To Impeach or Not ….

Impeach …….. Or not

Despite what the MSM might be telling you the person in the middle here is Nancy Pelosi. Here’s her dilemma in a nutshell:

She has the far left of her party demanding impeachment hearings. They are convinced the President is guilty and must be voted out.
On the other side she knows politics and that Mueller cleared the President on collusion and brought no charges on obstruction. She knows too that if she forces every Democrat to vote with the left they can never get two thirds of the senate to convict.
So where would that leave her?

She and the house would be perceived of forcing through a vote because of some radicals in the party, and doing that instead of working for the good of the country.

Now consider that overview with what is going on inside their caucuses.
AOC and others are threatening to support “progressives” to run against members who do not support their beliefs.
Right now only Reps. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) and Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) from her leadership team have called for impeachment. She has held her major lieutenants, Reps. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) and Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.). That’s important. The cracks at her leadership table are at the bottom, not the top.
But, they are all feeling the heat. There is no good way out for them.

So, what they will continue to do is subpoena and investigate. Yes, they hope to find something and strike gold, but as importantly they give the left of the party the impression they are doing something.

  • Yesterday a House committee subpoened two ex-White House officials. They went to former White House communications director Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson, who served as Attorney McGahn’s chief of staff, to testify and turn over documents.
  • Now, most Democrats on the Judiciary Committee hold safe seats, so they can do this. This was an effort by the House leadership to shield more vulnerable members from the bitter partisan politics associated with the panel’s work. But not all.

One example is Rep. Lucy McBath (D., Ga.), a member of the Judiciary Committee. She flipped a congressional seat in the Atlanta suburbs in 2018 that once was represented by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. This district leans Republican, and leading an impeachment effort against a Republican president would carry political risks. McBath knows it and has held back calling for impeachment.
She, though, is the example of what will be at stake in the 2020 election. The American voter must decide this because the politicians can’t do it themselves.

And that friends is what’s at stake. This blog has used the slogan “Your Vote, Your Choice” since its inception. In 2020 you decide what America we live in.

Some news to catch up on:

Joe Biden continues his surprising  lead, though down slightly:
Biden 35% (-3), Sanders 16 (+5), Warren 13 (+1), Harris 8 (-), Buttigieg 5 (-5).
AMONG ‘VERY LIBERAL’ VOTERS — Elizabeth Warren leads:
Warren 30%, Sanders 22, Biden 19, Harris 13, Buttigieg 6, O’Rourke 4.

One interesting number was on Bill DeBlasio.
He has a favorable rating of 8% and an unfavorable one of 45% among all voters. That’s astounding, but we repeat, because he is Democrat in NYC, he won reelection a year ago with 75% of the vote. Think about that.

As For the President:
The president is underwater with all voters by 19 percentage points. And
he’s 14 points underwater on his signature issue — trade — with just
39% of voters viewing his policies positively, vs. 53% negatively.

Doesn’t that negative trade number shock you? The President is fighting
for American jobs and fixing trade imbalances, so how can that be?
The answer, check MSM coverage.

Speaking of New York did you see their lawmakers (All Democrat votes) voted to turn over Trump’s tax returns to Congress? Gov. Andrew Cuomo has vowed to sign the bill. 
We ask again, why does anyone have the right to see anyone’s taxes unless in a legal matter? NY now wants to take their state return and give it to congress. What crime is the President supposed to have committed to allow this?
If people begin to perceive a personal vendetta against the man. they are going to get hurt. In 2020 you decide.

In a related matter a second judge yesterday ruled against the president on subpoenas. U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos said Congress has broad powers to conduct investigations and issue subpoenas for documents related to Mr. Trump’s business and family.
Both recent rulings will go to higher courts as the administration is mired in lawsuits from congress. Anyone getting anything done for the country?

There is a story developing that we think you will hear about involving Iran. It involves people interfering with government policy. You have already heard that John Kerry has had talks with Iran, as his anger over the agreement he negotiated was cancelled. Well today this news broke. Diane Feinstein had dinner with an Iranian diplomat who was part of that negotiation with John Kerry.
When questioned Feinstein’s team said the dinner was “arranged in consultation with the State Department.”
Now the State Department said “they did not” ask Feinstein to go to the dinner with him.
Stay tuned on this as Iran heats up.

Yesterday , Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school, Eastern Virginia Medical School, said it’s independent review of the yearbook photo of him in blackface was inconclusive.
They don’t know how it got there and don’t know if it’s him.

Here’s one thing that everyone (except maybe a few on the far left) find deplorable.
The release of John Walker Lindh, (The American Taliban) captured during the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, is being released today. From what we’ve heard and read he has not changed his views. Meanwhile the agent killed is still deceased as far as we know. This from the agents family:
The family of Johnny Micheal Spann, a CIA officer who was America’s first Afghanistan war casualty when he was killed in November 2001 in a prisoner uprising after he questioned Lindh, called him a traitor.
“John Walker Lindh had the opportunity to tell Mike right there, ‘You’re an American, I’m an American. . . We’ve got weapons in this building, and we’re going to overtake this fort,’ ” Spann’s mother, Gail Spann, said in March.
“He chose not to because he was a Taliban,” she said. “He’s a traitor to our country.”

Everyone who feels sorry for Michael Avenatti line up over there. Do you see anyone?
Isn’t it funny that Federal prosecutors charged lawyer Michael Avenatti with misappropriating funds owed to his former client, Stormy Daniels? Stormy Daniels who Avenatti was going to use to take down the President now takes him down!
This is the first allegation of criminal wrongdoing in the case that made him a household name. With the others he faces two hundred plus years. We’ll miss him, but not as much as CNN and MSNBC.

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