Never Ending …

The battle between the President and Congress will go on for as long as the Democrats control the house; and the battle between the President and the press will go on for as long as he in office.

We all waited for the Mueller report to get things settled and behind us. We got a “no collusion” verdict, but more new investigations than we could have imagined. There’s a saying from the old west that applies here:

“While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”

So Congress wants the records and people that Mueller reviewed and spoke to. Why? The only reason is to try and keep this going and embarrass the President.
Forget about governing, or fixing the border, let’s redo Mueller on national TV.
Hey, the report said “no collusion”, now you want to investigate obstruction of a crime that wasn’t committed. A warning to the Democrats, you are going too far. I know most of you are in districts you cannot lose, but enough of you can, to lose the house again. Be careful!

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) described the probe as “case closed.” He added that the Democrats are “angry that our legal system will not magically undo the 2016 election for them.” 
  • Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) shot back: “What we have here is a concerted effort to …protect the president from accountability, to whitewash his conduct by simply declaring it irrelevant.”
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats would continue their investigations, and accused Mr. Trump of “goading us to impeach him.”

By the way, with Rep. Nadler making all the noise he is for the full report consider this:
First, he is demanding the total un-redacted report. Well that is illegal. He should know the law.
Second, there is a report congress can see that is 95% un-redacted. Three people have gone to read it. (All Republicans).
If this wasn’t all a stunt wouldn’t he and his fellow “cover up” associates have gone to see that report? Why didn’t they? Two reasons why:
1. They are not really interested in learning more, they are interested in noise for TV and fooling people.
2. Second, they know they have MSM support. Where is the MSM to call this out? Why is the media covering Nadler, Blumenthal, Pelosi and others as if they care? Why isn’t the media asking them why they don’t go read the 95% report before asking the AG to break the law?
We know the answer, as do the readers of this blog.

Speaking of the border, did you see the sixth circuit (Yes that sixth circuit) overturned a ruling and by doing so supported the administration?

The court ruled the administration can, for now, continue with its policy of returning Central American migrants to Mexico while their requests for asylum in the U.S. are adjudicated.
Authorities say that working with Mexico to allow families to live and work in Mexico while their claims are adjudicated is among the few ways to stem the influx while fulfilling legal and humanitarian obligations.

You heard that the New York Times obtained Donald Trump’s tax figures for the years 1985 to 1994, which showed losses of over $1 billion from his casinos, hotels and retail spaces. The losses enabled him to avoid paying income taxes for eight of those years. It was big news.
What does it mean?
Nothing, except some one committed a crime and released the taxes to
them. America doesn’t care.

Meanwhile the Treasury said they are not providing congress the
President’s recent tax returns. We ask again, why are they entitled to
them? There’s no crime they are checking. It’s a witch hunt. The NY
Times is trying to help congress, but it won’t work.

Now, did you read this about Bernie Sanders’ taxes also released
The oldest tax return released by Bernie Sanders offers a lesson in the
perils of do-it-yourself tax preparation.  Had his 2009 returns been
prepared correctly, Mr. Sanders should have paid $4,479 more than he
did, according to accountants.

So Bernie underpaid and it’s not news?

Interesting testimony by FBI Director Wray yesterday. After AG Barr
brought up the real possibility of “spying”, Wray was asked about it. He
clearly distanced himself from Barr’s use of it.
It surprised me he was so clear on it.

So let’s see where we are in this early 2020 period:
As Joe Biden seems to widen his primary lead you see the others getting more desperate. The attack is coming Joe.
We don’t see him holding on to any substantial lead.

Kamala Harris yesterday said repeal the Trump tax cuts. “Get rid of the whole thing” was her direct quote. Great plan Kamala. You want to stop the economy and our growth, you do that. You might be surprised to find out it wasn’t a tax cut for the wealthy.

Susan Rice, she of the famous “a video caused the Benghazi attack”, yesterday ripped the President over his foreign policy. The last person we need of foreign policy advice is from her and others in the administration who left behind a mess.

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