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We start a new week after a weekend of remembrance of those who went to defend our nation and paid with their lives. I was heartened by the ceremonies and remembrances. We must never forget and assure we pass to the next generation the price of freedom. Lives never lived because of a willingness of so many to risk theirs, to assure others would have the freedom we do.
It is our obligation to teach the next generation and yesterday was heartening.

Today we are back to the division

Watching the MSM report news last night and this AM and the bias was so clear. Here’s what they were saying “President Trump is siding with Kim Jong un over his own advisors …” Why are they saying this?
Because the advisors, led by John Bolton, are hitting Kim hard and making threats. They want Kim to get a message. The President meanwhile is saying he believes Kim will keep his word to him.
Now do you think he is siding with North Korea’s leader against our country, or do you think he is utilizing a negotiation position?
We chose the latter. He wants to give Kim an out and try an approach to get things back on track. But the MSM doesn’t present that possibility, they are sure he is choosing Kim over his staff.
Now ask yourself this. If the President were to react with “Little Rocket Man” and threaten him back, what would they say? They would be burying him for inflaming and bringing the world closer to war.

Same as they did with Iran. Last week they were all over the President for the uptick in tensions in the area. Trump wants war with Iran they said. How many times did you hear them blame the President?
Well here is the President saying he doesn’t want regime change in Iran, just wants them to not build nuclear weapons. The President is actually the one diffusing tensions today. Is the MSM reporting they were over board last week? Of course not.

Now they were right on the President talking about Joe Biden too much and agreeing with Kim on his comments. When asked about Kim’s derogatory comments about Biden all he had to say was “that’s Kim’s opinion, ask him”. It was foolish to agree with the North Korean leader on US politics.
However, beating up the President for not leaving politics at the borders is hallow when you consider they never criticize the left for all they do. Did they criticize Obama or Kerry for going overseas and saying the things they did? Are borders only for this President?


Did you see that Jerry Nadler, (top Democrat on the House Judiciary
Committee) said that Robert Mueller wants to testify in private?
Wait, what’s wrong with that? Oh you mean you won’t get the dramatic
TV time to ask questions the MSM can run over and over?
Nadler and team are simply looking to keep stirring the pot.

The President continues to be his own worst enemy. When he got into that beef with Nancy Pelosi he was doing fine until he tweeted about himself:
“I’m an extremely stable genius.” Even his supporters had to laugh about that. Plus, he gave her an opening to tweet back:
“When the ‘extremely stable genius’ starts acting more presidential, I’ll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues”.

So the President gave Attorney General William Barr the power to declassify information about the origins of the Russia probe. This is the next escalation in this whole probe.
First we had “collusion” and after two years that was false making the left and MSM look really bad.
Then that same group pivoted immeditely to “obstruction”, despite Mueller saying he could prove it.
Now comes the right saying there were crimes committed by his political opponents. They may be disappointed too.
In the end we might truly have the Russians interfering, a suspicion that Trump’s campaign was involved and an investigation that followed which found nothing.
Imagine if that is it.

By the way, on obstruction we find that so over the line. In the Mueller investigation every witness, paper and request was met. Not once was “executive privilege” used. Mueller had access to and received everything he wanted. In the end he said, “no collusion”. So we come back to the basic questions:
How do you obstruct a crime that never happened?
How do you obstruct a crime investigation when you surrender everything?
We don’t get it. It was like they bleach bit hard drives and destroyed devices.

Here’s an interesting column we read. It is by Rich Lowry and entitled “Worst Coverup Ever”:

President Trump may be guilty of many things, but a coverup in the Mueller probe isn’t one of them.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, attempting to appease forces in the Democratic Party eager for impeachment, is accusing him of one, with all the familiar Watergate connotations.

The charge is strange, not to say incomprehensible, in light of the fact that Congress is in possession of a 448-page report produced by the Trump Department of Justice cataloguing the alleged obstruction that Congress now wants to investigate. The report is so exhaustive that many members of Congress haven’t had the time to read it.

If this is a White House coverup, it’s too late. It’s a coverup of an alleged crime that has already been extensively exposed, not by whistleblowers, not by Jerry Nadler, not by hostile journalists, but a DOJ prosecutor who worked under the supervision of Trump’s handpicked deputy attorney general.

Pelosi has rehearsed the cliché, “As they say, the coverup is frequently worse than the crime.” Or in this case, a substitute for the crime.

Mueller found no Russia collusion or coordination and didn’t even accuse the president of obstruction, instead bizarrely pronouncing him “not exonerated.”

Pelosi hasn’t deemed the alleged obstruction detailed in the Mueller report worthy of impeachment but now insists Trump’s resistance to congressional probes is itself obstruction and “could be impeachable.” This is an alleged process crime on top of an alleged process crime, all stemming from an investigation that Trump had the power to stop but never did (even as he openly hated it and came up with various schemes, never effected, to crimp it).

The Mueller report is chock-full of direct accounts of private conversations with the president, which would ordinarily be considered the most sensitive White House communications most likely to trigger a claim of executive privilege. The White House never tried to block any of the testimony. Mueller often writes in such compelling novelistic detail exactly because everyone talked.

The only exception was the president himself, who only took written questions about the Russian portion of the probe (remember that?). But Mueller stipulates in the report that he didn’t try to subpoena the president, in part, because he had gotten the relevant information from everyone else.

After going through this investigation for two years, run by a prosecutor with considerable resources and powers, and a well-demonstrated willingness to nail anyone not telling the truth, the White House is balking at repeating the experience with Congress.

It has zero political interest in abetting high-profile hearings with former White House officials such as Don McGahn, and legitimate privilege claims to make over the president’s communications with his advisers and over the vast amount of unreviewed underlying material of the Mueller report.

This is a high-intensity version of the typical jousting between the two branches. Some of it will surely be negotiated out, and some of it will be decided by the courts.

Congress obviously has its own legitimate claims here, although the fact-finding authorized by Pelosi is largely a charade to avoid grasping the nettle of impeachment.

The Democrats could slap together a couple of hearings with law professors and former prosecutors and impeach Trump tomorrow if they wanted to.

This is what makes the current situation so crazy. Trump, let alone Attorney General William Barr or McGahn, isn’t the one stopping Congress from pursuing impeachment. They have no control over it whatsoever. Impeachment is entirely a matter for the House, which is entirely under the control of Pelosi.

She, not the president, is “obstructing” an impeachment inquiry in the literal sense of not letting one go forward, despite many of her members wanting one and despite the Trump DOJ handing her a potential road map in the form of the 448-page report.

If this is a coverup, it is the worst executed coverup of all time.

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