Heading To Weekend Thoughts …

A Few Thoughts Heading To The Weekend

As we thought the President’s SOTU has impacted his job ratings in a positive way.
Why? First he delivered his best speech and stuck to the the teleprompter.
Second, the population finally saw his side of the immigration battle without MSM interpretations and control.
Third, he avoided devastating tweets that took away from the message.

Rasmussen today has his approval at 50%. Actually ahead of disapproval at 49%. A first. Can he keep this up?

Ronald Reagan often gave his message directly to the people because the media was so anti. The difference was he didn’t shoot himself the morning after. Let’s see if the President learns anything from this.

Stories that broke and are breaking as the weekend looms:

Did you see that Chief Justice John G. Roberts again joined with the Supreme Court’s liberals yesterday to block a Louisiana law that opponents say would close most of the state’s abortion clinics and leave it with only one doctor eligible to perform the procedure?
Once again it was a 5-4 vote and Roberts went with the liberals. Starting to sound familiar? We think this will become the norm for him. There is no conservative majority unless another liberal judge retires and is replaced.

The Green deal got some immediate support from Democrats.
It’s clear the new left is pushing the party to unify behind a plan to quickly wean the U.S. economy off fossil fuel and cement climate change as a central issue in the 2020 election. Except that this plan will:
Overhaul the country’s energy and transportation infrastructure to “achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions” in the next 10 years. An impossibility and something that would destroy jobs and the economy.
Yet, Democratic presidential contenders Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand are co-sponsoring the legislation in the Senate, as is possible 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders.

AOC and team are leading the party so far left that unless they stop will lead them to a huge defeat. Why are they following a 28 year old with no experience? Are they that far gone?

Add the investigation frenzy, yesterday the House Ways and Means subcommittee started laying the groundwork for getting President Trump’s tax returns. Why? What is the basis? Nothing more than they think the returns should be looked at. No other reason.
If the President says he does not want to release, there is no law that says he must. It is a voter issue and decision. It is not House Democrats to demand.
If they do this, I want to know how Pelosi, Maxine, and Chuck became multi millionaires on their congressional salaries.

By the way, did you see any coverage on the MSM about the comments of Senator Burr? Burr is the senate intelligence head working with Mark Warner on the collusion investigation.  Until now he got coverage for his refusal to speak and bi-partnership on how he is handling the investigation. The opposite of Adam Schiff.
Well yesterday he said there is no evidence of any collusion he has seen. Coverage in the MSM? No where.

Jill Abramson, the former editor of the NYT, was destroyed by Martha McCallum on Wednesday night. Martha presented examples of plagiarism. Abramson denied it all. Then yesterday said she was “up all night going through my book because I take these claims of plagiarism so seriously”. Now she is rewriting and correcting.
The editor of the New York Times. You can’t make this up.
One of the  president’s most significant achievements on trade, the revised deal with Canada and Mexico is in big trouble. You know the one he said that Mexico is paying for the wall with. Democrats, of course, are against it,  and Republican senators are now coming out against it. This may not pass and the MSM is going to catch up to this and really rip the President on it.
Surprised? Did you see this story (the MSM did not cover it)? The NY State budget already has a $2.3 billion shortfall. Yes, on February 1st. Why?
Well the Governor said it was because of the new federal tax code. Wait, the one you said favored the rich?
After blaming the President and Republicans for the tax bill the Governor added this.
Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich.’ We did! Now, God forbid, the rich leave,” Cuomo said. One percent of the top income earners provide 46 percent of the state’s personal-income-tax revenues.
Wait Andrew, the rich are moving to Florida you say because taxes are too high in NY? What a shock, isn’t it?
Here’s another NY story the next day, after announcing this shortfall.State lawmakers introduced a bill Wednesday that would boost the minimum hourly wage for prisoners from as little as 10 cents an hour to $3 for chores they’re required to perform.
Most inmates in the state are required to work six hours a day, five days a week. They make license plates and furniture and perform cleaning and maintenance services for an hourly wage that ranges up to $1.14.Maybe we should charge them room and board? Maybe we should charge them for meals, heat, air conditioning and health care? Maybe we should charge to reimburse for the crimes they committed? No, not NY, they want to raise the wages of their prisoners.
Finally, as far as the Bezos fight with the National Enquirer over pictures and rights, we’ll not comment. We think it would be wiser if we let the Bezos/Pecker stuff just hang on its own.

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