After The Long Weekend ….

Catching Up From The Weekend

So William Barr who won unanimous support when nominated by George HW Bush was certified by the senate for AG. Only this time he won 55-44. All but three Democrats voted no. They were Senators Jones (Ala), who is running next year. Senators Kyrsten Sinema (Ar) and Joe Manchin (W.Va) were the only other Democrats to vote yes. One Republican voted no, Rand Paul.
What a divide that a good man who was unanimous before can only get 55 votes now.

A story you may not have heard:
A detective agency offered a detailed account of what happened between students from a Covington high school and a Native American man. The conclusion was that the kids from the Catholic school did absolutely nothing wrong. They were cleared completly and blame for the incident placed elsewhere.
Did you see this covered on the MSM? They sure covered this story end to end when they thought the kids were guilty. Now not even a mention?

Another story you may not have heard:
There were 7.34 million job openings across the US on the last day of 2018 — their highest level since the Labor Department began collecting the numbers in 2000, the agency said Tuesday.
Not only did the latest figures blow past the August 2018 record of 7.29 million, they also far outstripped the 6.3 million that were listed as unemployed in December.

Imagine more openings than people looking for jobs. Yet it got no coverage, did it?

ABC continues to call it a false narrative or lie, but it has been confirmed that President Trump is correct in his claim that construction has started on new portions of a border wall along the Rio Grande. Do you think they’ll admit they were wrong on ABC?
The President, who never controls his ego, said that the Prime Minister of Japan had nominated him for a Noble Peace Prize. “I will never get it” he said, ” but I was nominated.”
Now, The Nobel Committee for the last 50 years has not disclosed who recommended and who was recommended. It is their policy.
Prime Minister Abe, when asked by an opposition leader said,  “In line with this policy, I would like to refrain from giving a comment”.
Pushed again to confirm or deny the report, he added: “I am not saying it’s not true.”
President Trump put the Prime Minister, who was doing him an honor, in a bad position.
Anthony Weiner is released to a half way house. He is two months from full freedom. Think he will be back with his wife? We do.
Bernie is in. This AM he became the ninth Democratic candidate. We’ll be double digits soon and yes Joe Biden is running.
Look at the “radical” positions Bernie had in 2016 that are now Democratic standards. Medicare for all. $15.00 minimum wage. Raise taxes on the “rich”.
Wasn’t that a quick adoption of “radical positions”?
Here’s a new one. Not only should we not build any more wall, we should tear down what we have already done. Here’s Beto on that:Good @chrislhayes question via @DanCrenshawTX — He asks @BetoORourke: “Would you take the wall down now?”
Beto: “Yes, absolutely. I’d take the wall down”
Already Gillibrand is with him.On the former deputy F.B.I. director, interviews that top department officials had considered recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment we need a full uncovering.
The MSM and Democrats are worried about collusion that appears to have not occurred. This is a coup that needs real investigation.


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