Showdowns ……

Showdowns At and On The Border

Both showdowns came together at the same time. The President was ready to speak as Beto O’Rourke held his rally and the joint house/senate committee announced an agreement on a border funding deal.

The Rally:

With the President’s speech we were hoping he would maintain the tone and composure of the state of the union. We were hoping he would not even mention the O’Rourke rally. Don’t mock that rally or the size of his crowd. Leave it to the media to tell the viewers the sizes. You would win.
But, the President jumped right into it. There were thousands outside trying to get into his, and only hundreds at the other rally. Of course we knew that wasn’t true, but having a three times larger rally was not good enough. He had to leave open the opportunity for the media to say “the President lied about …”. Why?

The Border Deal:

In my opinion the Republicans caved again. Let’s see, the President gets $1.3 billion for “border security” but “no concrete wall”. That’s the same number Pelosi and team reduced to (from $1.6) before the shutdown. Then they reduced the number of beds by close to 15,000.
So what did the Republicans get? What did those who desire increased border security get?
If this is a compromise, then I don’t know what that is.

Now we’ll hear the President say, “I am going to build this wall anyway”. Really? If you could do that then why did we go through a shutdown and this three week “bi-partisan” committee?
And, are you sure? When Nancy and Check bring legal action you’re going to prevail?

Finally the President touted his “Rasmussen approval” of 52% last night. Let’s see where that number is tomorrow. We predict going down again.

The Democrats:

On top of the Virginia fiasco, the constant AOC push left, the Green New Deal and the poor visual performance at the SOTU, comes Rep. Ilhan Omar. I know the Jewish vote is Democraticly loyal but this new class of house members seems intent on challenging that. Now, Nancy took her to the woodshed, but this class is not a friend of Isreal.

The Democratic field continues to grow for 2020. With Amy Klobuchar’s announcement there are now nine announced candidates. (Seven officially in and 2 with exploratory committees). Plenty of big names to come. Think Bernie, Biden, O’Rourke, Swalwell, Inslee, Holder, Bennent, Brown and more. It could get to 20, which would be even more than the 2016 Republican field.
To win, the candidates must go left in the primary and work their way back for the general election. Who’s ahead now? My prognosis is that Harris and Klobuchar are the front runners. We see a woman at the top and she chooses Sherod Brown of Ohio as the VP. The Democrats know they need to win Ohio, and Brown from that state just won reelection easily.


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