The Russian Collusion Illusion …..

The Illusion:

So after all this time we come to the conclusion that collusion was a Democratic Illusion. You don’t need my comments on this so I will just share some facts that you should know:

The Democrats for two years said they will fully accept what Mueller reports. Let’s see their word on that.
Adam Schiff who has seen collusion and said he has the evidence, where is it? If  Mueller couldn’t find it, does that mean you failed to share it or you lied?
The same for Maxine Waters. You have been yelling “Impeach 45”. On what grounds? What’s your next move?
The sixty Democrats who said they would impeach. Did you rush to judgement or do you just want to overturn the 2016 election?

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi released a statement that the report raised more questions than it answered. Does that sound like a prepared statement to you too?
And what questions does no collusion and no obstruction raise for you? If you can’t understand that, can we really trust them to run congress?

The new refrain appears to be “we want to see the whole report”.  I guess these people think they can lead the dumb forever where they want. There are three reasons you cannot read the whole report:
1. There is classified information in it. You understand that, but that doesn’t matter to them.
2. There is Grand Jury testimony. That testimony is non reportable and a promise made to the person going before the jury. I guess that doesn’t matter to Democrats anymore either.
3. There were investigations done of people who were innocent. Do they really want their names released and dragged through the mud for something they didn’t do?
Isn’t it amazing their followers will now follow them in this refrain?

Next, the coverage of the President has been 92% negative. Some of it earned, but a large part was about Russian collusion. The MSM harping of this charge and the chorus joining it as fact led to false coverage.
So what does the MSM do now to apologize,  make up for it and fix things?
As Raymond Donovan who lost his government position in the Reagan era angrily asked after he was fully acquitted in court, “where do I go to get my reputation back now”?
Where does the MSM go to get theirs back and make up for what they did?

Do you know these numbers and facts?
The special counsel cost us between $25 and 40 million dollars.
They utilized 40 FBI agents.
Issued 2800 subpoenas.
Heard from 500 witnesses.
Served 500 search warrants.
Received 230 communications records.
Did 50 phone taps.
Had 13 foreign government intel requests.
All to say No collusion and no obstruction.

Now remember this:
Russia donated over $145,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
Hillary Clinton sold 20% America’s Uranium to Vladimir Putin.
The Clinton campaign financed the phony Steele Report that led to all this.
Some in senior levels of the FBI pushed the phony dossier.

Shouldn’t we be investigating them now?
The hope is that Michael Hurwitz is doing that and his report is expected in 90 days.  If not, then someone should.

You may hear of the dozens indicted. Remember the facts:
The probe obtained guilty pleas from five Trump advisers. None related to collusion but to actions unrelated.
They indicted dozens of Russian intelligence officials for tampering. The officials are in Russia and will never see a day in U.S. court.

Finally, readers of this blog know that foreign interference in elections is nothing new. In fact the Russian involvement was long term and the media seems to forget Obama telling us, while he President. that he” told Putin to cut it out”. So this didn’t start with Trump. They are trying to fool you.
Obama interfered with elections. Remember how he tried to beat Benjamin Netanyahu? America has a long history of trying to get friendly governments  in place. Every country does. People can express all the indignation they want, it is another example of fooling people. Be smarter than that.

The 2016 election is over. If Democrats persist in going after Trump they now face backlash. Let’s see if their hatred is greater than their smarts.


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