The Mueller Report Release

With the report released minutes ago we have skimmed through it. Here’s our thoughts:

This was collusion for eighteen months. That was the nightly refrain from the MSM. That was the Democratic talking point. Trump was in bed with Putin. He was a secret agent for the Russians. He colluded with them to win the election. That was it, remember the nightly drumbeat?
Mueller was going to be the truth.

Well, that’s done. The report upfront is as clear. There was no collusion. Not only was there no collusion but the Trump team refused any attempts to help them. No collusion is absolutely clear.

We should hold the MSM and the Democrats who touted this liable. They perpetuated this myth and convinced most of the country that it was done.
The question here is why did the MSM fail to do their job? They are supposed to be after the truth and they supported the falsehood.

So no collusion is a proven fact, there is nothing there. End of story.

That brings us to part two which is obstruction of justice. I ask again how do you obstruct a crime that never occurred? I don’t get that.

I have to believe the MSM and Democrats will now turn to the ten incidents discussed and try to prove there is something here. It is up to the American people to hold them responsible for what the entire Trump presidency has been subject to.
Adam Schiff and he has proof, must pay a price.
Chuck and Nancy need to put country first and stop the false charges.
Maxine and AOC must stop with the impeachment.
It’s time for two things:

  1. Put America first and get to work on governing.
  2. It’s time for the MSM to stop its bias and get back to true journalism.

That’s our early read in the first 30 minutes.

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