Noise Follow Up …..

Yesterday we wrote there was “lot’s of noise” and said it’s “just noise”. Now twenty-four hours later take a look:

The Democratic noise about todays deadline to AG Burr has become an authorization vote to issue a subpoena.
So, since the Mueller release all they have done is make needless noise. The MSM supported the noise and now all will be quieter until the report is released. Then more noise.

The President, meanwhile, backed off his “great healthcare” program. It will now be after the 2020 election.
Why the noise from him again on this? Senator Thune said  this: “Obviously this is a president who tends sometimes to move on his own and then obviously has some of those conversations later. That’s the dynamic that everybody up here deals with.”
It was just another example of the President speaking on his own off the top of his head. Needless noise.

The President has also backed off closing the border. So about three days of noise will cease now. There was no chance it would happen. It was noise.

Joe Biden

My feeling on Biden is this. He did not sexually harass people. He has been doing what he does forever. That’s why he earned the nickname “Creepy Joe”. It is creepy and in today’s world inappropriate.
Now Joe understands the vehemence of the far left, as it is them who  orchestrated this. Bernie denies it.

Other News:

Two election results. One you heard about and one you didn’t.

In Chicago you heard about the first gay, black, female elected Mayor. She won easily beating a former prosector who may have been hurt by the Jussie case.

In the other, Michael Brown’s Mother (Ferguson, Mo.) lost her election yesterday for a seat on the city council overlooking the police department. She had said that “police accountability” would have been a priority.

The next time someone says “cut the budget”, remember the fiasco over the proposed cut in special olympic dollars from the government. Everyone wants cuts, but just not on a program that impacts them or they like.
Which is why we are forever stuck with deficits.

Get ready,the Democrats’ first televised presidential primary debate will be held June 26-27 in Miami. The party is planning to hold a dozen debates—six in 2019 and six in 2020.
The first round could include as many as 20 presidential candidates.

Here’s a related story on MSM bias I bet you didn’t see.

A freelance journalist has accused a top NBC News editor of “highly inappropriate and unethical” conduct by pressuring him to hold a story to help the Democratic National Committee.

Yashar Ali, whose work has appeared in HuffPost and New York magazine, tweeted Friday that Dafna Linzer, who oversees political coverage at NBC and MSNBC, pushed him to hold off on publishing an item revealing the date of the first Democratic presidential primary debate until the DNC could first “make their calls” letting the candidates know.

Ali said he had called the DNC to confirm a story he planned to write with the precise date of the debate (June 26 in Miami) — and immediately heard from Linzer.

He claimed she asked him to delay his story for an hour.

“I said I couldn’t. She was agitated, ‘why not?’ I said I’m not going to lose a scoop,” he tweeted. “Then she got angrier and said ‘Why not? It’s not a big deal, let them make a few phone calls.’

“I realized that @DafnaLinzer, the head of all political coverage for NBC News and MSNBC wasn’t calling to advocate for her network, she was calling to advocate the DNC’s position. She wanted me to wait so they could call state party leaders.

“I couldn’t believe what she was saying.”

On Monday Ali said he didn’t wish to comment further.

Linzer didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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