What Happened On The Screens?

It Was Quite A Day

Let’s start with the Press Conference at 3 AM this morning that ended the long day of “spilt screens”.
The President announced (with Mike Pompeo) that he had walked from any deal with Kim Jung Un.
As he explained it, we agree.
Kim was willing to give up his big nuclear site and destroy all 400 odd buildings. In return he wanted all the U.S. sanctions lifted.
The President (utilizing intelligence knowledge) said what about these other sites? He said Kim was surprised we knew so much and would not commit to closing those. Thus the end of the summit.

Our Thoughts:
The President made the right call. We hold the cards.
Lifting the sanctions would have been akin to giving Iran the money.
Kim needs the sanctions lifted and he doesn’t get that.
He learns we know a lot about his secret country.
Kim agreed not to test and fire any missiles.

So the only question is why wasn’t this worked out before the summit? Before the President spent three days traveling to this meeting? We all know the weapons are Kim’s lifeline. It’s the only reason anyone in the world pays attention to him. Don’t you think before a second summit is held and we recognize him again, that the details would have been worked out? We are surprised about that far more than the fact Kim would not give up all his weapons.

Now the pressure must be kept on North Korea, and like Reagan drove the Russians back to the table, we need the same here. We’ve certainly made progress in halting their testing and they can’t break that promise as long as Trump is President.

Now The Other Screen

What a fiasco to have this on the same day as the summit. What did we learn?
There was no Russian collusion. What we heard from the MSM and left for two years was a lie.
Second the basis for the investigation was the Steele Report. The report said Cohen was in Prague as its basis. Cohen said he was never there.
The Steele report said there were tapes of Trump in Moscow in compromising positions. Cohen said they don’t exist, and he would know.
Asked if there was anything he knew that could allow someone to hold Trump hostage, Cohen said no.
So, there was no collusion and the whole thing was a hoax.

Now the financial side of things and Trump’s taxes, where we always feared this would go, is real. That is what the MSM will be pivoting to and become the narrative. That old refrain, “follow the money” is scary.

As for Michael Cohen he came across to us as pathetic. He’s not sorry for anything except he got caught and is going to jail. He loved making millions, cheating on his taxes, and walking around as the big man on campus. His tears now are that he got caught. They are all about him and not the remorse some say he has.

That’s our spilt screen verdict.

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