Mueller Speaks ….

So why is it every time that Mueller or Comey (both ex FBI Directors) speak we are all more confused?
First Comey spoke on the Clinton campaign and after laying out what seemed a sure case he concluded there was not enough to charge her.
Then Mueller goes to work for two years on collusion and Russian interference. He issues his report, that there was no collusion but the rest was so ambiguous it raised more questions than it answered. How can it be after two years, all the millions of dollars and wait you cannot be definitive?
He leaves us on an obstruction question. He says ala Comey, he cannot prove the President innocent; nor can he indict and say he should be charged!
Well just when we need an answer, Mueller has none in his report. So today he speaks and when he finished we were further in the clouds. For twenty five million dollars and two years of suspense, Bob as an ex FBI Director, can you give us an answer!

Then he concluded by saying this is the last time he intends to speak on this. “The report” he said, is his final word. Well, well.

The “final word” says no collusion and he can’t prove or disprove obstruction. So where does that leave us? With two more years of infighting is where. The Democrats will say there are crimes in the obstruction part. The President will say he is totally exonerated.
So what does that mean?
It means that first Comey, then the report and finally Mueller in his words today, all punted the decision to you the voter. They left it up to you to decide in 2020.

From my side there were two plus years of collusion and even charges that Trump was an agent of the Russians. All untrue, by every report.
So we moved to obstruction. Can you obstruct an investigation of a crime that was not committed? I guess legally you can, but is that appropriate here?
We had a President trying to end an investigation that he knew was untrue and stalling his presidency. Should he be impeached for that? I think not.
That said, the left says the president misleads, tells falsehoods and lies. I can’t argue with that. He is truly his own worst enemy — and he has many of them.

Buckle up. More infighting ahead. You will end up in your hands in November 2020.

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