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It’s February 1, 2019. The election of 2020 is now twenty-one months away. However, it seems daily another Democrat enters the race. Today it’s Cory Booker.

It does seem they all are trying to go further left than the last one. Look at their proposals “to fix America”:
– Tax the rich at a 70, 80 and 90% rates have been announced.
– Tax their wealth and not just income.
– Tax them when they die up to 77%.

Only the rich they say. Remember this: When the federal income tax was imposed in 1913, it initially was to hit less than 1 percent of the country. And when someone said it might someday be 10%, people ridiculed that. It’s funny how the definition of rich changes.
Chuck Schumer, by the way,  still says it’s family income of $250,000.

All their proposals are different, and the voter will have to look closely. As an example, Kamala Harris’s tax the rich and give to the poor is like this:
Big breaks to the lowest 20 percent of filers but nothing for couples earning $60,000 or more.  She also wants free schooling from pre school through college.

Cory Booker wants to give nest eggs to poor kids. Booker would open a $1,000 savings account for every child born in the country, courtesy of taxpayers. After that, kids in the poorest families would get up to $2,000 added each year. Other kids would get less or zero.

Elizabeth Warren said it’s immoral to allow people to accumulate riches, when others are needy. Thus a wealth tax which she would then use the money to create her version of “basic fairness.

Bernie Sanders is for an up to  77% death tax. So whatever they didn’t get while you were alive they will get upon death. Today it is 40%.

– Then there’s abortion up to and even after birth. This is the first time we’ve heard that a baby could be delivered and the mother and doctor could decide. Wow.
The issue was front and center with the law in NY and attempt in Va. The argument is a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body.
Now the counter to that is that everyone does believe a woman has a right to control her own body. Men do too, by the way. However, when you choose to share your body you accept the risks that go with it. It’s like you have the right to drink and you have the right to drive. But if you drink and drive that’s a different situation. You are accepting a risk.
Anyway, if you choose to share your body you run the risk of something developing that is unique to the world and can never be duplicated. It is part of the risk.
Can you correct the risk? A majority of Americans think you need to do it in the first months of finding out the risk you took has implications. After that it is different. On the day of delivery, it’s not right to the majority of us.

So what may play in a Democratic primary, may not go over well in a general election.

Look at Howard Schultz. A committed liberal who despises the President. He has taken so much heat from the left because left of center positions are not left enough. These are your people Howard.

Interesting too to watch the super rich like Schultz and Bloomberg react to the Democratic candidate proposals to tax them. Both have said it’s crazy. I wonder how those other liberal business leaders, wall street,  Hollywood elites and vocal sports heroes really feel about how far their party has gone. Do you think they’re scared if they get their wish and get Trump out, with a far left person, that they are coming for their money? Wouldn’t that be funny?

Well keep the popcorn stocked and watch this unfold. This is with 21 months to go!

In Other News:

Is Adam Schiff ever embarrassed enough to shut up? He has been all over TV assuring us there was collusion, that he could prove, but it now appears to be not true. Plus he was the one who said Donald Trump Jr’s blocked calls was to his Dad. Well it turns out they weren’t. They were to two family friends — NASCAR CEO Brian France and real estate developer Howard Lorber.
Does Adam apologize? No he wants more investigation. The calls had to be to his Dad in his world.

The Senate turned on the President with a 68-23 vote to not withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan. We explained how the President came off a conference call and made that rash statement about withdrawal, which drove Secretary Mattis out.  Now his party voted against him.

Yesterday the President doubled down on his differences with his own intelligence committee by calling reports they disagreed “fake news”. Except we heard what he said, and we heard the intelligence committee. It was not fake news.

It does look like we are moving to a deal in Afghanistan and it’s with the Tailban. The group we drove out for allowing and protecting Osama bin Laden. The NYT report:
“U.S. and Taliban Agree in Principle to Peace Framework.
American and Taliban officials have agreed in principle to the framework of a peace deal in which the insurgents guarantee to prevent Afghan territory from being used by terrorists, and that could lead to a full pullout of American troops in return for a cease-fire and Taliban talks with the Afghan government, the chief United States negotiator said Monday. ‘We have a draft of the framework that has to be fleshed out before it becomes an agreement,’ the American envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, said in an interview with The New York Times in Kabul.”

Nancy Pelosi repeated yesterday that there would be “no money” for a wall or barrier. So much for opening the government and we can talk. Will the MSM call her on it? Of course not. Which means we are heading for another showdown and the President cannot close the government again.

Finally the administration said this AM they are cancelling a nuclear arms agreement with the Soviet Union from 1987. It was known as the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Here’s what the President said:
“For too long, Russia has violated the treaty with impunity, covertly developing and fielding a prohibited missile system that poses a direct threat to our allies and troops abroad.”


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