Trump Bashed …..

If you watched the MSM this weekend it was an end to end bashing of the President. On every Sunday news show it was a tough day for the administration (though this is not unusual because even FoxNews Sunday Chris Wallace is not a fan). The administration was pillared end to end.

Yet we find the President’s favorability rating in the polls holds in the 42-45% range. His supporters have seemed to have come to expect the negative reporting and not pay attention to it.

What were the attacks on? Let’s just look at one this Monday AM, Mexico.
They beat on him for the tariff threat. It was going to raise prices for Americans, bust the economy and destroy growth.
Did anyone say this may be a negotiation ploy to get Mexico to act? No.
Did anyone say this is a result of congress failure to address the border crisis? No.
It was all a negative for the President and the administration. Except for one thing. The people of our country think their is a crisis at the border. The MSM doesn’t understand that.
Oh yea, I bet you didn’t hear this either:
Mexico’s president on Saturday suggested he was open to tightening immigration controls following a threat from President Trump to impose tariffs if the US’s southern neighbor doesn’t put an end to illegal immigration to the States.
Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also said that a delegate would explain what his country is doing to deal with illegal immigration in an upcoming meeting with US officials this week in Washington, DC.

Hmm, think something might happen before we get too far into this? We think so too. And yes, Mexico can do more to protect its border. But relaying on Mexico to solve a problem that congress should is a disgrace.

This morning the MSM was on another negative story, the President’s visit to England.
Now the President is getting the red carpet treatment (A State Visit) from the Queen and family. That is not the norm. He will be only the third of twelve President’s the Queen has met to get such treatment. The press won’t tell you that. What they will tell you is:
The Parliament denied the President a speech before it.
The Mayor of London despises the President and is attacking him.
There are protesters in the street.

This President is a friend of Britain. He has promised them a trade deal negotiation and agreement as soon as they exit from Brexit. The previous President told them they would go to the bottom of the list if they exited.

One final thought this AM. This President is different in every way. You attack him ala the Mayor of London and he is right back in your face within minutes.
We complained for decades about jobs leaving for China and Mexico but did nothing. He has now gone eyeball to eyeball with both to take action. The MSM can beat him up, but he is not backing down. If he’s right and they back down, then he wins. If the world calls him on it and refuses to give him anything I can promise he is not giving in.
Stay tuned to see if China and Mexico are willing to endure in hopes the President is defeated in 2020. It would a foolish move on their part, but they may believe driving our economy down is better for them in the long haul.

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