Wait ….

Wait, I’ve been listening and watching coverage since the Mueller Report release and I’ve got questions:

For 22 months the left and MSM told us about collusion. It was collusion all day and night.
They appointed Mueller to get it exposed. They loved him and the team he surrounded himself with.
We were assured the report would be the end of the Trump era.

Then a funny thing happened, and Mueller said there was “no collusion”.
Then he said the Trump team cooperated fully and gave all documents requested.
Then they said the President “never” used executive privilege.

So what do we get?
We get dialogue like the word collusion was never uttered.
In fact on the Sunday news shows we had people denying collusion was the key term.
Wait, was I was living in a different universe? It was all I heard from you.

Now the media and left are not saying Trump was cleared of the collusion charge that was going to impeach him.
In fact they never mention it in their coverage.
They moved the posts and are talking about “obstruction”.
Wait, obstruction? Obstruction of what? A crime that never occurred?

Look at what they’re saying now:
“The President called his attorney and wanted to fire Mueller”.
Wait, he had a conversation about something that never occurred and that is obstruction? Aren’t you the media that defended the Clintons and Obamas against everything “in fairness”?
Wait, the President said “I am f’ed”. You say that over and over as if it is proof of guilt. Why don’t you say that after Mueller said this, then the President said everyone told him a special prosecutor drains the presidency and nothing gets done? In full context it is different. How dare you take it out.

So now the MSM and left are all about obstruction.
Wait, after Mueller said “no collusion” he said he could neither bring obstruction charges or dismiss them. He couldn’t prove them. So the left with MSM support drop collusion and discuss only the obstruction discussion in the report. Obstruction that Mueller could not prove.
What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
When did the left change the rules on that? When did the media?
Here’s a question for the media.
If this report were put out about Hillary or Obama what would they say?
Would they still be saying they were guilty and discussing charges?
Or, would they be criticizing those calling them guilty?
There is no doubt the MSM would be the defense for Hillary and Obama.
Here they lead the prosecution and are embarrassing themselves.

Obstruct what we ask again?
It was a non crime that the President knew was such.
He gave every document they wanted.
He told people (in the report) to tell the truth.
He never used executive privilege.
So again, he was cleared of the charge and obstructed what you say?

Now we have these questions on the bigger picture:
Who bleach bit their hard drives? Was that not obstruction?
How come the media never says that?
Who smashed their phones and devices so they couldn’t be read?
How come they don’t mention this?
And, add this:
How did this whole Russia thing start?
Was it the fake Steele Dossier? We think so.
Who paid for that? (Hillary and team)
Where did Steele go for information? It was Russia.
So maybe the left and media should check who really involved the Russians.
Because, even Mueller said the Trump team turned down any help from Russia.

In the end the Russians did help one side. One side did destroy evidence. It just wasn’t the Trump team.

Finally we have a question. What was the charge and direction given Mueller by Rod Rosenstein? He was the one who laid out what Mueller was to investigate. Did he limit him to what the Trump team did? It’s clear that Mueller did not venture down the path of the Clinton campaign and the Steele Dossier. Why not, if this was about Russian involvement?
Did Rosenstein box in Mueller? Wasn’t he (Rosenstein) involved with McCabe, Strock, Page and others? Did he limit this probe for a reason?

Enough already from the MSM and left. Let’s get the facts.

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