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Let’s Look At The Morning News – Some You May Not have Seen

You no doubt saw and heard that the House Judiciary Committee has requested documents from 81 agencies and associates of President Trump. This is part of investigations the panel is opening into obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power. What is the committee pursuing?
The ultimate goal is to build a case to either impeach the President or destroy him enough that he cannot win re-election in 2020. Thus they are investigating and seeking to build a case against the president and his associates.
It’s that simple.
This is a whole new line outside collusion, which daily seems to have not occurred, despite all we heard for two years.
They will stop at nothing. The House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight committees are also investigating private presidential conversations. They announced in letters to White House chief of staff Mulvaney and Secretary of State Pompeo that they were investigating what the President and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed in person and phone conversations.
They will stop at nothing, so buckle up for at least two more years of investigations, leaks, charges on the air and fights in court.

The President’s Emergency Declaration,  is going to be an embarrassment. The house has already voted to overturn it. Now at least four, and as many as ten Republican Senators, appear ready to vote no on it. What that means is the President will veto their bill and congress will fall short of overturning the veto. But it says a lot, again, of Republican legislature support of the President.

Here’s a quote from Mitch McConnell which tells you about that support.
“I was one of those hoping the president would not take the national emergency route.”

Did you see that Hillary said she is not running in 2020? Isn’t it a shame that we are deprived of what so many called “the smartest woman in America” since the 1990’s. Do you feel deprived too?

Keep an eye on Venezuela. The military is holding strong for Maduro. Yesterday Juan Guaidó returned to the country. He was met at the airport by diplomats from countries that recognize him as interim president, and he later gave a speech to large crowds.
However, the threat of arrest still hangs over him and what many thought would be a quick coup now looks otherwise. This could get ugly.

The Alabama woman who joined ISIS lost her first round in court yesterday. A judge denied a request to consider her case on an emergency basis. (I guess the emergency is ISIS is defeated and has no home, so she wants to come back here).
Anyway, this is far from over and the judge did say, “She has a valid argument of citizenship”.
We expect her to win the argument to be allowed in. But we also expect an immediate arrest and charges as an enemy combatant that will lock her up for a long time. Guantanamo Bay is fine with us.

Let’s Look At the Democrats

There is a lot going on within the party that could drive than further left and truly divide them.

First Kamala Harris and then Bernie Sanders tried to get a little more left than the others by now saying they want legalized prostitution. This left push gets more interesting daily.

Now Alexandria Ocascio- Cortez’s is always in the news. Some see her as the voice of the Democraatic party these days. Well consider these three things from yesterday:
1. She is sponsoring a new tax on wall street.
2. Her Mom gave an interview and said she (the Mom) moved out of New York to Florida because her taxes were too high. Read that again. She moved because her taxes were too high. She gave an example of real estate taxes in NY versus her new home in Florida.
3. Cortez’s top aide is said to have illegally funneled campaign donations to two companies he owned. The complaint was filed Monday with the Federal Elections Commission.
The charge is that Saikat Chakrabarti set up a PAC to collect and bundle donations for newbie politicians including  Cortez. He then diverted more than $1 million to two of his companies that did campaign work, skirting reporting requirements, said the complaint by the National Legal and Policy Center.

Think of those three things together — and all in one day.

Now here’s a real problem for the Democrats. First term Congressperson  Omar again went after Isreal. The Jewish vote has long been Democratic and this new group is alienating them.  Check this story in Politicio today:

ON REP. ILHAN OMAR … SARAH FERRIS, HEATHER CAYGLE and JOHN BRESNAHAN: “House Dems will take floor action to confront Omar’s latest Israel comments”: “Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top Democrats will take floor action Wednesday in response to controversial remarks by Rep. Ilhan Omar about Israel, the second such rebuke of the freshman Democrat from party leaders in recent weeks.

“Pelosi and other senior Democrats have drafted a resolution to address the controversy, which ballooned over the weekend following a public clash between Omar and senior Jewish lawmakers. The resolution, which began circulating to members Monday night, comes after a backlash from top Democrats who accused Omar of anti-Semitism for referring to pro-Israel advocates’ ‘allegiance to a foreign country.’

“The draft measure is four pages that largely details the historyand recent rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S. but does not specifically name Omar, which had been an internal dispute among Democrats. Instead, it condemns the ‘myth of dual loyalty,’ using the same language as top Democrats, like House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita Lowey, who have condemned Omar in recent days.

“If the House moves ahead with the vote on Wednesday as planned, it would be an unprecedented public rebuke of Omar, who was sworn into office just over 60 days ago. Omar’s office declined to comment about the Democratic resolution on Monday. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other senior Republicans are considering offering a censure motion against Omar, according to GOP sources. Republicans may also formally demand that Democrats strip Omar of her seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, a move that Pelosi and other senior Democrats won’t take at this point.” POLITICO … The resolution

— THE PRESIDENT at 11:33 p.m.: “Representative Ilhan Omar is again under fire for her terrible comments concerning Israel. Jewish groups have just sent a petition to Speaker Pelosi asking her to remove Omar from Foreign Relations Committee. A dark day for Israel!”

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