So Where Are We?

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of what happened and where we are.

The President listened to two congressman who told him to close the gov’t.

He started a fight he couldn’t win.

It began with the ill advised WH meeting where he took ownership.

In that session he expected to show leadership and how bi-partisan he is.

Pelosi and Schumer had a different script and he went way out there.

From there, he kept blinking while Pelosi was staring. She led Schumer.

She cancelled the SOTU and he talked alternative. She won that too.

As of this writing she still hasn’t invited him to give it. Another insult.

When he caved in (100%), he threatened a new shut down in 3 weeks.

Yea, right. Exactly what a country blaming you wanted to hear.

And why? So he can back down again? He doesn’t have a winning hand.

He has not convinced a majority that we need a wall. (40% in WSJ today)

His other option in three weeks is to declare a national emergency.

Chances of winning that? Very small.

He declares an emergency, Pelosi goes to 9th circuit.

The 9th circuit overrules him and he is embarrassed again.

We then go through the courts to the Supreme Court.

How would they rule? 5-4, but I would not bet which way.

How Did We Get Here?

He talked wall from the moment he came down the escalator to declare.

Over 200 times he said “Mexico is going to pay for it” .

Mexico was clear in telling him “we are not paying for your f___ wall”.

His reaction? “It just got ten feet higher”.  Funny, but now you can’t deliver.

He wins election and brings in a Republican House and Senate.

For two years do they do the wall? No. He lets Paul Ryan mislead him.

He loses the house and decides we are building it, and oh paying for it.

How did we get here?

A lie that Mexico would pay for it, “just watch” and failed leadership.

Now What?

Now his presidency is in trouble.

For the first time his base is questioning him. He is nothing without them.

Nancy is not budging. She repeated again “haven’t I made myself clear”.

Her clear is no wall, not “one dollar”.

His options, shut the government or declare an emergency are not good.

His other problem is he does not have a party behind him.

The elected Republicans don’t stand and support him.

Why? They don’t trust him. They think he will turn on them. That he lies.

There is no loyalty because of that trust factor.

So what is left?

He has to try and convince the people this issue must be addressed.

He has a problem in that the people don’t believe him and what he says.

So he has to overcome that first, and that is a challenge.

Look at the four times he addressed the country during the shutdown.

He never moved the needle an inch.  He has a problem. We have a problem.

Suggested action:

We suggest he move the discussion to a higher level.

He announces that yes we must solve the border issue, but let’s do more.

We have gone fifty years without solving this and now it’s time.

Let’s solve the whole issue for today and tomorrow.

Let’s address the border, illegals who are here, DACA, and the future.

Let’s define how we fix the whole mess and get on with our future.

This means asylum, citizenship for some, deportations for the future, and no one foot in and you are here.

It means security at the borders and back to controlled immigration.

Be a leader. Let the people know you are truly looking for a solution.

Talk it, act it, and tell the truth about it.

If Pelosi and team don’t go along then they own it.

If the right goes crazy that’s too bad. We need a solution.

And remember Mr President, this is not about you. It is about us.

For once stop with the “I” and try solving something for “us”.

If this doesn’t work, send troops to the border to protect our country.

Let the American people decide in 2020 what they want.

I don’t know any other way out of the corner you painted yourself in.

And if you take this stand and do it right you can recapture the nation.

Take the high road and tell America “let’s solve what couldn’t be done”.

Finally Some Implications:

The cave in here and clear defeat has implications beyond our border.

Trump had created this exterior image of a tough negotiator and winner.

(Outside of Putin of course, whom he continues to treat with kid gloves)

He scared North Korea to the table, browbeat NATO, and neighbors.

When foreign leaders see him lose and cave like this, it is not good.

If he loses that tough leader image in the world we all lose.

It is why I have told people this is now a presidency in trouble.


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