It’s Clear Now …

It’s clear now that we will not have a working government with the Presidency and congress until the voters decide in 2020 what they want.

The far left wants impeachment and despite wiser voices in their party, they are going to investigate, investigate more and talk impeachment, no matter the cost.

The President for his part is going to talk, tweet and tell fables.

So, it will be the American people that will have to decide in 2020 what kind of government they want.

Here’s My observations:

Congress is demanding more hearings on the findings in the Mueller report.
The President has now said he is not going to send anyone or any reports.
Congress wants to investigate more, the President who cooperated fully with Mueller is done.
This won’t end until the people decide what they want in 2020.

One liberal publication put this out today:
“IMAGINE Barack Obama said he was not going to send any witnesses to a Republican House and would ignore document requests. The GOP would have lit its collective hair on fire”.
Our Comment:
Actually if this were reversed you the MSM would be saying the Mueller report found Obama innocent and congress must stop and get on with governing.

Here’s another from the MSM. Free advice to Trump staffers and personnel:
FREE ADVICE FOR TRUMP ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS: TRUMP doesn’t want you to go to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but we have a different idea: Do what you want. If you want to go — do it. Your free time is your free time, providing you aren’t breaking the law. Just because the president seems intent on demonizing the people who cover him doesn’t mean you have to. Here’s a guarantee: You’ll be in this town a lot longer than he will, and your currency is your relationships — including those with reporters.

MANY TRUMP OFFICIALS have great relationships with the press — and the White House benefits from that. The president might not care, but you should.

DARE THE WHITE HOUSE TO FIRE YOU for going to a dinner celebrating the freedom of the press. We bet you he won’t. The guy didn’t fire Bob Mueller! You think he’s gonna fire you?! It’s not like people are lining up to work in this White House. … Holler and we’ll save some seats for you.

Our Comment: … 
One more example of the press not recognizing how biased they are. The Trump people and supporters are angry at the press for their biased coverage (92% negative). Remember the speaker who blasted Sarah Sanders who was there? The press is so self centered they don’t recognize how the right feels about them.

One more thing on the Mueller Report. Really Hillary? You are going to lecture us that he should impeached? Really?
First of all you should have been with the bleach bit, destroying phones and misleading comments. Now you are telling us Trump did it?
Second, the President is not getting impeached. Only one president in my lifetime was impeached (and it wasn’t Nixon, on whose investigation committee you worked). I think you know it who was.
Why don’t you just be quiet on these issues?

Other Issues

The citizen question on the 2020 census goes to the supreme court.
The administration wants to add a question (that was on every census until the 1950’s) which asks “Are you a citizen?”
The Democrats are against it and the case has gone to the highest court. The lower courts have supported the Democrats, that it was wrong. It appears to be at least 4-4 with the liberals against the question and the conservatives for it. What does Justice Roberts do here?

In the drive to out left the others the Democrats continue going over the ledge. The latest was Elizabeth Warren. Lagging in the polls since her disastrous kickoff she continues to reach. This time she propoposes student-debt cancellation. The proposal steers the bulk of debt relief toward people whom Ms. Warren views as least likely to be able to repay their loans. She is also proposing the elimination of tuition and fees at every U.S. public two- and four-year college.
Our Comment:
So you worked your way through college or diligently paid back your loans, great. You didn’t bother with either, you win. Warren will pay for you. Once again don’t reward positive behavior, do the opposite.
The American voter in 2020 must decide this.

This after Bernie said he wants incarnated individuals, including terrorists, to have a vote in every election.

Just watch how far left they go as this primary begins to unfold. It could be most costly in the Nov. 2020 election. It happened to the Republicans in 1964 and the Democrats in 1972.

Congress vs. The President

Here’s a small example of congress versus the administration:

On Tuesday, the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin wrote in a letter that the department would not comply with a request from House Democrats to see six years of Mr. Trump’s tax returns before a Tuesday evening deadline. Rep. Richard Neal (D., Mass.), the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, is seeking the returns under an obscure 1920s law that gives him access to any American taxpayer’s returns, and Mr. Neal may take the Internal Revenue Service to court to obtain them.

On Monday, lawyers for the Trump Organization filed a lawsuit against Rep. Elijah Cummings (D., Md.), the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and an accounting firm for Mr. Trump to block a subpoena the committee filed last week. The Democratic-led committee is seeking eight years of President Trump’s financial statements.

Last week, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D., N.Y.), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, issued a subpoena for Mr. Mueller’s entire report—including the redacted elements. Democrats may need to go to court to attempt to get access to grand jury information. The Justice Department, which has pledged to give a bipartisan group of lawmakers access to some of the redacted information, called the subpoena “premature and unnecessary.”

And late Tuesday, Mr. Trump said in an interview with the Washington Postthat he didn’t want aides providing testimony.

Ratings: U.S. Political Leaders

From Real Clear Politics averages today. Which tells you 2020 will be a battle.

Donald Trump41.153.6-12.5
Nancy Pelosi37.050.3-13.3
Mitch McConnell24.047.0-23.0
Chuck Schumer28.340.7-12.4

Speaking of 2020, some news:

Joe Biden is about to get in. Our gut is he is at the peak of his popularity today. Once he announces the gloves come off and Obama will not endorse him.
How much money have candidates raised?

Individual contributions totals by Democratic presidential candidates for the first quarter of 2019:
Sanders: $18 million   
Harris:      $12 million   
O’Rourke:   $ 9.4 million   
Buttigieg:    $ 7 million   
Warren:     $ 6 million   
Klobuchar:   $ 5.2 million   
Booker:      $ 5 million   
Gillibrand:   $ 3 million  
 Inslee:       $ 2.2 million   
Hickenlooper: $ 2 million    
 Yang:        $ 1.7 million   
Williamson: $ 1.5 million      
Delaney     $ 404,000*   Also made a personal loan of $11 million campaign
Castro               $ 213,387
President Donald Trump raised just over $30 million

Did you see that James Comey and his wife contributed to and endorsed Amy Klobucher? So much for the “he is a Republican”.

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