What happened to?

What Happened To?

The coverage of the Covington Kentucky kids incident? It really disappeared from the MSM once the truth came out didn’t it?
Why is that? Is it because the kids were in the right? It certainly appears so.
Now ask yourself if the kids were in the wrong would the story still be news?
Why is that?

Why isn’t it news the comments that the Black Hebrew Israelites were yelling? They shouted homophobic and racial epithets among other things and actually initiated the incident.

Why isn’t it news that Nathan Phillips was the one who lied and actually walked up to the boys? Not the students surrounding him.

Why isn’t Phillips past talked about over and over on the airwaves? He lied about serving in Vietnam. He went AWOL three times.  Since when is stolen valor okay? Did Senator Blumenthal make it okay?

He told the MSM the students were yelling “Build The Wall”. The video showed that was a lie. Did the media tell people it was? He has lied before, did they report that?

What an example this whole incident is of a biased MSM and how little the average person knows. I bet if you polled the population today at least half would think the Covington students were at fault. That’s an indictment on the media and population.

Failed Moral Leadership:

Part of the problem in America today is the failure of the church to represent what it once did.

The Diocese of Covington immediately apologized to Phillips and said after their investigation they would issue discipline and could expel students. What? They had to back down. It was a disgraceful statement they issued.

In New York the legislature passed, and the governor signed, an abortion bill allowing one until the moment the baby is born. Cardinal Dolan has finally expressed displeasure. But you know what? The Catholics in NY are on the side of the Governor and the bill.
In a poll today 59 per cent of Catholics back the bill, and only 30 per cent opposed.

The church has lost it’s moral authority amid all the scandals and no longer represents the core of its foundation to the people. They own the drop in morals as much as any group.

Finally Doesn’t This Sound Familiar?

A WSJ story that says the President always had that ego.

“Michael Cohen Threatened CNBC That Trump Would Sue After 2014 Poll Disappointment,”

“Donald Trump and his then-attorney Michael Cohen pressured CNBC in 2014 to place the real-estate tycoon higher in its list of the country’s top business leaders after Mr. Cohen failed to manipulate the rankings in Mr. Trump’s favor, according to people familiar with the matter. Mr. Cohen called CNBC and threatened that Mr. Trump would sue over his poor standing in the ranking, arguing that the news channel was ‘ignoring the will of the people,’ the people familiar with the matter said.
Mr. Trump didn’t sue. Mr. Cohen didn’t respond to requests for comment. Mr. Trump also called network executives to complain, the people familiar with the matter said, in addition to griping publicly on Twitter about it. Jay Sekulow, a lawyer for Mr. Trump, said, ‘The president stands by his tweets.'”


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