Trump Keeps it Interesting ….

The President:

Between the President’s penchant to tweet, his unchecked ego and a MSM that is constantly out to get him, the news cycle never ends. Let’s see ….

He took on Kellyanne’s husband. First George called him “mental” and the President called him a “total loser” back. Wow. Did you ever see anything like that before?
Now imagine if the President kept his ego in check and when the press asked he said this: You know George and I have some differences, but there’s one thing we agree on. Kellyanne is the best. That would have eased things, but no, this President can’t do that.

Then he took on John McCain again. He had a case. McCain’s staff was spreading the fake dossier. Attack that. He did, but then, went the extra mile to attack McCain again. Attacking his staff would have done the trick and gotten the message out. Instead he ends up looking petty and losing the message.

Now on the other extreme, blaming the President for the New Zealand shooting is beyond fair play. Yes, the shooter mentioned his name, you no doubt heard that. However, did they tell you in the next line the shooter called Trump an ineffective leader? So there’s mentioning his name and mentioning his name.

The press has had a field day with the emergency declaration and need for Presidential veto too. They made it seem like this veto was  unprecedented.  For the record, it was Trump’s first veto after two years in office. How many vetoes did Obama have? Thirteen. Bush 43? Twelve. FDR had 635.
It’s not so “unusual”.

The Democrats

Now the Democrats, despite media cover are not looking any better. Look at them this week:

Beto, now that he is running against Democrats has things coming out. He wrote a story at 16 where he “fantasized about killing children”. When pressed he said,  “I was just a dumb 16-year-old and didn’t know any better.”
In the next sentence he supports the liberal position of allowing 16 year olds to vote.
Here’s an observation on Beto. He wants to please and answer questions on the spot and knows he needs to go far left. That is hurting him and will continue until he learns otherwise. Think of his answer to take the wall down. Yesterday he supported abortion at birth. He is thinking short term and it is going to hurt him.

Look at what the Democrats are flocking to this week:
They now want to change the voting age to 16, abolish the Electoral College, and increase the number of Supreme Court Justices.
Does that sound like a party confident in 2020?

For all the noise of the far left here’s CNN’s poll this AM:
Biden 28% Sanders 20% Harris 12% O’Rourke 11% Warren 6% Kerry 4% Booker 3% Klobuchar 3% Buttigieg 1% Castro 1% Gillibrand 1% Hickenlooper 1% Inslee 1% Delaney <1% Gabbard <1% McAuliffe <1% Bullock 0%.”
It will be interesting to see how they attack Biden when he announces.

By the way, they are raising funds for 2020 in a big way at the DCC. They announced a record $11.6 million raised last month, more than the House Democrats’ campaign arm has ever raised in any February — even in an election year.

News You Might Have Missed:

Remember in January when four American soldiers were killed in Syria? Lots of coverage. Well U.S. officials and their allies in Syria have detained several Islamic State fighters tied to that attack. Officials declined to provide details about how the fighters were identified and taken captive, or what information had been gleaned from their interrogations. But they were captured.

The biggest question with the Islamic State (ISIS) is this:
While most of the male militants who pose an immediate threat in Syria are killed, captured and imprisoned, there is no plan for dealing with women and children who may prove vital to its long-term survival.
Think of Osama Bin Laden’s son who is now leading Al Qaeda.

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