Here We Go ….

A relatively quiet Monday is about to lead to a noisy week. Buckle up for the competing messages from Hanoi and Washington DC.
The President and administration will try hard to paint the mural with success via the talks with North Korea and the China negotiations.
The Democrats and MSM will be infatuated with Michael Cohen and the “pending” Mueller report.

It will be fascinating to see what wins out. Peace and agreements good for the nation, or scandal with the administration. Watch how torn they are with what to lead with; how to connect the two.

Just one thought from us.
Enough with the left’s “advice and counsel” on North Korea and telling us what the President did and is doing wrong.
You, who have been in Washington for decades and criticized everything this President did and said (“Little Rocket Man”), need to be quiet. He has already done more with them than anyone in the 63 years since the ceasefire.
You failed to win the Korean War. You failed to stop the North Koreans from developing the weapons. You made “deals” with them that they disregarded, and you did nothing.
This administration has done more to create an opportunity than your failed efforts ever did.
For you to criticize their two year efforts now shows how shameless and political you are.

On China, this report in the WSJ from the President’s tweet:
“Trump to delay tariff increases on Chinese imports”.
The president tweeted that he would delay an increase in tariffs on Chinese goods set to take effect later this week, citing “substantial progress.”  Chinese stock indexes enjoyed their largest daily gains in years today following the news.
But don’t forget if you don’t hear this on the MSM — Michael Cohen is coming to Washington to testify.

Some New York News:

After the Amazon debacle you would think NY would learn. But no, look at these two stories yesterday:

1. Another megaproject being pushed by Gov. Cuomo is on track to get Amazoned.  A $1 billion arena and entertainment venue on state-owned property near Belmont Park is facing opposition from local leaders and will have to go before the Public Authorities Control Board.
Amazon abandoned plans for a second headquarters in Long Island City, Queens, after an opponent of the project, Sen. Michael Gianaris, was nominated to the board, effectively giving him veto power over the deal.
After Amazon pulled out, Gianaris’ name was withdrawn and the person finally put on the PACB is Queens Sen. Leroy Comrie, whose district takes in part of Belmont Park. The Belmont project would include 435,000 square feet of retail space, restaurants, a 250-room hotel and 19,000-seat arena for the NHL’s Islanders. But some local officials aren’t on board.
“I’m opposed to the project right now,” said state Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages, citing traffic congestion and lack of regular train service to the area.

Maybe Michaelle, like Congresswoman Cortez, thinks there is $3 billion lying around for them to spend. Hard to believe she didn’t realize the money was a result of Amazon doing things that would generate $20+ billion of revenue for the city. But, I guess no one learns and maybe they’ll do it again.
Oh yea, AOC and Michaelle, the Governor said he had a “shortfall” of $2.3 billion in the first months. Shortfall means — less revenue — just so you understand.

2. New York legislators are pushing a new law to have the cash-strapped state spend more than $500 million to provide virtually free, taxpayer-financed health care to more than 400,000 adult illegal immigrants.
The just-introduced legislation by state Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx) and Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan) would require Albany to cough up at least $532 million to allow undocumented adult residents to enroll in the state’s “Essential” or “Basic” public health-insurance plan.


Okay, see above, the Governor said it was a SHORTFALL already — in a strong economy.
Contrast this with Florida, where the Governor just proposed a “No Sancutary” city law.

Wonder why people are moving to Texas and Florida?

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