On To Thursday


We all now await the Thursday release of the Mueller report. It’s predictable what will happen. The left will yell for the full report without redactions. They know something is hidden.
Trump and team will claim they are vindicated, there was no collusion. Get ready for the dual messages.

For us this should have been the Trump team narrative from the start. There “was no collusion”. This was all about that for 18 months. Let’s judge it on that.
By the way how do you obstruct a crime that wasn’t committed?

Bernie Goes On Fox

So Bernie was prepared when he went on Fox to bash the station and attack the conservatives. He was very effective and aggressive. That fact leads us to a belief we have long held, why don’t candidates go on the opposition platforms more? If they show up with zero votes and leave with a few didn’t they win? Plus it shows your supporters how good and tough you are.
Watch for more of this.


By the way, Bernie released ten years of taxes yesterday too. They showed an annual income that exceeded $1 million in 2016 and 2017 following his first presidential campaign. He is part of the one percenters!

On taxes, did you see that Beto O’Rourke and his wife, Amy, appear to have underpaid their 2013 and 2014 taxes by more than $4,000 combined because of an error in the way they reported their medical expenses? Apparently they are going to pay up now.
Beto is getting hit far more in this primary than Cruz and the Republicans hit him.

The polls on taxes continue to baffle me. People saying the Trump Tax cuts have hurt them. The left has gotten to them because every independent study says otherwise. In fact, the Joint Committee on Taxation said, 65.6% of American taxpayers were expected to get tax cuts of at least $100, while just 5.5% were expected to see their taxes increase by more than $100.
Think about 5.5% to see an increase of $100 or more. Yet closer to 50% are saying they lost. How can that be? Just better messaging by the left.

There was an interesting study on the real estate market market that showed in some of the richest pockets of the Northeast are flooded with sellers, as homeowners try to unload properties — and their high tax rates.
It showed the population of New York and other high-tax states has posted a demonstrable decline in recent years, sparking a debate on whether there are limits to how much the taxman can squeeze from residents.
“The data shows a net outflow in 2016 of almost 600,000 people from the 25 highest-tax states to the 25 lowest, and they took with them roughly $33 billion in income.” Interesting isn’t it?

Running against Trump

Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said Monday he will challenge President Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. Talk about an uphill climb against an incumbent with avid support from the party base, Weld just entered into it.
Who is he?  Mr. Weld served two terms as governor in the 1990s and was viewed as a moderate. However, in 2008, he endorsed Barack Obama over fellow Republican John McCain. And in 2016, he ran as the running mate to libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.
How do you rate his chances? Me too.

An interesting survey out of Ohio swing voters.
None of the Democrats who are running for president in 2020 has broken through with a group of Ohio voters who have swung back and forth between the parties in recent elections, a focus group shows.

Plus we keep hearing from the left jobs are bad. This survey just released:
“In low-wage sectors of the economy, a scarcity of workers is compelling employers to raise wages, make work schedules more flexible and lower requirements for college degrees to fill jobs”

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