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June 6 will always be associated with the year 1944 and what they did. They being the young soldiers who were prepared to risk and sacrifice all to take back a continent and protect freedom into the future.
As we said yesterday, all you need to do is walk those hallow grounds, read the burial markers and realize the lives un-lived. The President was as close to Reagan-like today in his remarks as he could be, and seeing the “boys” still with us behind him was most moving. We must teach the next generations that lesson, the price someone paid for them and the cost of freedom. People need to know that what we have and enjoy is not free, it was paid for by some young kids willing to storm a beach knowing it could likely be their last moment on this earth. All you have, they need to be told, is not because you earned it, but because someone else did for you.
From here, this 75th anniversary, we will move to other celebrations and remembrances. The Battle of The Bulge, and Okinawa are two of the others that such a price was paid. I read a book this week and what sticks with me is the bravery and belief in cause of the young soldiers, fully knowing the price that lie ahead. One that stuck with me was in Okinawa as the first wave came upon land and took a few steps up a hill. A young solider turned to his friend looking up and said, “Let’s go, I’ve already lived longer than I thought I would”. That was the task our fathers and grandfathers faced. They did it so we could live in freedom. If we ever forget we will have failed those upon whose shoulders we stand.

Other news

As we honor and remember this was also in the news today:

As her caucus pressed her on impeachment, here was Nancy Pelosi’s reaction. “Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats that she’d like to see President Donald Trump in prison”, as she clashed with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler in a meeting on Tuesday night over whether to launch impeachment proceedings.

That needs no comment.

The President in Ireland said, “‘Mexico was in yesterday. They’re coming back this morning … I think a lot of progress was made yesterday, but we need to make a lot of progress”.
So there is still hope for no tariffs and Mexico help on border control. Let’s see.
On the tariffs the President was clear on his view. He said, “We’ve told Mexico the tariffs go on, and I mean it too. And I’m very happy with it. And a lot of people, senators included, they have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to tariffs. They have absolutely no idea. When you have the money, when you have the product, when you have the thing that everybody wants, you’re in a position to do very well with tariffs and that’s where we are.”

A story that did not receive much coverage on Venezuela:
Russia has removed “most of their people” from Venezuela, where President Nicolás Maduro continues to cling to power despite an ongoing humanitarian crisis, according to President Trump.
Russia, which has energy investments in Venezuela, Cuba and China, has come out in support of Maduro, while the United States, Britain, France, Spain and 50 other countries back Juan Guaidó, the opposition-party head who declared himself the rightful leader in January.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blamed Russia for propping up Maduro.
The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that Russia was pulling defense advisers amid questions about whether Maduro could survive in the face of mounting pressure from Washington.

Another place that the President has taken a tough stand is Cuba. This too received little coverage this week:
Americans will be barred from taking cruise ships to Cuba, as the Trump
administration ratchets up pressure on Havana to abandon its support of Venezuela’s Maduro government.

Meanwhile some stories in the “fair and balanced” NYT this AM:

Trump’s Split-Screen Persona on Blaring Display in Britain Visit
Over his three-day trip, the president embraced regal respectability on one side, and settling scores on the other.
EDITORIAL OBSERVER. A Chance for ‘Dreamers’ By CRISTIAN FARIAS. Congress should do its job and pass a bill to protect immigrants brought to the United States as children.
OPINION The Articles of Impeachment Against Donald J. Trump: A Draft By IAN PRASAD PHILBRICK We edited the articles against Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, and came up with articles against President Trump.
I Want to Live in Elizabeth Warren’s America. By FARHAD MANJOO. The Massachusetts senator is proposing something radical: a country in which adults discuss serious ideas seriously.
Let’s Ditch Mitch By GAIL COLLINS The Senate majority leader comes out of his shell.

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