2020 Underway …

With Joe Biden in the race the field is almost set, though there are a few more Democrats who will announce. It may seem early to the average voter, but wait until the next election if Trump wins in November 2020. As a lame duck the campaign will begin in January 2021.
That said, how do we see this election shaping up?

Biden enters as the clear leader for the Democratic field. He brings name recognition, a middle class appeal and a tie to the Obama years. He is the strongest threat to Trump’s reelection today.
His problem is he has been around for a long time. His kickoff had many issues, as others did like Warren and Beto. The Anita Hill controversy, the past gaffes, the touchy feely questions. He likely peaked the day before he announced. The other twenty candidates will open up on him in the period up to and including the debates. They will attack him from the left and the party seems to be on the left today. We don’t think Joe makes it all the way around the track because of that.

Bernie will be strong and go as far left as any candidate of our lifetime. He has a strong base, but is that large enough to get the nomination? We think he goes all the way to the convention but falls short.

Our early prognosis is Kamela Harris is the one to watch. She has moved left. She is a woman. A minority and from California. That state moved its primary up early to have an impact and it will. Keep a watch on this.

As for the President, he has quite a record to run on. Jobs, working numbers, manufacturing returning, strong foreign policy decisions and positions. He will be attacked on health care, demeanor and frayed relationships with some. He should be the favorite as long as he stays under control and sticks to the promises made and delivered upon.

At the bottom of this blog is a listing of Biden’s vulnerabilities as per a
conservative web site.
Oil volatility puts 2019 rally under scrutiny. Investors are reeling from
the Trump administration’s recent decision to end Iran sanctions
waivers, uncertain whether Saudi Arabia and other large producers will
fill an impending production gap. That unknown has helped push prices
to their highest level in nearly six months. At the same time, many
remain skeptical of the nature of the recovery. 

Other News:

A story that we didn’t see on the MSM this AM regarding the President and the Rabbi in the San Diego shooting. This from Politico this AM:

RABBI YISROEL GOLDSTEIN, whose synagogue in San Diego was attacked Saturday, described his phone call from PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP to MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt on “Kasie DC”: “I’ve never spoken to a president before. He was so gracious and generous with his words. Exceedingly comforting to me, to my community, and he spoke to me like a friend, like a buddy, and I didn’t realize I’m talking to the president of the United States of America. 

“He is just exceedingly kind and sensitive and — and — and we spoke for close to 50 minutes. I thought to myself, for the president of the United States of America to take time out of his day, 50 minutes to talk to me about the issues at hand, was just absolutely incredible and admirable.”

Two things to keep a watch on.
1. The deal to replace NAFTA is in trouble in congress. WSJ this AM.

New Nafta deal faces resistance. President Trump’s push to revamp North America’s trade rules is hitting a roadblock as prominent Democrats and labor groups demand changes. Congress returns from recess this week
with a full plate and the Democrats have signaled they won’t allow a vote on the trade deal without certain changes.

Hard to believe this new agreement can’t get past congress, isn’t it?

2. A warning on oil pricing, also the WSJ:
Oil volatility puts 2019 rally under scrutinyInvestors are reeling from the Trump administration’s recent decision to end Iran sanctions waivers,
uncertain whether Saudi Arabia and other large producers will fill an 
impending production gap. That unknown has helped push prices to their highest level in nearly six months. At the same time, many remain
skeptical of the nature of the recovery. 

Biden’s Vulnerabilities:

By Walker: Joe Biden’s  accomplishments under Obama! 


1. Lowest Labor Participation rate since 1970’s
2. 95 million out of labor force.
3. 11 million more Americans on food stamps.
4. Lowest home ownership in 50 years.
5. Worst economic recovery rate since WWII.
6. 1 in 5 families without a member in the labor force.
7. $20 Trillion dollars in debt – $9.3 Trillion in the last 8 years.
8. 1 in 6 adult men aged 18-34 –in prison or out of labor force.
9. Apology Tour.
10. Ranked 17th out of 40 countries in educational performance.
11. More debt accumulated in last 8 years than under all other presidents combined.
12. 43 million Americans living in poverty.
13. $873 billion dollars in regulations against businesses.
14. 300,000 manufacturing jobs lost.
15. Resurgence and expansion of Soviet/Russian empire.
16. $732 billion global trade deficit last year.
17. Obamacare premiums up as much as 116%.
18. Increase in healthcare costs 43%, or approximately $5462 per family per year.
(Remember “You can keep your doctor. You can keep your health insurance; The ACA will reduce family healthcare premiums by $2500 per year.”?
19. Unaffordable healthcare deductibles.
20. Decreased availability of healthcare providers.
21. Decreased healthcare choices.
22. It’s Bush’s fault.
23. It’s racism.
24. AG Holder in contempt
25. AG Lynch takes the 5th.
26. $150 billion to Iran, much of it under cover of darkness without Congressional approval.
27. $1.5 Billion to the Muslim Brotherhood.
28. 4 dead including an Ambassador in Benghazi and a cover-up for political gain.
29. Political activist judges.
30. Honored the deaths of Fidel Castro and inner-city criminals, but not police officers and soldiers.
31. Encouraging illegals to vote.
32. $1 Billion in taxpayer money to the failed Green Climate Fund.
33. Politically manufactured racial unrest.
34. Politically orchestrated civil disobedience.
35. Red lines.
36. Clock boy.
37. Cap and Trade.
38. DNS spying on the press.
39. IRS investigations of political opponents.
40. Doubled debt per US citizen from $31,000 to $61,340.
41. The rise of ISIS and Muslim extremism.
42. An unarmed invasion across unsecured borders.
43. Suppression of speech and thought.
44. A weakened military.
45. Bergdahl.
46. First President without a 3% GDP in any year of office.
47. Media propaganda.
48. ACORN.
49. Fast & Furious a/k/a Guns for Cartels.
50. Black Lives Matter.
51. Dead Cops.
52. Lowest US Credit Rating in history.
53. Betrayal of Israel.
54. Social division and unrest.
55. Burned and looted cities.
56. Obliterated Democrat Party – 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats lost.
57. Abolished separation of powers.
58. Nukes to Iran.
59. A fixed election.
60. International loss of respect.
61. Feckless foreign policy.
62. Secretary of State Clinton.
63. 10.5% true unemployment.
64. Over 150 Muslim terrorists released from Gitmo; at least 30% return to ISIS.
65. Inedible school lunches.
66. $100 million in taxpayer funded vacations.
67. Political purge of Generals and Admirals.
68. Immunity for Clinton Aides.
69. Record Gun Sales.
70. Most Presidential commutations and pardons ever.
71. Boys in Girl’s restrooms.
72. A politically controlled DOJ.
73. Fake News.
74. Green Energy Initiative collapse costing taxpayers $2 billion.
75. Solyndra bankruptcy and cover up
76. Shovel Ready Jobs.
77. Inability to account for $6 Billion in DOS contracts.
78. Common Core.
79. Project Veritas.
80. The View.
81. Foreign hacking of intelligence communications.
82. Unsecured classified e-mails.
83. Participation Trophies
84. Presidential Participation Medals.
85. Stonewalling Congressional investigations.
86. Destruction of Middle Class.
87. Brexit.
88. Mother in Law federal pensions.
89. Bradley “Chelsey” Manning.
90. Paid rioters.
91. VA Care crisis.
92. Sharia Law in America.
93. Fixed Debates.
94. Illegal recess appointments.
95. Operation Choke Point used against political opponents/gun shops.
96. Snowflakes.
97. Millions in taxpayer funds to Sanctuary Cities.
98. Presidential salary raise.
99. Mass Murders in Gun-Free zones.

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