The State of The Union …

The SOTU addresses had become a bore as they turned into political speeches. Tonight with the President at the podium and Nancy Pelosi behind him it will be must watch TV.

A SOTU Thought

Here’s a SOTU from one person’s view as I listen to potential Democrat candidates one after another come up with higher taxes and more spending programs.

I wonder what happened to the lost values we all grew up with.
That was you  get an education, develop a trade, use a skill, work hard, save and in America you can achieve what they call the American dream.
Where did that go?
It seems that today the movement is to want to punish those who worked hard, saved and invested for the future. We want to tell them that they are selfish and must give to others who may have chosen a different path.

Let’s see. We’ll take a 65 year old as an example who lived by the rules.
He never smoked because of both health and the costs of doing so. That means he saved over $60,000 probably just in cigarette costs. Lets add he chose not to do drugs. What did that add? Let’s be conservative (there I go again), and say another $50k. So now he has over a hundred thousand extra because he made what he thought were the right decisions.

Instead of spending that money he invested it. In fact he started saving for retirement on day one of his first job. He never bought big expensive gas guzzlers, instead he bought small economical cars.
In essence he did everything to build a nice nest egg for his later years, knowing at worst he would leave it for his children.

Wasn’t that the values you grew up with? Now contrast that with what you are hearing from the left today. If you worked your way up and are finally making some good income you are rich. You must pay more to help those who didn’t make the decisions you did.
What, you have health insurance? You have to pay for those who chose not to work to get health insurance.
What, you have savings? You must pay more for medicare at retirement because others smoked, did drugs, partied and bought things along the way. They can’t afford it now so you Mr. Responsible, you pay more so they can get it free.
Oh wait, they say. You paid 13% into social security (half you, half your employer), you shouldn’t get that much back. We have to take care of those who didn’t save. You were too responsible, so be responsible and pay again now.

You did what? Build a fund you want to leave to your children? We will tax that upon your death they say. No fair doing that.

Just listen to everything that is being said these days and apply this question:
The person who followed the rules and strove for the American dream, do they benefit by this proposal or lose?

To me, it sounds like every Democratic candidate has proposals to punish those we admired for the life they lived and how much they strove. It doesn’t seem right to me.

While on the subject:

It’s funny, many of those left advocates preach to us how bad we are. Then they go out and smoke, sniff and inhale their drugs. Where are they getting the drugs? Off the streets.
Who do they think the profits are going to? Do they realize who they are supporting? Do they have any idea what that money is doing? I doubt it.

On the Virginia Governor

First off when you apologized on day one you admitted to something. I don’t care if on day two you said that “was not me” in the pictures. Maybe not, but when told about it you actually thought it could be. That tells me all I need to know. You see Governor, if someone called me in the middle of the night after a long day I would immediately know I was never in a KKK outfit or black face. I don’t have to see  any pictures, view any film or have someone show me anything. It wasn’t me. You blinked. There is something.

Second, this will actually help the Democratic party in Virginia. Why do I say that when everyone says otherwise? You see he would be replaced by Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, an African American Democrat who is the great-great-great-grandson of a slave. In fact, he held a copy of the paper that in 1798 freed his ancestor, tucked into his coat pocket, on the day he was inaugurated.
That would drive Democrat turn out in 2020 of the voters they need to win. 

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