statement alone is unacceptable but I have a question.
How come two weeks ago when the President commented overseas on Kim Jong un calling Joe Biden a light weight it was major news. They said the President had no right speaking about domestic politics while overseas. Well, wasn’t the President overseas this week? How come the MSM is not knocking Nancy for speaking about him, going to prison nonetheless, while he was?

Did you see Joe Biden this week reverse himself on the Hyde Amendment? He went from it was against his religion to support public funds for abortion, to he would likely reverse. My first thought was, wouldn’t it be great to have a president that actually said what he believed and acted against it?
Then I remembered, we have that now. So we can criticize the President but he does say and do what he says and means.

Which bring us to the Mexican tariffs. Depending on what you believe, we are either on the verge of instituting the tariff, or a breakthrough with Mexico to take action.
One report said that the Mexican delegation proposed putting troops on Mexico’s southern border. The reason for that is people are supposed to seek asylum in the first country they enter. With Mexico they are allowing people to march through it and get to the U.S. Since most recent asylum seekers are coming from El Salvador and Honduras, this would be very effective if implemented and executed.

How is this going to go over in the country? The congressional leaders are preparing to raise their salaries (currently $174,000) by $4.800. You can be the first to raise your hand if you think this congress deserves a raise.

Britain’s Prime Minister Teresa May steps down today. She could never get the country through the Brexit change. She was the second woman to serve as PM and history will be her judge. The first woman PM, Margaret Thatcher was a partner with Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, to change the world.

Some Political Updates

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced he won’t be running against Donald Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020, nor will he be running for the Senate. He was rumored to be the candidate for a primary.

Senator Michael Bennet  is the 20th Democratic candidate to meet the threshold for inclusion in the first round of debates later this month. The DNC has announced that 20 will be the limit for the debate.
So what happens if another candidate qualifies? They will go to their tie-breaking procedure which will be interesting for anyone disqualified.

A disappointing jobs report this AM. Only 75,000 jobs added. The expectation was for 175,000. This makes watching the fed closer more important. That rate cut by September is now more likely

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