Questions for a new week ..

What Happened?

As I watched the news shows over the weekend I wondered what happened to AOC? She was all the news for 24/7 since her election and suddenly she is gone. Why?
Is it because her far left beliefs and touting are out of step with America and was actually hurting the left? Did the MSM suddenly realize they might love her statements and feelings but she was hurting the cause?
I think so.
AOC hasn’t changed her beliefs or statements. She is just now being ignored.

The second person I noticed who was a mainstay on the shows and whose name was never mentioned was Adam Schiff.
Here he was day after day, week after week, assuring the media and public that collusion was a fact. He was a MSM hero. Then a funny thing happened. The Mueller report came out. Adam kept saying it and is still touting it. Only now the MSM sees it more of an issue, and rather than embarrass him, they just don’t cover it.

There are others. Maxine is still yelling “Impeach 45”. But the MSM sees the people do not think it is warranted. So do they call her out as they would a right winger? No, they just stop covering it.

Your MSM at work.

Suddenly Foreign Policy …

We have written from the outset that the President’s foreign policy is going in the right direction. He was reversing the Obama tendency to apologize for America. He was demanding others pay their fair (and agreed to) share of costs. He wanted ISIS destroyed. He recognized Iran was a bad actor in the world. He called North Korea’s bluff. He told China the rules were biased. The one place we couldn’t understand is why he wasn’t tough on Putin. While we still don’t understand the latter, suddenly there are global issues.

In North Korea where he claimed victory after that first summit and we all knew it was premature, there are issues. They (NK) have begun testing missiles again.
Now, to be sure, they are short range and it is the long range that they agreed to stop, it is a sign that N.Korea is growing restless. They want concessions from the U.S. before any disarmament occurs. The U.S. says the opposite.
We still say that N.Korea cannot disarm with nothing. It is those weapons that give them a world standing. They get rid of them and they are open to government overthrow.
The optimism of the past year is now at a cross road barrier and it is going to take some maneuvering to save this.

Then there is Venezuela. The administration was sure that early last week Maduro was ready to be overthrown. They miscalculated and now it appears he is going to be able to hold on. This is dangerous long term as it provides another country (ala Cuba) in the region providing Russia a staging area.

By the way, the hand of Putin is involved in both the N.Korea and Venezuela situations. N.Korea visited Moscow two weeks ago, and boom we get missiles. Maduro was reported ready to leave when Putin said not to.
Yet when the President spoke to Putin for 90 minutes late last week, he said nothing but nice things about him. Makes you wonder if Putin does have something, doesn’t it?

Then add the China news this AM. We thought we were close to an economic deal, but today it appears otherwise and an escalation of the trade war could be in place.
It’s clear China is not ready to give up just yet.

Finally, Wednesday is one year since the U.S. backed out and tore up the Iran agreement. Suddenly today we are sending a carrier to the region as Iran is acting up. Though the treat is unknown, the state department is concerned enough to act.

So the foreign policy issues arise after a stable period. The administration will be challenged the next six months. Let’s see how they do.

Finally …

Poor Micheal Cohen heads to prison today. He tried to buy time by saying he found more documents and could testify about them because they are anti Trump. He was rejected.
Michael heads to prison with friends on neither side of this battle. The President’s supporters cannot stand him for turning as he did. The left cannot stand him for not having the goods on the President. Lucky for him his family still loves him.

The NY Times today has this in it’s opinion section:
“Trump’s Other Impeachable Offense”
Wait, what was the first? I thought Mueller said “no collusion”
What did I miss?

Last week we questioned why President Trump would do an infrastructure deal for up to $2 trillion dollars. It didn’t make sense and where was the money coming from?
Well Chris Christie provided an answer yesterday that made sense. He said by doing this deal, the President would put more middle class workers to work and drive right into any argument that Democrats would have against him. He would be employing people, driving the economy and improving the country. Makes sense. With one exception, does anyone care about the deficits we are creating?

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