IMPEachment questioN:

After watching, reading and listening all week I am left with question’s that I can use your assistance on. They are:
Exactly what are they going to impeach Trump on?
Do you know what the charges are?
What are the articles of impeachment they plan?

I am truly totally confused on what they want to impeach him on. I know they started with collusion and treason, but he was innocent of that. What exactly are we going to impeach on? Please advise me if you know.

If you said they were going to impeach on boisterous statements, outlandish tweets or noise, I would understand. Those however are not impeachable actions. So I am lost. Help.

Thoughts on other topics:

Hollywood and Georgia.
So the tolerant left is now saying they will refuse to continue filming in Georgia because the people of that state want to place a timeframe on abortion availability. Think about that. You either allow what they (the Hollywood actors) want, or we won’t work here. Thus in essence it’s you either agree with me or I leave, I don’t care what you think as a people.
“As of Thursday, nine media companies – Netflix, Disney, WarnerMedia, Sony, AMC, NBCUniversal, STX Entertainment, CBS with its premium cable company Showtime and Viacom – have now warned that they might pull their productions out of states that pass bills limiting abortion.”
Who’s intolerant?

Mexico, Tariffs and the USCMA:
First the White House on Thursday started the clock on passing the USMCA. What that means is Congress would receive the deal for consideration in 30 days, and has to ratify it by the end of September — 120 days. It’s a pressure tactic to get the bill voted on and hopefully approved.
The bill as you know would replace NAFTA and monitor trade between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Then what happens is the President announces he is placing a tariff of 5% beginning June 10 on all goods from Mexico. He added this would increase in size until all illegal immigration across the border is halted. So on July 1 the tariff goes to 10% until a maximum 25% is hit.

It’s hard for me to see how both those are connected. How do you push a new free trade agreement and announce tariffs on the same day? There must be a plan I am missing.

The President needs this deal approved as part of his reelection campaign. He made a big issue of how unfair NAFTA was.
He also needs to stop illegal immigration since it was the issue he came down the escalator touting to announce his candidacy.

Is the thought that the house will not pass the USMCA (because they don’t want to give him a victory), thus he claims the tariffs are paying for the wall? I really don’t know at this point, but this will be interesting to watch. We do import $346.5 billion annually from Mexico.

We do know the market did not react real well to this news. It is going way down at the opening on the news. Let’s see how it finishes though.

Senator Romney:
An interesting fact to share today. Did you know that Romney has voted this year against Trump more than most other Senate Republicans? His explanation:
“People on the left, you’re not hard enough on the president. People on the right, you’re too hard on the president. The lane that I’ve chosen has almost no one in it”.
Oh, okay, thank you Mr. Perfect. Too bad you weren’t this smart when you ran in 2012.

North Korea:
So now you know what we’re dealing with. Did you see this story?
“North Korea executed its former top nuclear envoy with the U.S. along with four other foreign ministry officials in March after a failed summit between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump in Vietnam, South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported.
“Kim Hyok Chol, who led working-level negotiations for the February summit in Hanoiwas executed by firing squad after being charged with espionage for allegedly being co-opted by the U.S., the newspaper said, citing an unidentified source. The move was part of an internal purge Kim undertook after the summit broke down without any deal, it said.”
Only one person can speak for and make a deal in North Korea and barring an overthrow by the military, which they would have to attempt with their lives and families at stake, it is Kim.

Can you believe they need another election in September? Benjamin Netanyahu refused to give in on any deals and was one vote short. One vote in Parliament. Now he has to face a whole new election just months after the last one.
The people in Isreal will get to choose now — as you will get to choose in 2020 Americas future.

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