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It seems to be the President is more at ease in this trip to England than he was in previous visits abroad. Maybe it’s just time in office, as we should all remember he had no political experience prior to the presidency. He just seems more at ease in the role.

That hasn’t prevented the MSM from looking to attack on any issue.
The Megan Markle controversy they manufactured yesterday didn’t have legs. Let’s see, she attacked him in 2016 and when after he praised her they played the tape. He said he didn’t know she was nasty (meaning to him he says) and they run over and over he called her “nasty”.
Then the fight with the London Mayor who attacked him and the President hits back and he is the villain to our media. Well how about the Mayor of a foreign city having some class and not attacking the U.S. President visiting? Would our media support a Republican Mayor in the U.S. attacking a visit from the Mexican President?
Today we’ll hear and see all the news about the protesters in the streets. Anything to make Trump look bad.

I still cringe at some things he says. Like this AM at the meeting with PM May when he said we can make a trade deal and she should “stick around”. The poor woman cried last week announcing she would resign on Friday. Instead of “sticking around” shouldn’t he just have praised her and said she will have had a part in the final agreement?

Here’s my thoughts on the media and their liberal bent. Think about this:
When Reagan was President they called him a dunce, and stated he needed cue cards to speak the words his handlers wrote.
History has proven them wrong.
George Bush Sr. was next. They called him a “wimp”. The youngest fighter pilot of WW2, shot out of the air, his plane mates killed. To the media this Republican was a “wimp”.
Bill Clinton was next. He was portrayed as brilliant, a great communicator. Republicans wanting to impeach him were the bad guys.
Then comes George Bush Jr. He was dumb and stole the election.
Along comes Obama and once again we have a ” brilliant” President and leader.
That brings us to Trump and you see how they portray him.

So what’s the connection between the good and bad? All the dumb and should not be presidents were Republican. The brilliant ones were Democrats. We know the media votes 80-95% for the Democratic candidate in any national election.
Remember that as you watch coverage into 2020.

Impeachment Update

The NYT this morning says that 56 Democrats are now saying they are ready to impeach Trump — that’s still less than a quarter of the caucus, but more than it was last week.

I ask again what are the charges? What are the articles they intend to bring up? I still don’t know.


After the press conference this AM and additional meetings, the President heads tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary of D-Day. From the ship launching site to the beaches on Thursday. He will meet a number of the warriors who were there that day and are returning for this 75th anniversary.
If you have ever visited the grounds, walked to see the guns shooting at them and visited the cemetery steps away, it is an experience you will never forget. The men who made that invasion led the way for freedom to take back a continent. Their bravery cannot be overstated and they paid an incredible price for what they did. We should always remember and as that generation passes from our midst, we should assure our children know their story and never forget.

With D-Day today and the Battle of The Bulge remembrance in December we must never forget.

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