The Barr Hearing …

Okay we watched the hearing and our analysis is clear. This was an embarrassment to many of the questioners, a stain on our democracy and a total fiasco.

We are still having trouble understanding all this. Let me lay out some quick thoughts:

The President colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election.
We heard that narrative for 22 months, day and night.
Bob Mueller was a sainted figure who would get the truth.
He said there was “no collusion”. None whatsoever.
So the next day collusion disappeared from the news and obstruction entered.
There was obstruction they said, of a crime that didn’t happen.
That brings us to yesterday.

Yesterday the hearing was going to be about the report.
Instead a letter emerged that Mueller wrote expressing concern about the four page release.
Now think about that. The four page release.
The release that they and the media were demanding information on as the report was delivered to Barr.
They were sure that Barr was going to cover up and maybe not release the report. (He is not obligated to do so).
So Barr provides an overview. No collusion and no obstruction charges.
Mueller sends a note saying he thinks Barr should release the summaries he also wrote. (Not the full report, the summaries).
Barr decides not to because he is going to get the full report out in two weeks.
It is going to be redacted so much say the left and media that it won’t be worth anything.

Then Barr releases the report and 92% is un-redacted.
He makes the complete un-redacted report available to congress behind secure doors. (Three have gone to read it. All Republicans. None of yesterday’s bomb throwers).

Now we have the hearing and they make it a fiasco.
They go back to the letter as if Barr is hiding something.
Think about that and their argument.
He is covering up and hiding things. He is misrepresenting the report.
He released the full report. You can read it. The public can read it.
Mueller’s summaries are released in it. Every word.
The 8% hidden by law is available to congress.

What can they possibly be arguing? You can read the report.

You know why they get away with it? Because the media supports them.
The media is embarrassed that they supported and were sure Trump and team were guilty and can not accept this verdict.
So they give credence to the craziness.

If this were a true media, that was fair, they would be talking about the “no collusion” after all those charges.
But they can’t since they help lead it.

If this were reversed and the charges were against Obama or Clinton they would be chastising the right for not accepting the findings after 22 months and $25 million dollars.
They would be berating the senators for their questioning, tone and attitude.
Think about that.

I am embarrassed for our country and the display yesterday by Senators like Hirono and Blumential.
She should be reprimanded for her conduct and he should be embarrassed to talk about morals and truth. Yet the MSM wants to make them heroes.

Which points back to 2020, and Americans must decide what kind of country we are.

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