The SOTU …


Our observation is that the President hit a home run. The early polls from CBS, NBC and CNN say the American public believe that too.

He was clear, strong and open. It was the best speech we have seen him give using a teleprompter.

There were only two spots we worried about how far he would go.
Taking on abortion at birth and beyond was one. Everyone has to agree that is too far. Make that the issue and he can win. How much further can he go before he loses women is the question.
The second was his self proclaimed “we would be at war with North Korea” if he didn’t win. He needs to learn to say, “his administration and team” took action to prevent where we were headed.

Other than that he gave a great argument for border security and many likely heard it for the first time. The CBS poll said 72% agreed with him on immigration. As we’ve said over and over, if the MSM would present both sides of the argument this issue would be behind us.

We think the Democrats showing the disrespect they did with their comments, actions, facial expressions and general reactions hurt themselves. You have respect for the office of the President whether you like, agree or want the person in the role to succeed. They failed here.
You have to wonder too why they wouldn’t cheer or stand for the low unemployment in different ethnic groups. Why was that?
People like AOC, I think, looked really bad. Her facial reactions, refusal to stand and honor accomplishments I think is going to hurt her. The same for the facial expressions of Kirsten Gillibrand and Nancy Pelosi. Unacceptable. We elect one president at a time and you respect the office.

Finally, the speech by pointing out American heroes from WW11, astronauts, and the community reminded us of who America is. We saved the world and words of that Dad saying to his family “it’s the Americans” and that they were “saved” is a good reminder for some. We are not the evil people some in that house are saying we are, and the President reminded us we don’t need to apologize for America. It was a good reminder for many. I hope they got the message.

One More Thing

Elizabeth Warren is done. Once that paper emerged last night of her claiming to be American Indian on her application for the Texas Bar, she was finished. After years of saying that she never claimed the distinction. It turns out to be a lie. A lie, big enough, that says to us, this is it. She is done.


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